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Why Learn Full Stack Data Scientist Program
With 360DigiTMG

The Executive Programme for Full Stack Data Scientist equips data professionals in India with deep conceptual understanding and hands-on training in all the advanced tools and techniques needed to make data-driven business decisions. The core course modules of the data scientist certification course have been designed to suit different job profiles -- data administrators, business analytics, data analysts, data engineers, data architects and data scientists. Students also have a wide choice of electric modules for various industry and function-specific data analytics roles.

Full Stack Data Scientist Program

Extensive Curriculum

Cloud Compting, Internet of Things (IoT), SQL/NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Security and Data Privacy.

Blended Approach

Blended Approach

Classroom Trainings, Virtual Sessions, Boot Camps, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars Flexible approach - access to recorded videos for self-paced learning.

Specialist Trainers

Specialist Trainers

Training faculty with 15+ years of average experience and trained 20,000+ professionals and 10,000+ students from 8-12 countries. Corporate clients include many Fortune 500 companies.

Reputed Institute

Reputed Institute

Carries a legacy of training 20,000+ professionals and 10,000+ students from across the globe.

Our program has been approved by 3 leading international universities/accreditation bodies.

Different Skill Levels

Different Skill Levels

Curriculum has been meticulously designed by industry experts by considering student communities as well as working professionals.

Career Mentorship

Career Mentorship

A coordinator will be assigned for you until you complete the program for smooth delivery of your training journey with 360DigiTMG.

Program Key Highlights

  • 9 Months Course
  • 10 + 1 Capstone Projects
  • 16 Unique Domain Centric Electives
  • 600 + Project Hours
  • 100 + Hours Live Webinars Every Month
  • 360 Degree Career Support
  • No Cost EMI
  • Part-Time Program
  • 100% Placements
  • Re-attend module with No extra cost
  • Life-Time access to LMS
  • Dedicated Program Coordinator
A few of our unique Domain Centric Electives
  • Financial Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Cyber Security Analytics
  • Data Science for Internal Auditors
  • Life Sciences And HealthCare Analytics
Who Should Register

Who Should Register

  • Candidates aspiring to get into Big Data analytics
  • Analytics Professionals, Business Analysts, Software Developers
  • Graduated looking for a Career in Data Science and related fields
  • Professionals who want to shift to Data Science
  • Professionals who wish to add Digital skills to their profile
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Learning Collaborations


Course Curriculum

Start Your Career with 12 Core Modules Designed for Expanding Job Roles

Module - 1

Introductory session to the Executive Program for Full Stack Data Scientist

8 Hours

Module - 2

Project Management

16 Hours

Participants will gain expertise in handling big & Analytics projects that include Scrum of Scrums and be able to utilize the latest project management tools effectively in the wake of emerging technologies.

  • Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)
The course will help participants prepare for (PMI-ACP)® exam. We impart the theoretical concepts of Agile Methodology to our students along with hands-on exercises. On completion of the PMI-ACP certificate training program, students can confidently lead large scale project teams in the capacity of an Agile coach.

Data Science project or IoT Project or Cloud Computing Project or Artificial Intelligence project, no matter which domain the project is from, we apply project management methodology. All the best practices of CAPM will be applied while doing the live projects.

Module - 3

Data Base Management

96 Hours

SQL for structure database and NoSQL for unstructured database. Create tables to store data and extract specific information for data analysis for SQL and understand how to leverage the capabilities of NoSQL alongside SQL

  • SQL for Structured Database
  • NoSQL for Unstructured Database
  • SQL, Which stands for Structured Query Language, is a language used for Relational Databases. RDBMS works on tables, which have a proper structure.
  • Understanding on how to create tables to store the data & how to extract the specific information is relevant for any professional embarking on the journey of data analysis.
  • Examples of SQL include Oracle, MySQL Server, PostgreSQL, sybase, etc.

  • NoSQL, which is a Non-Relational Database Management System is used for Distributed Databases.it canhave a dynamic schema for unstructured data and can be stored, it can be column-oriented, document-oriented,graph-based or organized as a Key-Value pair.
  • Understand how to leverage the capabilities of NoSQL alongside SQL, and increase the data management skills of professionals as well as students.
  • Examples of NoSQL include:HBase, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, DocumentDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Bigtable, Cassandra,etc. 
Participants will be storing the data in relational database management system & will be able to query the data appropriately. Also participants will be able to store & retrieve the unstructured data from NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.

Module - 4

Internet of Things (IoT)

144 Hours

Core skills needed to design and deploy devices and communication interfaces for IoT-driven architectures

  • Design independent IoT devices for sectors like Retail, Manufacturing and Construction
  • Comprehend IoT architecture and Modern Microcontrollers for Data capture and Signal relaying
  • Understand the advantages of Cloud storage
  • Design and produce hardware compatible MCU
  • Configure an HTTP server and develop python modules for basic Data Analytics
  • Be able to understand IoT Communication Protocols
Participants shall be able to suggest on the best combination of IoT sensors suite so as to collect the data from the defined source & transport the data to cloud and/or on-premise infrastructure.

