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PMP® Certification Course Training in Gurgaon

Pass Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam in 1st Attempt. Learn core concepts and pick amazing exam tips at the PMP certification training in Gurgaon.
  • Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  • 35 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 3000+ Mock Exam Questions Preparation
  • 3 Full Length Practical Mock Exams
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PMP certification course reviews in Gurgaon - 360digitmg
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"Project Management profession to grow by $6 trillion with15.7 million new jobs by 2020."- (Source). PMI- PMP® is the sole project management certification that has prescribed standardized practices and frameworks for managing projects across industries. The key benefit of PMP is that it helps you manage projects across industries like IT, Telecom, Oil, Manufacturing, etc. Several companies insist that their project managers take PMP certification. You cannot apply for project manager jobs in certain companies without this certification up your sleeve because it serves as proof towards your high level of commitment towards project management. With this certification, you will have greater access to jobs with higher salaries and enjoy a certain level of prestige in an organization. According to research, companies that have one-fourth of their project managers as PMP certified tend to complete projects on time,within budget and within scope.

PMP Certification

pmp certification course in Gurgaon duration - 360digitmg

Total Duration

3 Months

pmp certification course pre-requisites in Gurgaon - 360digitmg


  • Secondary Education Degree (high school diploma, associate's degree or any other global equivalent)

Why PMP Certification Course in Gurgaon?

It is a four-hour-long examination that consists of 200 questions. If the candidate clears the examination, he is awarded the PMP certification. He is allowed a maximum of three attempts to clear the examination in a year. If he fails in all three attempts he can wait another year and then apply. The PMP certification examination is extremely difficult for first-time test takers. The questions are written for a high difficulty level and are designed to test the student's grasp of the subjects and the ability to solve real-life problems. Some of the questions are theoretical, some situational and, some involve calculations and graph drawing

Who can take the PMP -Exam?

The Project Management certification is open to individuals who have good experience in project management and who wish to pursue a higher certification and initiate knowledge acquisition of the latest project management trends. This examination is for Project Managers, Associate or Assistant Project Managers, Team Leaders/ Team Managers, Software Developers.

PMP Exam Prerequisites

The aspirant must satisfy one of the two criteria mentioned below to be eligible for the PMP Exam.

a) The Aspirant must have a secondary degree along with 5 years / 60 months of experience in Project Management and also 7500 hours of this experience having invested in heading a project. One would also require 35 contact hours of Project Management Education.

b)The Aspirant must have a four- year Bachelor's degree or a global equivalent degree along with 3 years /36 months of experience in Project Management. One must also have invested 4500 hours of this experience in leading a project and 35 contact hours of Project Management Education is a must.

Course Details

PMP Certification Training Outcomes

This PMP certification program in Gurgaon follows a structured approach and commences with an introduction to project management concepts. A module is devoted to initiating, planning, executing, and closing project management process groups. Initially, the participant is taught to define, validate, and control project scope and define project charter. He is then taught how to procure for projects and plan the project schedule and control the same. The importance of project cost management and risk management is also highlighted. Due importance is given to Scrum methodology and developing the project team. Finally, the student is taught how to engage and manage project stakeholders in the best PMP training institute in Gurgaon. By the end of the course students will be able to apply the practices and fundamentals of project management realized by Project Management Institute (PMI) to successfully manage a project. The students will be able to initiate, plan, budget, control and communicate quality, risks. scope, schedules, and cost to the management and lead the project to its closure. This course has been plotted out for candidates who have on-the-job project management experience and wish to receive formal project management training to develop professionally and increase their project management skills.

Get ready for the PMP examination by PMI
Be familiar with various parameters for successful Project Management including Project Phases, Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
Learn Project Management Frameworks and processes
Prepare to lead diverse teams across the world for projects in any domain

Block Your Time

pmp certification course in Gurgaon

35 Hours

Classroom Sessions

pmp certification training in Gurgaon

3 (200 Questions)

Full Length Mock Exams

pmp certification in Gurgaon


Mock Exam Questions

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Anyone who works on projects and meets the exam criteria of the PMP certification
  • Project managers, Senior project managers, Program managers
  • Technical architects, designers, developers

PMP Certification Course Modules in Gurgaon

The initial modules serve as a foundation for the PMI-PMP® project management concepts. Detailed information on PMP certification is contained in this module. The succeeding modules deal with the project life cycle and selecting the apt project management framework in line with organizational business strategies. The various project management processes like Agile, Lean, and Prince 2 are contained in the next module. Drafting and finalizing project charter, project management, and change management plans feature significantly in the next module. A holistic view of product scope, project scope, and project schedule management finds mention in the next two modules.

