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Social Media and Web Analytics Program

social media and web analytics

Enrol your team for the course and get FREE analysis of your social media comments or web reviews.

Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Network Analytics, Mobile Analytics, Influencer Marketing…these are some of the buzzwords of digital marketing today.

  • How can you use the wealth of available data to device a more result-oriented marketing strategy?
  • How can you deliver better results for your organization?
  • How can you leverage digital marketing to enjoy greater ROI?

These are some of the areas that will be covered in our Intensive 2-Day Certification Course on Social Media and Web Analytics Program.

Why sign up for this Course? 

Whether you are a marketing professional, a freelancer, or working for an organization that is planning to focus more on digital marketing going forward, this course will help you deliver results for your organization.

Through this course, we will help you understand how you can leverage predictive analytics in click through rate and data analytics, to gain expected social media marketing outcomes. This is a sure way of growing in your career, while also meeting your organizational goals.

social media and web analytics

Course Objectives

The 2-day Certification course is ideal for professionals who are already into Digital Marketing. Participants will be able to hone their skills even further by embracing the newer techniques in our data-driven world. Understanding how Web & Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can be applied to Social Media and Digital Marketing will be the prime objective of this content rich program.

This 2-day advanced program will help the participants help their organizations or customers by taking data driven management decisions to increase their profits & customer base.

social media and web analytics

Learning Outcomes

Be proficient in analysing unstructured data such as Social Media comments, customer reviews to understand the sentiments of the customers

Be able to decode data and arrive at an effective social media strategy

Be able to use Machine Learning techniques to predict on increasing click through rate & through put rate

Be able to understand the mobile analytics for futuristic marketing

Who Should Attend


Marketing Managers or Directors


Brand Managers


Sales Managers or Directors


Public Relations (PR) Professionals


Business Development Managers and Directors


Senior Operations Managers
and Directors


Senior Executives


Business Owners, etc.

Course Outline

  • A Revisit in Digital Marketing
  • Text Mining
  • Network Analytics
  • Advanced techniques using Probability in Google Adwords  
  • Machine Learning in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Attribution
  • Mobile Ecosystem
social media and web analytics

A Revisit in Digital Marketing

Understanding about the digital landscape and how it is impacting the organizations. Importance of devising KPIs and Metrics in Digital Marketing is imperative for the success. This will be the prime focus on this module.

Text Mining

Customers speak about the brand and about the features they expect from the product / service. Understanding on how to extract these comments from web and social media will give immense edge to the organizations. This module will majorly discuss about extraction and analysing unstructured textual data.

Network Analytics

Person with maximum connections on social media is not always the best perform to market the products/services. One has to go beyond and perform analytics to understand on how to decide upon the influencers for marketing. Learn about the different measures and a real life case study along with every module and also this module.

Advanced techniques using Probability in Google Adwords

Understanding about the science behind the Google ranking algorithm and deciding upon the right metrics, which is probability-driven and is the new norm of the digital marketing departments. Learn about the Ad quality score, landing page quality and many more as part of this module.

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Understanding about building Machine Learning algorithms to predict the success of the digital marketing campaigns, along with predicting on how many people will click on the ads and how many of those will purchase product / service is imperative for the success of the modern marketing strategies. Learn about advanced data analytics in digital marketing as part of this module.

Digital Attribution 

Marketing heads face this immense challenge of determining on which marketing channel has been most effective. Learning about the modern marketing strategies by combining Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will set the tone for marching into the future with confidence. Learn this and many more as part of this module.

Mobile Ecosystem 

Mobility and number of smart phone users will only increase and explode in the near future. Hence the newest of the digital marketing initiatives are in the space of how effectively mobiles can be used for marketing. Learn about the modern world of Location based analytics and its applications. Learn about the entire mobile analytics ecosystem in this module

Program Deliverables

  • Use case driven and industry specific curriculum with Expert trainers
  • Work on (1) Live Project through INNODATATICS, USA
  • Free access to attend live training classes for 3 months
  • 3 months Learning Management System (LMS) access to recorded videos, assignments, case studies related to your industry, algorithms & course materials
  • Access to Free webinars and latest industry updates
  • Job assistance for getting placed in the field of Marketing field
  • 24/7 Interaction with our trainer pool through forums
  • 3 mock interviews to test your readiness to attend the interviews

HRDF approved training provider

360DigiTMG, a training division of Innodatatics Sdn Bhd, is an HRDF approved centre for SBL scheme trainings (MyCoID 1265527-M), and therefore all our certification trainings and workshops are HRDF claimable under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL Scheme and SBL-Khas), subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers and PSMB’s approval. For trainings under the SBL-Khas Program, fees will be paid by PSMB to our training centre on behalf of employers based on claims we submit upon completion of training. No upfront payment is required. Please visit for more information.

We also provide Special Group Rate for companies. Call us at + 603 2092 9488 0r WhatsApp +60 11 3799 1378 or email: for details.

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Digital marketing certification program includes the latest advancements in the space of digital marketing. It includes Machine Learning and Predictive Modelling for effective results.

Participants will receive course completion certificate from Innodatatics, USA., which is a consulting company in the space of emerging technologies

This Advanced Social Media and Web Analytics training is for 16 hours spread across 2 days. Daily 1 hour of time for the next 15 days is sufficient to gain sufficient expertise on the subject.

360DigiTMG is a training vertical of Innodatatics, which does consulting for various customers across the globe. All the real life experiences are translated into case studies and explained during the training

We do projects for customers from various industries, sectors and domains. The project which is active at the time of course completion will be provided to the participants to gain real life experience. Participants will be guided and suggestions will be provided by industry experts.

All trainers with 360DigiTMG are industry experts. They work for 70% of time on various projects and another 30% of time on delivering trainings. This way the real life experiences will be shared with the participants by the trainers.

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