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The education industry has always gone hand in hand with the world of work. In the present scenario, as the world is in the throes of Industrial Revolution 4.0, it is our joint responsibility to disrupt the world of education. And make it future-focused. Our collective vision and passion can bring about positive transformations by equipping the future workforce with the next generation skills. We have been on this exciting journey together for a year.

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Creating Digital Learning Centers

The curriculum of each course has been carefully curated after consultation with industry experts. We have different levels of courses from beginner to advanced – ensuring that we meet the talent requirements of both students and working professionals. Our courses on new technologies aim to prepare students to be exposed to the innovative advancements in technology, the ability to think strategically and mold them to be future-ready. We accomplish this by delivering classroom and Online instructor-led training, E-learning, and other innovative methods. This combination of online and in-person classes makes for a flexible learning environment.

Creating Digital Learning Centers
Emerging Products

Emerging Products
(Digital Periods Essential Skills)

Super specialization is the need of the hour. Niche skills are increasingly in demand and there is an urgent need for freshers and professionals to empower themselves with these in-demand technical skills. As a new-age training institute, we at 360DigiTMG Malaysia understand the constantly changing nature of business today. Keeping industry skill requirements in mind, we offer a range of technical and management courses as well as courses in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and many Digital Transformation courses.

Partnership Parameters
(Supporting Franchisee Network)

360DigiTMG will work behind the scenes to ensure that you have the most up-to-date industry-oriented products in place. We will provide you all the knowledge and technical support that is needed. Offering you a win-win deal!. We will offer comprehensive training and support for franchisees staff.

Partnership Parameters
Industry Best Model

Industry Best Model

Be the best business model appreciated by many franchisees. No royalty payment is levied and you are the owners of your profits. The total investment range for the 360DigiTMG learning center is $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 with all costs built-in and no surprise expenses.

why partner with us

A training division of INNODATATICS INC., USA, which was ranked among the top 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers of 2018, 360DigiTMG was established in 2013 with a view to offering industry-oriented training. With world headquarters in the USA and presence in India, East Asia, Australia, Middle East, UK, and Romania, we add a holistic, global market perspective to our curriculum. Our experienced, hand-picked faculty have trained more than 20,000 professionals across the globe. We achieve this by providing an amalgam of classroom and online instructor-led training, E-learning, simulation tests, and other innovative methods. This combination of online and in-person classes makes for a flexible learning environment.

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, academic institutions have strived to offer industry-relevant education to ensure a win-win situation for all. The time and needs may have changed, but the essential ethos has not. We at 360DigiTMG, understand that that academia needs to meet the growing demand for Data Professionals. And we offer you ready-made, tried and tested products. As your franchise partner, we will ensure that your students are job-ready for a lucrative career in emerging technologies.

Unbeatable Benefits for Learning Centers?



It is also extremely cost-effective for the partners as they need not invest yet again in any skill development programs.



We will support and offer students a dynamic learning experience with a mix of study materials, live projects, and case studies. You just have to focus on your business.

Promotion & Admission

Promotion & Admission

We will assist your learning center in promoting the course and procuring admissions through our online resources including our website and social media pages.

Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment

The course offering becomes extremely cost-effective for you as a learning center since you do not need to invest in getting speakers, industry experts, seminars, guest lectures, or workshops.

We are a brand built on 8 pillars

We are a brand built on 8 pillars

For six years, we have learned a lot, taught a lot, and it's time we wanted to start a smart network through smart franchisee learning centers. We have created a brand image in the education business by believing and following the 8 foundation pillars for our growth. The 8 pillars are Trust, Innovation, Teamwork, Commitment, Strategies, Research, Marketing, and Consistency in delivering quality education to our valued customers/participants and corporates.

We have started to spread our wings of wisdom across the globe in the form of franchises. Our mission is to spread further in every corner of the world and educate people, build awareness, and launch their careers.

