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360DigiTMG's signature scholarship returns for its 6th year, paving pathways in Data Analytics and beyond

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  • Scholarship Opportunities

    Through our scholarship program, we aim to make education accessible to all, ensuring everyone gets an equal chance to shine and excel in their desired field.

  • Learn, Grow, and Thrive

    Equip yourself with cutting-edge skills that not only add value to your profile but also make you ready for the job market of tomorrow, today.

  • Economic Support

    Recognizing the economic challenges of our times, our scholarship program is designed to assist deserving students and professionals, enabling them to pursue education without financial burdens.


Jumpstart 2023
Unlocking New Horizons in Learning!

360DigiTMG proudly unveils the 6th edition of the acclaimed Jumpstart Scholarship Program for 2023. Building on last year's significant achievements, this year, while scholarships go up to 80%, we have doubled our scholarship fund from USD 25,000 to a remarkable USD 50,000. This augmentation ensures that we accommodate a broader range of deserving candidates.

Responding to the evolving market demands, our 2023 curriculum introduces sought-after courses, including ChatGPT training and specialized tracks like Financial Analytics. We're committed to equipping our learners with the most relevant and in-demand skills in the industry.

For students and professionals eager to leap forward in their careers, Jumpstart 2023 offers an unmatched blend of affordability and quality education.

How the Scholarship Works

This scholarship is open to graduates and working professionals across ASEAN Market. Available to the first 200 applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply early to increase your chances! So the sooner you apply the greater your chances of availing the benefits!

Certification and Cost

Recipients of the scholarship will only be responsible for costs related to certification and program deliverables, allowing them to enjoy the course at a substantial discount, allowing them to enjoy the course at a substantial discount. Which means that they can enjoy the course at a huge discount!

Participant Testimony

Jazli Bin Kamaruzdin
I signed up with 360DigiTMG for the Python course under Jumpstart scholarship program 2021. It was excellent. They teach you the basics and encourage you to dive deeper into the subject on your own. Which is exactly how it will be like in IRL applications. Great value for sure! The training and class executives are very responsive and helpful should you face any issues as well. Highly recommend it!

Participant Testimony

  • LMS Access

    Up to 3 months access to the LMS. This system provides students with access to recorded videos, assignments, and course material tailored to various industries.

  • Public Live Support Sessions

    Benefit from 10 hours of public live support sessions to assist you throughout your learning journey and clarify doubts.

  • Blockchain-Enabled Digital Certificate

    Upon successful course completion, students will receive a digital certificate. This certificate is backed by blockchain technology, ensuring its authenticity and security.

  • Advanced Learning Videos

    Gain access to advanced learning videos specially curated to handle real-time projects, ensuring a hands-on experience in managing practical challenges.

  • One time Offer


    Early Bird:

    Register interest with an enquiry within the first week and get an additional 5% off.

  • One time Offer


    Bundle Offer:

    Register for 2 courses in a single application for an extra 5% off, 3 for 10% off, and 4+ for 15% off.

  • One time Offer


    Referral Discount:

    Refer and enroll with a friend for an extra 5% off for both.

  • One time Offer


    Loyalty Discount:

    Previous attendees get an added discount of 5%

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Note: For Bundle Offers, discounts apply when courses are registered in a single application,
limited to two courses without additional top-ups.

Conditions Apply: No two special offers can be combined.

About the Sponsor

In today's digital age, AiSPRY and Innodatatics Inc. USA has emerged as trailblazers, shaping the future of AI and data analytics.

Established in 2018, AiSPRY intertwines India and ASEAN's cultural heritage with modern technology, introducing AI-driven solutions to industries from healthcare to finance. Their groundbreaking innovations, like AiTutor, revolutionize business processes and education. Collaborations with entities like 360DigiTMG underscore their dedication to the AI community.

Innodatatics Inc. USA, recognized as a top data analytics provider, combines research, quality, and innovation to deliver bespoke solutions. Their products, such as Chatbot and Server Logo Analytics, reflect their adaptability and vision. With a mission to empower future data scientists, they invest in nurturing emerging talent.

As sponsors, both AiSPRY and Innodatatics symbolize a commitment to innovation, talent development, and leading the digital frontier. Their combined efforts promise not only to elevate the present but also redefine the future of the tech industry.