Project cost management, risk management, and Reserve Analysis are dealt with in the next module. In-depth focus is lent to performing EVM and learning Forecasting analysis techniques to produce deliverables on time and budget. Successive modules deal with Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Resource Management, Logistics Management, Demand Management, Supply Chain Management, and Project Risk Management. Managing project procurement, communications, and managing stakeholders are the focal points of the final modules in this PMP certification training course in Gurgaon.

Project Management is the application of industry standards, globally recognized frameworks, and methodologies to meet the project goals & the client’s objectives. PMI – Project Management Institute, a nonprofit organization and world’s leading association leveraging Project Management provides PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge through which we learn most of the PMP concepts. Detailed information revolving around PMP certification and its do’s and don’ts are covered in this module.

Focused interactive session on domain-specific project life cycle phases, classical and modern methodologies prevailing in various industries, organizational hierarchy models & culture. You will also learn about the right framework selection, balancing project constraints, identifying internal & external factors affecting projects, and emulating project objectives towards organizational business strategies. While organizations have developed their strategies and working models to deal with the needs of the business community, most of the new-age firms are focusing on building robust models including business disruptive innovative frameworks platforms.

An introductory study on the PMBOK process groups, Knowledge areas, and processes. You will also learn its correlation with other project management methodologies like Agile, Lean, Prince2, etc. You will be able to Collate information on tools & techniques, skills and knowledge required to drive projects successfully. Elaborative inspection of industry-specific emerging trends and tools available in the global market. An insight into Project Manager’s roles & responsibilities, embracing project & product culture needs - besides interpersonal and resource management skills.

A good project manager’s capability lies in managing and competing for project demands. He is also responsible for coalescing different parts of the project and ensuring its deliverables without impacting cost & time, which are the primary factors defining the project’s success and failure. Drafting and Finalizing Project Charter, Project Management Plan, and Change Management Plans are the key steps during this phase. Once properly planned and documented, these act as GPS in traveling through the project phases limiting the bottlenecks and mitigating other issues. We will adhere to the best practices in the industry for establishing change management processes, project selection methods and necessary measures to complete and close the project.

A constructive brainstorming session on the project manager’s collaborative effort with business analysts in creating various project documents. We will learn about Requirements Documentation, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Business & Stakeholder Requirements Documentation, Functional/Non-Functional and Solution Requirements Documentation. Project’s scope requirements vary differently with domain/ industry and the PMBOK guide helps us in understanding the holistic view of Product and Project Scope. Scope baseline is one of the major components which are delivered during the planning stage and the project’s deliverables are measured against this baseline to assure that deliverables meet the customer’s requirements.

The project manager’s skill set lies in customizing organizational tools and techniques for effective project management. Planning and building a robust and scalable project schedule help in attaining higher customer satisfaction with market-ready products and on-time project deliverables. We will spend a good amount of time in understanding Estimation Techniques, Critical Path Methods, and Schedule Compression Techniques.

Developing Scope, Schedule and Cost Management are integrated and thus in the real world, all these are established concurrently. The Project Team plays a key role in delivering these baselines. Risks are also considered in establishing project budgets as risks possess greater deviations in the project schedule thereby increasing the cost of the project. Reserve Analysis is a prominent technique used here to formulate Contingency and Management reserves for known unknowns and unknown unknowns respectively. In-depth learning on performing Earned Value Management (EVM) and learning Forecasting Analysis techniques to produce the project deliverables on time and within budget.

The cost of quality is discussed from varied domains and its advantages and disadvantages are understood in this module. A comprehensive study on Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Internal & External audits are undertaken. Learn the various project types and their associated compliance specifications like SOX, OSHA, FDA, PCI, etc. are exhaustively discussed. Each organization has its own level of maturity and contractual agreements with the clients/customers which are discussed upfront during the planning phase. From a quality perspective, each project defines and articulates its time and cost spent on quality.

The number of resources spent on project deliverables has a great effect on project success. Resources include – humans, machinery, software and hardware tools, space, time, etc. Resources are planned keeping the project constraints at stake and trade-offs will happen in the finalizing stage. What, when, how many and for how long - resources are required for each deliverable of the project will also be discussed. Resourcing from the construction/manufacturing sector needs tremendous efforts in amplifying the demands of resources at the right point of the project phase. Any delay in attaining them has a direct impact on the overall cost and schedule of the project. A collaborative session focusing on Resource Management, Logistic Management, Demand & Supply chain management will enhance participant’s outlook broadly.

