Post Graduate Diploma in
Artificial Intelligence

Learn Industry specific Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts designed in collaboration with top ranked university which will guarantee you to stand out from the competition and recession.

11 months | Hybrid Mode | Start Date: 25-04-2024


College Degree in STEM related fields - Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Software Technology and Business.

No programming knowledge needed. You will learn from scratch!

Eligibility data science

What do you learn

  • Learn to create Python constructs for the purpose of performing analytics
  • Connect with varied databases using Python and execute queries through SQL & NoSQL
  • Get a grip of the fundamentals of Mathematics & Statistics that are pertinent to Data science
  • Acquire the skill required for executing Machine Learning algorithms (Supervised & Unsupervised) and gather insights from the outcome
  • Learn about analyzing unstructured data including Images, Videos, Audio, Text, and how to draw insights from the same
  • Stay ahead by learning to use optimized forecasting techniques and the various method for the same
  • Unbox the black box, demystify the concepts around Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, etc.
  • Learn advanced image processing and object detection algorithms such as MaskRCNN, YOLO models, transfer learning & pre-trained models
  • Learn about Cloud Computing skills and run Machine Learning algorithms on Cloud
  • Learn advanced NLP algorithms such as Transformers, BERT, GPT-3, etc.
  • Learn to use one of the most popular open-source distributed data platform to enable storage and processing Big Data using commodity Hardware
  • Work with Data Plumbing to ensure a continuous flow of the real-time and or batch data in Data systems to make real-time decision making
  • Map end-to-end Machine Learning Models on Microsoft Azure cloud services for scalable and ready to Market solutions on Big Data
  • Work with one of the most popular visualization and business intelligence tools, Power BI, to make state of the art presentations and analytics
  • Learn AutoML (AutoKeras) libraries & frameworks – both open source and commercial. This includes building end to end pipelines of data related projects

After successfully completing the programme you should be able to

  • Apply the learnings in building AI solutions by using state-of-the-art algorithms and models
  • Apply project management framework to ensure projects succeed by meeting business objectives
  • Apply the learnings of handling the data related projects end to end by establishing robust pipelines
  • Learn the science of building secure products with proactive capabilities through predictive modelling
  • Learn how to manage the wide variety of data, which is both small as well as big through data management best practices
  • Learn latest emerging trends of handling data science & AI projects on Cloud by understanding the practical implementations

Program Synopsis

‘PG Diploma Certification Program in AI’ is launched in collaboration with the largest university of the USA - State University of New York. The program is designed to impart practical knowledge to students who can solve complex business problems with ease. The meticulously designed curriculum caters to all sections of aspirants ranging from new graduates to experienced professionals. The concepts are delivered in a fun-filled manner with a lot of simulations and use cases. Industry experts have collaborated with academic research scholars and professors to design the program which will help implement the solutions end to end. This program covers the responsibilities of various roles in the domain of AI, including Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, AI Expert, Project Management for Data Analytics, Chief Data Officers, etc. The quizzes and exams will reinforce the learning and help take corrective actions before the students face the job market with confidence. Programming languages, tools and algorithms that one will learn will be most advanced starting right from the basics. One will also get access to 100+ real world projects accomplished via the consulting work of the stalwart trainers.

Program Curriculum

Chart Your Career with Industry Specific blended Core Modules Designed for Expanding Job Roles

  • Live Virtual Classes - Deep Learning    Powered by  360digitmg
  • Live Virtual Classes - Data Engineering    Powered by  360digitmg
  • Live Virtual Classes - Power BI    Powered by  360digitmg
  • Live Virtual Classes - Tableau    Powered by  360digitmg

Gain PG Diploma Certificate from top ranked university

360DigiTMG Certification

  • Specialist trainers – highly experienced industry experts and professors from premier engineering and B-schools
  • Reputed institute – carries a legacy of training 20,000+ professionals and 10,000+ students from across the globe
  • Certifications demonstrate your commitment to the profession and motivation to learn. Instill employer’s confidence in you and catch the attention of recruiters with these certificates.
  • Blended approach – classes in our Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai Centres + virtual (real-time or recorded)

Industry Experts

Industry Experts
Bharani Kumar Depuru

Director - Innodatatics Inc., USA

Digital Transformation

Industrial Revolution 4.0 Implementer



Industry Experts
Sharat Chandra Kumar

Vice President

360DigiTMG & Innodatatics Inc., USA

Data Scientist - Research in Analytics,

Big Data & Deep Learning


Career Transition Stories

career transition stories

Thanujah Muniandy

360DigiTMG has an outstanding team of educators; who supported and inspired me throughout my Data Science course. Though I came from a statistical background, they've helped me master the programming skills necessary for a Data Science job. The career services team supported my job search and, I received two excellent job offers. This program pushes you to the next level. It is the most rewarding time and money investment I've made-absolutely worth it.


Data science

Media Analyst

data science

Admission Process

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    Fill Application Form
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  • Step - 2
    Take Eligibility Test
    This test is to assess your analytical & quantitative aptitude to ensure you are ready for the program. Attend 30 minutes online test to kick start your admission process
  • Step - 3
    Receive your offer letter
    Once shortlisted you will receive confirmation letter for the Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
  • Step - 4
    Block your calendar
    Block your seat by paying 1st installment course fee
  • Step - 5
    Begin your course journey!

Last date for the Application: 22-04-2024

Cohort Start Date: 25-04-2024

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What are the jobs offered after this course in India?

Artificial Intelligence's scope is tremendous in India. AI analysts and developers, AI engineers and scientists, AI researchers, AI algorithm specialists, Robotics experts, Military and aviation experts, Maintenance and mechanical engineers, Surgical AI technicians are some of the jobs offered in India.

Applications of AI to Data Science?

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are interrelated. AI and Data Science are working together are developing faster and more efficient user interactions and algorithms that are reducing the time taken for finding solutions to business problems and improving profits.

Why choose AI as a career?

AI has various uses in the modern world. Industries, businesses, and organizations have been using AI to bring automation into day-to-day processes. AI is the future and promises high pay packages with positive career growth. AI is a great career choice.

How 10+ Virtual Internships going to help me in Job?

Most companies prefer to hire employees with experience. As a fresher, it is vital to gain experience before applying for jobs. An internship is an easy and efficient way to gain experience. 10 plus virtual internships will surely add weight to your resume, making you the most favorable candidate in the eyes of the interviewer.


While there are a number of roles pertaining to data professionals, most of the responsibilities overlap. However, the following are some basic job descriptions for each of these roles.

This certification is valid lifelong. We offer you the opportunity to re-attend modules that you find difficult at no extra cost.

AISPRY is our Learning Management System. It hosts the recorded videos of sessions along with Course Material, Quiz modules, Assignments, Program codes, Practice Data Sets and other material required for your certification program.

We record all our classroom sessions and upload the videos in our Learning Management System AISPRY. Students can access these videos at their convenience, should they miss a session. This also helps in self-paced learning.

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