Module - 5

Cloud Computing

200 Hours

Comprehensive module that covers all the essentials about building infrastructure on the AWS Cloud

  • Cloud Computing using AWS
  • Machine Learning on Cloud
  • Overview of Cloud and Types of services offered
  • Ready for Certifications on AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Ability to scale and deploy Cloud Infrastructure Services Independently
  • Building Machine Learning Models on Cloud
Participants shall be able to make use of the majority of cloud components and migrate the data from existing on-premise environment to cloud environment via batch processing as well as real time streaming data flow.

Module - 6

Data Science using Python & R

208 Hours

Develop an in-depth understanding of the two most popular programming languages for data science

  • Work with various data generation sources
  • Apply data-driven, Machine Learning approaches for business decisions
  • Perform Text Mining to generate Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Build prediction models for day-to-day applicability
  • Analyse Structured and Unstructured data using different tools and techniques
  • Perform forecasting to take proactive business decisions
  • Develop an understanding of Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Use Data Visualization concepts to represent data for easy understanding
Students will be able to perform predictive analytics on structured data. Use supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to derive insights on data for data driven decisions. Students will solve problems like identifying insider trading, cardiovascular risk detection models, crime rate predictions etc., by using cocktail models.

Module - 7

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

114 Hours

  • Build AI systems using Deep Learning algorithms
  • Process and analyse unstructured data such as images, videos and text
  • Analyse sequence data and perform text analytics and Natural Language Processing using Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Use various Python libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow and OpenCV to solve AI and Deep Learning problems
  • Implement Deep Learning solutions and Image Processing applications using Convolution Neural Networks
  • Apply graphical processing units in using Deep Learning algorithms
Students will be able to build classification models using Video & Image datasets, which includes behavioural analytics, autonomous vehicles, etc. Students will also be able to build AI-driven chatbot with both NLP capabilities as well as speech recognition capabilities.

Module - 8

Big Data using Hadoop & Spark

144 Hours

Master Big Data frameworks and understand how to process and analyse large datasets

  • Install and set up Hadoop and Spark to store and process data
  • Understand the advantages of distributed batch processing using HDFS
  • Learn about Hadoop 1.x, 2.x and 3.x versions
  • Perform exploratory queries on data batches using Pig, Hive and Spark
  • Use Spark RDD optimisation techniques
  • Write programmes in the Big Data domain as per system architecture
Students will be able to store big data using the Hadoop open source framework. They will be able to extract the data & process using Spark. Generate & publish reports using Tableau by establishing connection between Hadoop & Tableau.

Module - 9

Business Intelligence (BI)/Data Visualization (Tableau)

114 Hours

Combine storytelling with data analytics to transform raw data into meaningful business insights

  • Get familiarised with Data Visualization principles and concepts
  • Understand Tableau architecture, including the most important processes
  • Data Generation and Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing/Data Preparation
  • Make exploratory Data Analysis using in-built options and default visualizations in Tableau
  • Feature Engineering/Feature Engineering and Selection
  • Data Visualization
  • Conduct data extraction and data blending with multiple data sources
  • Use Tableau filtering options, groups, sets and calculations, LOD expressions
  • Create top charts in the latest version of Tableau Desktop
  • Use Tableau calculated fields and advanced reporting concepts
  • Create Tableau maps, dashboards and stories
Students will be directly connecting Tableau to various databases including streaming data. They will be using data blending by using multiple such data sources and generate meaningful dashboards & publish the same to stakeholders automatically.

Module - 10

Operations Research

114 Hours

Learn how to apply the most optimal solution for the purpose of Predictive Analysis

Operations Research is applied on top of the regular predictive modelling performed using machine learning algorithms. This field predominantly includes two subjects of study - Data Optimization & Data Simulation. Data Optimization involves providing the best solution from the available pool of many solutions and most importantly when business constraints are levied on the problem at hand. Data Simulation is a technique used when data available is very limited and we want to artificially generate more data, given the small data. This is also used to perform what-if analysis so that managers may evaluate the various scenarios by changing the key parameters in a simulated environment. These two combined form the broad study of operations research.
Students will be working on projects, which includes the business problem, which involves finding the best solution given the business limitations or constraints. They will also be working on a project, which takes predictive models to the next level by providing provisions for decision makers to change the scenarios virtually & then take an action which best suits them.