Identifying, documenting, anticipating the time-periods of the risks, risk evaluation criteria, risk evaluation, and risk identification are crucial for any project. It happens during the initial stages of project planning and will be revisited throughout the project life cycle phases. Developing responses, applying response strategies and evaluating risks against the product/project deliverables will also be keenly examined. During the study of this knowledge area, we will be performing cost forecasts after each risk occurrence which has a huge stake/ impact on the project. We will also learn about monitoring and controlling the execution process and minimizing threats and maximizing opportunities.

In this current scenario, the advanced business environment is highly competitive where time- to-market is the key factor for the success of any business. During project planning, project managers perform Gap Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Needs Assessment, Cost and growth drivers, etc. This provides the required data for Buying decisions / Leasing decisions thus initiating the procurement process. A discussion on the procurement workflow process will be extensively done where we learn about Procurement Analysis, Vendor/Supplier Management, Negotiation Strategies, and best Industry-Specific practices.

Communication models, communication methods, approved organizational communication techniques are understood through various industries. Learn how communication holds a key role in the success of a project, and in establishing the process by identifying the key information which will be shared with different stakeholders. Learn how interpersonal skills help project team members in attaining the right communication mechanism.

Stakeholder Management holds a pinnacle value in the entire project management study areas. Stakeholder satisfaction and meeting their expectations by providing project results as per their requirements/ specifications is one of the major aspects to focus on in this module. While internal stakeholders primarily focus on profits & benefits, external stakeholders aim for the end user-centric valued deliverables. The Project Manager can maintain the integrity and trust from key project stakeholders and perform check-ins to buy-in their support at key intervals of the project deliverables.

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PMP Certification Panel of Coaches Gurgaon

pmp certification trainer- 360digitmg

Bharani Kumar Depuru

  • Areas of expertise: Data analytics, Digital Transformation, Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Over 14+ years of professional experience
  • Trained over 2,500 professionals from eight countries
  • Corporate clients include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Computer Science Corporation, Akamai, IBS Software, Litmus7, Personiv, Ebreeze, Alshaya, Synchrony Financials, Deloitte
  • Professional certifications - PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP from Project Management Institute, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Tableau Certified Associate, Certified Scrum Practitioner, AgilePM (DSDM Atern)
  • Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Gurgaon and Indian School of Business
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pmp certification trainer- 360digitmg

Sharat Chandra Kumar

  • Areas of expertise: Data sciences, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Trained over 1,500 professionals across 12 countries
  • Worked as a Data Scientist for 14+ years across several industry domains
  • Professional certifications: Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Experienced in Big Data Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, NewSQL, MongoDB, R, RStudio, Python, Tableau, Cognos
  • Corporate clients include DuPont, All-Scripts, Girnarsoft (College-dekho, Car-dekho) and many more
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pmp certification trainer- 360digitmg

Nitin Mishra

  • Areas of expertise: Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • Over 20+ years of industry experience in Data Science and Business Intelligence
  • Trained professionals from Fortune 500 companies and students at prestigious colleges
  • Experienced in Cognos, Tableau, Big Data, NoSQL, NewSQL
  • Corporate clients include Time Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, Metric Fox (Champions Group), TCS and many more
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pmp certification Gurgaon - 360digitmg


Win recognition for your Management skills with the Project Management Professional Certification. Stand out in this emerging yet competitive field with our certification.

FAQs for PMP Certification Training in Gurgaon

The PMP certification improves your employability and project management knowledge significantly. It helps professionals secure project roles in IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare and other businesses. It is the general opinion that certified PMP professionals perform better and hence secure better pay hikes.

Of course. Our course is structured to ensure that you clear the PMP examination in the first attempt. We offer 40 hours in mock examination and instruct in a hands - on learning method. This will give you both the determination to excel and the necessary knowledge to clear the PMP examination.

PMI grants you one year to re-take your examination. During this period, you may take the exam up to three times. If you do not clear in all three attempts you will have to take a year's break from the date of the last examination and then reapply for the examination. If you fail in this attempt also you can apply for any other certification from PMI.

The PMP Certification benefits IT professionals in the following ways:

  • Project Managers with PMP certification earn 20% more than their non-PMP certified counterparts
  • If a candidate passes the PMP Examinations, he can negotiate a pay hike with senior management
  • The chances of securing a promotion are more probable with a PMP certification
  • Greater workplace recognition due to the project management concepts that you apply in your daily project work

So definitely every IT project manager must conscientiously prepare for the PMI -PMP Certification examination.

