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  • Jumpstart – Scholarship Program 2019

    • November 5, 2019
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    JumpStart Scholarship Program 2019

    Here is an opportunity to fulfil our goals through JumpStart program offered every year by 360DigiTMG to help all communities like Students and Working Professionals to make them masters in industry oriented customised courses providing them with scholarships sponsored by Innodatatics Inc., USA, which is rated among the “20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Provider of 2018”. Also they are pioneers in building applications of Artificial Intelligence, Masters in Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Setup, implementing IR 4.0, IOT, etc.

    Jumpstart programs offered are

    • Big Data for Managers
    • AI Based Conversational Chatbot Building
    • Machine Learning on Cloud
    • Python and R Programming
    • Data Science for Internal Auditors & Accountants

    Big Data for Managers

    Big Data for Managers course – will train working professionals on key modules like Big Data Hadoop, Big Data Analytics and Cloud Deployment. Once they complete this, their learning outcomes would be

    • Data flow from traditional systems into Big Data systems
    • Understand Big Data architecture and layers
    • Advantages of Big Data Analytics on structured & unstructured data
    • Different Stages of Big Data Analytics and Data flow in the technology stack

    AI Based Conversational Chat Bot Building

    AI based chatbot is famous for Applications of artificial intelligence, all industries and businesses can handle autonomously. As part of AI based Conversational Chatbot Building – from our industry experts, a person with basic mathematical and computer skills can learn the differences of artificial intelligence vs machine learning and developing various kinds of chatbots using NLP and their characteristics like attention mechanisms for chatbot.

      Types of chatbot you learn to develop are

    • Retrieval-based chatbot (content-based)
    • Generative chatbots
    • Contextual Generative chatbots
    • Different Stages of Big Data Analytics and Data flow in the technology stack

    Also implementing NLP in Chatbot and on various platforms and how to deploy your chatbot.

    Machine Learning on Cloud

    Every application has a service on Cloud technology where services are offered in one form or other. Similarly to build, train and deploy machine learning algorithms we require high processing infrastructure which is readily available on Cloud. Machine Learning on Cloud program will help graduates and working professionals on how to use AWS cloud services including

    • Compute Services like EC2
    • Simple Storage Service – S3
    • IAM
    • AWS Machine Learning Service
    • Amazon Sage Maker
    • Amazon Comprehend
    • RDS and RedShift

    Python & R Programming

    Programming languages such as R & Python are part of a day to day activities for students and working professionals working in various domains. R & Python programming will help all level participants easily understand different packages and functions, graphical representations that can be used for writing code for various applications like AI, Machine Learning Models, Big Data Analytics, IOT, etc.

    Working professionals from finance domain opting/looking for their career into Data Science can right away choose Data Science for Internal Auditors & Accountants program. The main skills that they acquire here include

    • Fraud Analytics Lifecycle and Critical Areas
    • What are Reactive Approaches as well as Proactive Approaches
    • To perform varied Predictive Modelling and decide the best model
    • Usage of Network Analytics techniques in identifying fraud
    • Usage of Futuristic Advanced techniques in countering fraud

    Through this programme, participants can also learn from our industry experts what does a data scientist do, data science vs data analytics, what is business analytics, about supervised learning and unsupervised learning etc.

    When we look into the market trends about job opportunities, statistics reveal that by 2020 around 2 million job openings for data professionals and there will be a demand-supply gap around 2:1 for Data Scientists. It’s a global phenomenon that is already set in motion and Malaysia has targets on developing 20,000 data professionals and 2,000 data scientists by 2020.

    The requirements for Data Scientists and Big Data Specialists globally is huge presently and in the future. With hundreds of thousands of new job opportunities emerging globally, job demand, as well as salary for qualified Data Scientists or Big Data Professionals in Malaysia is high.

    As per the “2019 Emerging Jobs in Malaysia Report by LinkedIn”, the world’s largest professional network, Data Scientists is listed as one of the Top 5. On an average in Malaysia Data Science Professional earns RM 60,398.

    IBM recently claimed by 2020 the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000.

    About 11.5 Million Data Scientist jobs will be created by 2026 according to U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

    One of the reasons for the outburst in demand for Data Scientist and AI-related jobs is because of IR 4.0 where Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing and IOT are an integral part of it.

    Innodatatics Inc., USA, is the main sponsor of the programme in association with 360DigiTMG, which offers you bundle of takeaways through this program, including:

    • Scholarships offered on a first-come-first-serve basis – to the first 200 applicants
    • Participants get internship programme opportunity with Innodatatics
    • Unlimited LMS access for 3 months
    • Career guidance and mentoring
    • Access to free webinars and latest industry updates
    • Certificate awarded by consulting companies
    • 100+ hours of industry specific e-Learnings on Big Data and Analytics

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