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Pharma Analytics

Become an expert in Pharma Analytics with ‘Certification Course in Pharma Analytics’. Boost your career in the space of pharma and life sciences with Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and many more.
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Pharma Analytics course - 360digitmg
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Pharma Analytics course reviews - 360digitmg
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"The size of the Pharma Analytics industry in India is 2 billion USD in revenue while the global Pharma Analytics market is expected to grow to 11.5 billion USD by 2023." - (Source). The Pharma Analytics market size is around $ 1.5 billion in terms of annual revenue. From algorithmic high-frequency trading to payment wallets or P2P lending every aspect of the Pharma services market is infused with analytics technology. Pharma Analytics Course enables evidence-based rather than intuition-based decision making. With the help of advanced analytics, businesses can identify future markets and avenues for greenfield ventures. Statisticians can develop strategic pricing models to boost revenue growth. The rumble in pharma sector has led to a surge in the requirement for Pharma Analytics Course professionals in our country. Most Pharma companies are moving up the value chain with the help of savvy analytics professionals.

Pharma Analytics

Program Cost

INR 18,000/-

Overview of Pharma Analytics Course

The Certificate course in Pharma Analytics is a 24 hour program and its main aim is to firmly reinforce concepts of Mathematics, Statistics, and profitability while introducing the students to the Healthcare system and Pharma market understanding, Analytics in Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety and Risk Management, Pharmaceutical market research & forecasting, Epidemiology analysis, Portfolio Analysis, and Pricing analysis, Sample Collection Time Schedule Planner, DNA Sequencing Classifier, Patient Follow-ups, Forecasting and NLP in the pharmaceutical industry. This is the best course for all the tech and life sciences enthusiasts that are looking forward to making a stellar career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Learning Outcomes of Pharma Analytics Course

The certificate course in Pharma Analytics is a 24 hours program that specializes in all the trending and current tools that are needed to solve the challenges faced in the job. Graduates in pharmacy and life sciences, medical professionals, biotech and bio-medical graduates, research fellows from pharma, IT, and clinical industry, and decision- making professionals from the pharma industry have an added benefit with this course. Additional to the traditional knowledge Students will have hands-on experience with assignments and live projects. The course contains multiple applied case studies that give students a good idea about the challenges they will be facing in the work environment and how these business problems can be solved for improving the profitability of their companies. Pharma Analytics processes humongous data into actionable insights all through the process of manufacturing. Using these insights pharmaceutical companies can optimize their profit.

Pharma and life sciences Sector Overview
Understand various Analytics Models in the space of Pharma
Get acquainted with Pharma Securities Analytics
Pharmaceutical market research & forecasting
Develop an understanding of descriptive and predictive analytics
Apply data-driven, machine learning approaches for business decisions
Applications of Analytics in Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety and Risk Management
Use data visualisation concepts to represent data for easy understanding
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Pharma analytics course - 360digitmg

24 hours

Classroom Sessions

Pharma analytics course - 360digitmg

20 hours

Python Programming Videos

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Graduates in Pharmacy and Bio-Sciences
  • Medical Professionals i.e., Doctor across various specializations
  • Graduate in Bio-Technology and Bio-Medical
  • Junior professionals in Pharmaceutical industry, IT Industry and Clinical Research Organisations
  • Decision Makers working for Pharma Companies

Modules of Pharma Analytics Certification Course

The introductory module of this course contains a description of basic terminologies in the pharmaceutical domain. The core applications of Data Analytics in Drug discovery & research, Manufacturing processes, Personalized medicine, etc, are discussed. Students will solve Linear Programming problems using Simplex techniques. The use of Data Science in the Pharmaceutical industry is not just restricted to drug discovery, formulation, or clinical trials. Pharmaceutical companies also use data science to market their products. Unlike yesteryears when a medical representative used to visit doctors personally to market their products, at least 25% of the marketing today is delivered over a digital platform. Understand the concepts of Machine learning implementation in pharmaceutical research, Portfolio analysis, and Risk Management. The features of pharmacovigilance and four methods are discussed. Students learn to perform epidemiology analysis. Apply unsupervised learning ni DNA sequencing is also discussed.

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