PMP is a certification meant for project managers to acquire global recognition from clients and colleagues. There is a huge demand globally for skilled project managers and project managers with PMP certification have a competitive advantage and achieve successful project results.

The PMI (Project Management Institute) conducts an examination for PMP certification. It is 200 questions long and lasts for four hours. If the candidate clears the examination, he is awarded the PMP Certification. However one of the eligibility criteria for qualifying for the examination is 35 hours of formal education in Project Management Principles and methodology.

The Project Management Institute states that the 35 hours of contact education should coach the aspirant in the following areas: Project Management Framework, Project Management processes, Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Schedule Management, Project Cost Management, Project Risk Management, Project Quality Management, Project Procurement Management, Project Stakeholder Management, and training in Agile Project Management Methodology.

A good PMP Certification training program should cover all the above-mentioned topics in exact detail and great depth.

The course content should be in line with the material in PMI's PMBOK ( Project Management Book Of Knowledge. It should cover the following topics:

  • Project Management Framework
  • Project Management processes
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management, and training in Agile Project Management Methodology

The eligibility criteria for PMP® certification are:

  • Education
  • Graduates

Project Management Experience

  • 5 years/7500 hours
  • 3 years/4500 hours

Project Management Education

  • 35 hours

The PMP Certification examination is four hours long and comprises of 200 multiple choice questions.

No. Only project managers with 3 to 5 years project management experience are allowed to take the PMP Examination.

In the online application there is an experience verification section wherein you can record your experience in leading and directing projects. List all projects individually.

This means that if the person is working on more than one project at the same time then the experience of only one project can be used for calculation purposes in the stipulated time period.

The PMP exam fee has to be directly submitted to PMI before you take the examination.

Yes, you can submit a written appeal to the PMI Certification Department for review of their decision. Re-evaluation requests can be sent by post or e-mail to certappeals@pmi.org

Earlier the pass criteria was 61% for 200 question. Now PMI does not disclose the exact score. The grade for each student is provided by PMI after the examination.

The PMP certification is valid for three years only. After this you have to retake the test and renew the certification.

The best institute in Gurgaon for PMP Certification Training is 360DigiTMG. We provide 35 hours of mandatory classroom sessions and 40 hours in mock examinations.

In online training 360DigiTMG prepares videos of classes as they happen. These are then streamed live on the internet for viewers. Our trainers come with more than 15 years of experience and are certified professionals.

All of the classes are live. They are interactive sessions in which you can ask questions and participate in class discussions. We also arrange for recordings of each session for your reference.

We provide 40 hours in mock examinations in our PMP training course. The examinations contain typical questions asked in a PMP Examination.

The PMP Certification examination is four hours long and comprises of 200 multiple choice questions.

Yes. You can access our free webinars on project management on youtube in the URL given below:


Jobs in the field of PMP in Gurgaon
Jobs in PMP In Gurgaon

It is predicted that by 2027, India will have the second-highest number of project management job vacancies and will emerge as the fastest-growing country in the world for project management-oriented jobs

Salaries in Gurgaon for PMP professionals
Salaries in Project Management

A PMP certification can hike salaries considerably. The average salary for a project manager in the IT industry is Rs.15.7 lakhs per annum. A PMI-PMP certified project manager can earn up to 20% more than his non-certified peer.

PMP hiring companies in Gurgaon
PMP Hiring Companies in Gurgaon

Companies in India are slowly accepting PMI-PMP certification as the gold standard for project managers. Some companies recruit only PMI- PMP qualified professionals. For example, in India, companies like IBM, Infosys, Accenture, RCS, HCL Tech, HP, and Wipro hired only PMI-PMP® professionals.

Role of Open Source Tools in PMP in Gurgaon
Role of Open Source Tools in Project Management

The various open-source tools like TaskJuggler, FreedCamp, ProjectLibre, Redmine, Target Process, Teamweek, and OpenProject help you to track progress in all projects, identify project risks, meet organizational goals, and complete projects on time.

Modes of Training for PMP training in Gurgaon
Modes Of Training For PMI-PMP

The course in Gurgaon is designed to suit the needs of students as well as working professionals. We at 360DigiTMG give our students the option of both classroom and online learning. We also support e-learning as part of our curriculum.

Industry Application of PMP certification in Gurgaon
Industry Applications of PMI-PMP

India will need skilled project managers to avoid delay and inflated budgets in projects in key industries like road, railways, manufacturing and construction, information services and publishing, finance and insurance, management and professional services, utilities, Oil and Gas, etc.

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