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  • Frontend Languages for Web Development
  • Backend Coding Language for Web Development
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Backend Frameworks
  • Database Management System for Web Development

Frontend Languages for Web Development

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

  • Markup language is a text-encoding system with a set of symbols in a text document to operate the structure and formatting,
  • A web page is written in HTML which is displayed using a web browser.
  • It is a skeleton document without any design.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a design language to the HTML document that simplifies making web pages more colour with neat presentation. It saves time and easy maintenance.

JS (JavaScript)

JavaScript is a client-side programming language which is open-source. The main objective is to provide a user's interaction web page. High speed, straightforward semantics and cross-browser interoperability are significant properties.

The average number of people who are interested in web development will begin with HTML and CSS followed by JavaScript, which makes more sense since these three are the main basic fundamental requirements for Full stack web development.

Backend Coding Languages


It is more stable and versatile in nature and related frameworks make its feature an important choice for web and software development.


It is Static Language, with simple syntax for backend development and can create stable and effective server-side functions.


It is also a versatile Language used for digital platforms, which includes mobile devices.


Easy to learn and set-up, simple syntax which is always client-side validation, that connects with browsers to validate information.


Suitable for server-side functionality and code is easier with deployment tools and capabilities.


Straight forward language with simple syntax. Supports several frameworks for web development like Django and Flask which can be easily upgraded for the web more quickly with web development-specific tools and functions.


Structured Query Language which is server-side information from databases perspective and to perform tasks that allow the client-side of an application to run properly.

Frontend Frameworks for Web Development


Simplest frameworks to learn for any beginner. It is open-source and ideal for those who need a stable platform to handle. React is used to build good user interface.


Angular is based on TypeScript which is easy with a reduced number of lines of code, the applications are dynamic in nature because it uses two-way data binding. It means there is a real-time synchronisation between the model and the view.


One of the most popular front-end frameworks in recent years, simple framework. Vuejs is highly recommended for flexible design structures.

Backend Frameworks for web development

A backend framework for web development is a tool that can automate a few tasks to make the process smoother, making it easier and quicker. A backend web framework is a library of models that can help the developer to build flexible architecture for websites, applications, mobile applications or software.

Frameworks are designed using respective programming languages​​, with good functionality and features to implement individual applications.

  • It gives Security for the application
  • It helps in Scalability
  • It allows to Integrate with various tools

We have both Client-side web frameworks which are pretty focused on the user interface and Server-side web framework with database manipulation, backend functionalities, web server management.


If you are designing a database-driven application, then Django is one of the best web development frameworks which is integrated with Python programming language.


Express.js is a Node.js framework which has been used to create the best web applications like MySpace and Uber. If you are confident with JavaScript then please go ahead with Express.js which can be the perfect backend framework.


It is JavaScript-based backend framework, It's a WSGI framework that runs on a web server rather than on a user's browser. Many modern web applications run on Flask because it allows them to create very customised projects that run smoothly.

Database Management System for Web Development

A database is a structured collection of data and a Database Management System (DBMS) is a tool which organises, manages, modifies and interacts with the databases.


Oracle DBMS, an effective object-relational DBMS, which is used for processing data warehousing and online transactions. Easy to recover the data. Deploying a database on a public cloud is easier, or even on a private cloud and data center.


MySQL (My-Structured Query Language), is an open-source relational and multi-model database management system. A reliable, cost-effective tool used for securing and scalabile the database. High-speed data processing increases data recovery. Supports client-server architecture. Easy integration with Apache.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server, an effective RDBMS(Relational Database Management System). Efficient workload management and where the same database can be used by many users. It is Highly secure and consistent.


MongoDB is a cross-platform, open-source, NoSQL database management system and document-oriented. Developers working with high-volume data storage require this and there is available cloud service and self-managed infrastructure. Supports programming languages like C#, JavaScript, and Java.

Full stack development is one of the most important professions required in the world. Let’s get a detailed analysis of the future career:

  • Skills Required
    Developers do multiple things simultaneously and hence need to be a master in one or more frontend as well as backend programming languages. Versatile nature needs the more languages and experience a person has, the more demand they have.
  • Responsibilities
    Full stack developers will be developing functional databases which provide support for back-end and enhance user experience by designing visually treat front end. Responsible for creating end-to-end web architecture. Capable enough to upgrade the software. Also responsible to have knowledge on both technical and consumer needs.
  • Ocean of opportunities
    Full stack developers can work with many technologies and hence handle more aspects of a project than a regular programmer. Since they are familiar with stacks including MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React and Node.js), MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js) knowledge in multiple areas widens opportunities.
  • Global Market Demand
    The world is technology driven, including all parts of the field. With the immense growth of social media platforms the demand for full stack developers will keep on rising in the coming years exponentially. World leader in technology is well established by adopting digital applications. The tech sector opens a door in generating up to 65 million jobs by 2025.