Module - 11

Data Security & Data Privacy

84 Hours

Learn how to secure customer data using data security protocols, policies and procedures

With the emergence of data & with research organizations razor sharp focus on data generation, it is becoming extremely clear that data will be the guiding force for all the organizations. At the same time, miscreants getting their hands onto the precious data of organizations would mean loss of business & loss of reputation for companies. Hence securing the data via Data Security protocols, policies, procedures is imperative. Alongside understanding the difference between data security & data privacy will help organizations decide on what warrants to qualify data as PII or PHI so that one may uphold the protection of customer data. Securing the organization data as well as respecting the data privacy of customers are pivotal for success of organizations dealing with data.
There will be a simulated environment in which students have to don the hat of data security specialist & data privacy ninja. They will be scored based on the preventive as well as corrective measures taken to secure data to protect the customers data.

Module - 12

Domain Analytics

96 Hours

Develop domain specific understanding of data analytics to boost your job skills

While understanding the generic data analysis techniques is very valid, even more valid will be to understand the finer nuances of the analytics performed in specific industries, sectors & domains. With analytics programs launched in the space of 56 different domains, 360DigiTMG commands a leader position in the education technology knowledge imparting segment. A few of the industry specific programs include Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Cyber Security Analytics, HR Analytics, etc.
Projects will be very focused based on the industry, sector or domain that students opt for. It could range from predicting employee sickness absence in HR analytics to capital asset pricing model in Financial analytics.
Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Programming Languages and Software Tools

full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist

Panel of Coaches

data scientist trainers

Bharani Kumar Depuru

Director - Innodatatics Inc, USA

Digital Transformation

Industrial Revolution 4.0 Implementer

data scientist trainers

Sharat Chandra Kumar

Vice President Analytics

360DigiTMG & Innodatatics Inc., USA

Data Scientist - Research in Analytics,

Big Data, Deep Learning

data scientist trainers

Bhargavi Kandukuri

Senior Tableau Developer

Innodatatics Inc., USA

data scientist trainers

S Swaroop

Director - 360DigiTMG, USA

Data Science | Artificial Intelligence

Industry Projects in collaboration with Innodatatics Inc, USA

Learn through the "20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Provider of 2018".

Innodatatics provide customised and innovative solutions for the clients. The organisation is keen to support and encourage upcoming data professionals and they believe that the need for skilled data scientists in only going grow in the coming years. 360DigiTMG in collaboration with Innodatatics offers hands-on Internships to students where they can work on real world problems and solve real-world challenges.

Autonomous Vehicles

Understand 3D data processing and build an algorithm using ChaufferNet

Cancer Prediction

Understand Transfer Learning & Fine Tuning of CNN on DICOM images

Behavioural Analytics

Understand various behaviours of the humans in the video using real time processing

Generative Content Creation

Automatically generate Text using Deep Multilayer LSTM

Video Captioning

Understand Application of Deep Learning advanced architecture variant (CNN + LSTM)

Insider Trading Identification

Understand how to identify the employees who might potentially get involved in insider trading

Early Autism Detection

Understand on how to identify autism in early stages of kids development

Predictive Maintenance

Understand IoT sensors data generation and to predict equipment breakdown

Cloud Based ML

Understand early school drop out to save students career and deploy the model on cloud

Building Chatbot

Understand how to build NLP pipeline and sequence-to-sequence models

Building Robot Control System

Understand the environment for controlling robot mobility using Keras DQNs and reinforcement learning

Deep Learning Recommender System

Build recommendation system using Auto-encoders and RBMs

The 360DigiTMG's Advantage

The 3 key advantages of the Executive program for Full Stack Data Scientist

full stack data scientist
  • Attend unlimited Mock interview quiz session
  • Identify what you did well and focus on areas
    to be improved to fit different work cultures
  • Objective feedback on your job applications
full stack data scientist
  • Our Tech team will help you to understand the industry expectations to build perfect resume which suits your profile.
  • Provide you tips on best practises for job applications.
full stack data scientist
  • Besides the program certificate provided by 360DigiTMG, we also encourage students to get on technology specialisation, quality management and project management from globally recognised institutes. And help in preparation for certification exams

Program Deliverables

full stack data scientist
Life time access to LMS

Our Learning Management System is designed with passion, crafted by experts and delivered using the AI driven bot, to make your journey towards knowledge an extremely fun-filled experience.

full stack data scientist
100% Placement Assistance

Get an opportunity to float your profiles with our clients. Connect with best suitable & reputed Companies

full stack data scientist
Free Webinars

Choose from programmes specially curated to suit each professionals training needs. The blended learning approach includes on-campus training virtual learning and live projects.

full stack data scientist
Complimentary Course

$ 1000 worth free courses for participants who are from Non IT background or beginners, basic programs which help them to kick start the Full Stack program with smooth learning.

Executive Program for
Full Stack Data Scientist

This Program covers entire plethora of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Spectrum, thereby nurturing the future industry ready work face. This FULL STACK 9 months certification program meticulously designed to address the challenges of Digital Transformation employment needs.