Eligibility & Benefits

No Exam, Profile verification for
  • Unemployed
  • Freshers
  • Students
Mandatory general assessment exam for
  • Working Professionals
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Freelancers

Exam Duration

15 Minutes

No. of Questions

15 Nos

Pass Percentage

50% marks

  • Part-time & Weekend

  • Hybrid Mode

  • Live Online & Self-paced

  • Technical Support

  • Need basic
    computer skills

  • Basic maths concepts

  • Analytical mindset is

  • Basic excel knowledge
    is mandatory

  • Submit your application

    •    Choose up to two sources when submitting.
    •    Early applications are encouraged for better chances of scholarships

  • Based on your profile, you will be evaluated for scholarships

    •    Evaluation may include profile verification or an assessment test.
    •    Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date for accurate evaluation.

  • Shortlisted applicants will receive the course offer letter

    •    Must be accepted within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Enrolments & payments

    •    Payment must be made within 48 hours of receiving the enrollment notice.

  • Training and certification

    •    Follow the provided schedule for training sessions.

  • Utilise the offer given for executive and professional courses

    •    This is a one-time offer, valid for 3 months. Don't miss out!

  • Selection for an internship program with Innodatatics USA, INC

    •    Based on exam results and interviews.
    •    Great opportunity to gain practical experience and network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often, there are distinctions between the scholarship courses and the original ones listed on our website. These differences might relate to the curriculum, certificate, deliverables, or even the subject matter itself. However, if you're considering long-term or advanced courses with us, we do offer extensions of scholarships for other courses.

While our scholarships do not cover 100% of the costs, they do substantially reduce the financial burden. Recipients are required to cover the certificate fee before accepting the scholarship offer for the respective course. It's important to note that our scholarships are not government-funded. Instead, they are sponsored by a private skill development institute, 360DigiTMG, in collaboration with its partners. We allocate a specific budget annually to support dedicated learners who may not be able to afford the full course fee.

No, according to our scholarship policy, the scholarships are primarily aimed at students, recent graduates, and unemployed individuals. Working professionals and self-employed individuals can only avail these scholarships by successfully passing the assessment, provided there are still seats available.

It's essential to understand that company-sponsored or HRDF claims are not compatible with our scholarship process, mainly due to the timelines and procedures we follow.

No, the scholarship doesn't have a specific age criteria. However, applications are processed based on the profile provided. As mentioned in the eligibility criteria, if an assessment test is deemed necessary based on your profile, the approval of your application will depend on your test results. If no assessment is required, we proceed with the approval based on the documents provided and profile verification.

We continue to accept scholarship applications as long as the sponsored scholarship funds remain available, which is approximately for 200 seats. It's advisable to apply early to secure your spot.

If you do not pass the assessment test or the profile verification, you will unfortunately lose the opportunity to claim the scholarship seat for the respective course. As of now, we do not offer a second attempt for the test.

Profile verification involves confirming the authenticity of the information provided by you, specifically concerning your stated category, such as being a student, fresher, or unemployed. This process ensures that the scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates based on the documents submitted during the application and verifies the genuine need for support from the sponsor to enroll in the course.

Absolutely. The reduced course fee is a benefit of the scholarship, but it does not impact the quality or content of the program deliverables. Every student, whether on scholarship or not, receives the same comprehensive training.

You will have 24 hours to accept the scholarship offer once it's extended to you. We encourage prompt responses to ensure the scholarship can be offered to deserving candidates in a timely manner.

To maintain the integrity of our scholarship process, we've implemented certain conditions. If a scholarship offer is extended to you and you choose not to accept it within the given time frame, you may be ineligible or blacklisted from applying for the scholarship in subsequent offerings. This is to ensure that only sincere candidates benefit from our program and to discourage non-serious applications.

No, this scholarship cannot be combined with any other financial aid or scholarships.

Applicants will need to provide a copy of their IC/Identification and an updated resume as part of the application process.

This approach will ensure that the scholarship application process remains streamlined and benefits those who are genuinely interested in the program.

For detailed eligibility criteria and associated benefits, please refer to the "Eligibility & Benefits" section.