Key Product Features

Key Product Features - Extensive CurriculumKey Product Features - Extensive Curriculum
Extensive Curriculum
Key Product Features - Blended ApproachKey Product Features - Blended Approach
Blended Approach
Key Product Features - Specialist TrainersKey Product Features - Specialist Trainers
Specialist Trainers
Key Product Features - Reputed InstituteKey Product Features - Reputed Institute
Reputed Institute
Key Product Features - Global FitKey Product Features - Global Fit
Global Fit
Key Product Features - Placement AssuranceKey Product Features - Placement Assurance
Placement Assurance
Key Product Features - Soft Skills TrainingKey Product Features - Soft Skills Training
Soft Skills Training
Key Product Features - CertificationsKey Product Features - Certifications

Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), SQL/NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Machine Mearning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Security, and Data Privacy

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Academic Partners & International Accreditations

Programming Languages and Software Tools
Programming Languages and Software Tools
Programming Languages and Software Tools
Programming Languages and Software Tools
Programming Languages and Software Tools


The business education franchise is one of the most promising franchise ideas, though the concept is familiar in India. With the rising demand for quality education, the need for education franchises is estimated to grow to USD 225 billion by 2025. The primary reason for its popularity is that it is easy to set up and provides students with ready-made solutions to all their career-related queries.

The educational franchise has an established image and provides customers with quality services as their testimony. They also play a crucial role in formulating new concepts and technologies in the Indian Education System.

To mobilize intuitive learning amongst students, we provide students with outstanding curricula, technologies, and career guidance. The good things in life come with a price. For more details regarding the franchise, get in touch with our team. Make learning easy and fun for the students with the essential technology and make personal progress in your business opportunity like a pro.

Both the franchise and franchisor have a commercial and legal relationship that binds each other to certain norms. As a franchise, one can use the franchisor's trademark and brand name and sell their products or services for a specific time. 360DigiTMG provides franchise offers. Be a part of this fast-growing institute in India and keep the revenues flowing in. Contact our sales experts to learn more about this excellent franchise idea.

If you want to start a business, a franchise is one of the best considerations. Here are some pros that can change your mind about this business type:

  • Depending on the franchise agreement and structure, the franchisor provides you with proper business assistance, brand name, equipment, advertising plans, and supplies.
  • Franchisees have a lower failure rate than independent businesses because the brand name is already well-recognized.
  • Recognized franchise brings in a wide pool of customers, and high profits result from this popularity.
  • When starting a franchise, you can be their boss but still get assistance and knowledge from the franchisor when needed.

The education franchise is among the best franchise ideas in the Indian market. But here are a few key points to remember before starting one:

  • A franchise operating must possess the franchisor's brand value and create a higher launch during the initial phase.
  • Choose the most conducive franchise model from the hundreds available. For a successful partnership, the investor should be able to choose between franchisees they can afford and manage.
  • Streamlining of cash flow projections also plays a significant role in ROI. Study the market and the partner who demands less royalty so that you can maximize profits.
  • The franchisor's support services include architectural support, marketing, branding, auxiliary support, operating manual, etc. This will help the new investor to prosper in real-life market situations.

Knowledge is the most valuable resource because of its power. That is why education franchises in India are in a high-demand these days. Over the last decade, the education industry has grown multiple folds to enrich and build the future of our young minds.

These franchisees supplement traditional schooling sources, making students highly knowledgeable and competitive in the job market. The best part of investing in an education franchise is that you can quickly obtain a market brand value and get a well-established business model.

Consider 360DigiTMg's franchise model the perfect business opportunity for people looking to start a business on a small/medium scale. We provide the franchise with an excellent opportunity to expand rapidly without an enormous capital outlay.

The comprehensive hands-on solutions approach makes inception, planning, and operations efficient. The able team of professionals, including academicians, design experts, and a technical team, will be available 24*7 for your support to provide seamless services. The flexible and focused methodology will bring newly defined learning outcomes across India's education system.

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