Cultivate specialised skills. Get recognised as a subject expert

full stack data scientist Tableau Desktop Associate Certification

full stack data scientist AWS Cloud Practitioner

full stack data scientist Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (TUV SUD)

full stack data scientist CAPM® from PMI

full stack data scientist CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer

full stack data scientist Project Management Professional (PMP)®

full stack data scientist CCA Data Analyst

full stack data scientist AWS Solution Architect

full stack data scientist Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

full stack data scientist ISO 27001 Lead Implementer

Admission Process

  • Step 1

    Fill Application Form

    Apply today by filling the application form

  • Step 2

    Take Eligibility Test

    This test is to assess your analytical & quantitative aptitude to ensure you are ready for the program. Attend 20 minutes online test to kick start your admission process

  • Step 3

    Receive your offer letter

    Once shortlisted you will receive confirmation letter for the program Full Stack Data Scientist

  • Step 4

    Block your calendar

    Block your seat by paying 1st installment course fee

  • Step 5

    Begin your course journey!

full stack data scientist
full stack data scientist

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The prime advantage of a full-stack course is the ability to complete 12 courses each of 3 months duration in 9 months. The cost of a full-stack course is far lower than that of the 12 normal courses. Also since you are specializing in multiple domains you can apply for a variety of job roles in data science at the end of the course. Your employability and knowledge levels will be higher than the competition.

The typical job roles that you can apply for at the end of this course are :
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Cloud Architect
  • IoT Architect
  • AWS IoT Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Tableau Developer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Artificial Intelligence/ Deep Learning Engineer
This course comprises of the following modules :
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Database Management (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Security
  • Domain-Specific Electives ( Financial Analytics, Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Cyber Security Analytics, Data Science for Internal Auditors, Life Science and Healthcare Analytics)
  • Project Management

You can master twenty-plus tools and languages at the end of the course.

Around 540 plus hours are devoted to an internship with INNODATATICS.

You can apply for the following certification examinations at the end of this course.
  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional.
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practitioner
  • Certified Associate in Project Management from Project Management Institute ( PMI)
  • CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer certification.

We offer a zero cost EMI scheme to all students who avail of this course.

This certification is valid lifelong. We offer you the opportunity to re-attend modules that you find difficult at no extra cost.

You will have the delightful opportunity to work on 10 + 1 capstone projects in this course. These are live projects with INNODATATICS.

We offer 14 Unique Domain Centric Electives. You can specialize in any one of them

The minimum educational qualifications are an undergraduate degree in Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science/ Data Science from a recognized University or a Bachelor's degree in Engineering ( any specialization).

Fresh graduates can join this course and avail of placement assistance. We offer $1000 worth of free foundation courses for beginners and students from non-IT backgrounds which would enable them to comprehend successive modules in our full-stack data scientist course.

We assign mentors to each student in this program. Additionally, during the mentorship session, if the mentor feels that you require additional assistance, you may be referred to another mentor or trainer.

The course material can be downloaded from our online Learning Management System AISPRY.

AISPRY is our Learning Management System. It hosts the recorded videos of sessions along with Course Material, Quiz modules, Assignments, Program codes, practice Data Sets and other material required for your certification program.

We record all our classroom sessions and upload the videos in our Learning Management System AISPRY. Students can access these videos at their convenience, should they miss a session. This also helps in self-paced learning.

We enable virtual learning with our free webinars on different data science topics.

This course follows a blended learning approach in which 290 hours are devoted to theory sessions in the classroom, 600 plus hours are devoted to assignments and e-learning, and 540 plus hours are spent in live projects with INNODATATICS.

360DigiTMG provides 100% placement assistance to all students. Once you have completed all your live projects with INNODATATICs, you can register with our placement cell. Our placement assistance commences with resume preparation assistance. We also give you the opportunity to attend unlimited mock interviews. We also float your CV to placement consultants with whom we have had a long association with. Once placed we offer technical assistance on the first project on the job.

We will provide certification that recognizes you as a Full Stack Data Scientist at the end of this 12-month course.

Student Voices

full stack data scientist

Jaya Godwani

Operations Manager

" I liked the way our instructor took a personal interest. My mentor was supportive in my project"

full stack data scientist

Jeevan Kumar R

Software Project Manager

"I gained good knowledge on software in the course. The teacher was valuable"

full stack data scientist

Shiva Shankari

Project Manager

"The topics were well structured. The teaching was good. I had a pleasant experience"

full stack data scientist

Siva kumar Dangeti

Business Analyst

"The modules are well structured and the assignments are interesting. The teaching was interactive"

full stack data scientist

Eklavya Mishra


" The project and teaching are good"

full stack data scientist

Muralidhar. G

Senior Manager

"The teacher finished the course in time. The live project was exciting"