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The home page has broader headings for each course, like Data Science & Deep Learning, MLOPs, ML on Cloud, etc. Depending on your preferred duration, level, and mode, you can choose your course from the available ones. If you want more help, don't hesitate to contact our executives through chat, message, mail, or call. You can also directly search for the course you are looking for with the home page search option.

All the courses have an FAQ section with specifics of the enrollment procedures. You can click on the enroll option to make the payment or raise an inquiry from the course page and wait for our executive to contact you with further instructions and information.

PG Diploma courses help a student gain an advantage over others in the workspace. All the PG Diploma courses will have a page where the enrollment procedures are given in detail, and you can click on the enroll option to make the payment. Or you can also raise an inquiry from the course page and wait for our executive to contact you with further instructions and information.

There are several payment options available on 360DigiTMG, depending on your convenience. Cash payments, bank transfers, UPI, wallets, and PayTM, All credit and debit cards are the options available now. If you have any payment-related questions or inquiries, contact our customer help center, which will gladly assist you with the query.

When you complete a course, you get a certificate of completion that you can share with potential employees, co-workers, and other references. You can save these certificates as pdf and jpg extensions as accomplishments on various social and job-searching platforms. You can download your certificate with your login credentials or get it from the regional head office.

360DigiTMG offers many resources and other supplementary articles to make your course-learning experience enjoyable. These resources, articles, and books can be downloaded from the website as pdfs or documents on your computer, making it easy to learn. If you need help finding the right resources, we recommend you contact your instructor for better assistance.

360DigiTMG's Learning Management Software provides an up-to-date platform for creating, learning, and managing resources for every student. Log in with your email address and the unique password to access the various options available. If you are a new user, sign up on the website from your browser.

The lectures you attend are automatically marked as complete. But if you want to mark or unmark it manually, you can do so too. You can click the checkbox near the lecture from the given list. If, by accident, you have marked a lecture as complete. You can also keep it incomplete with the same steps. Click on the checkbox which is drawn to remove it.

If you have yet to enroll in any course or are a new student, contact the sales team for more information. If you are not interested in enrolling but want to know more about the course, go through the resources available on the website, like blogs, feedback, and reviews.

If you are an existing student, then please note the following:

Free courses do not have the features of Q&A or messaging in them. The paid course students can message their instructor directly from their LMS or view the answers in the Q&A session. You can edit, comment, or delete the question with the menu option.

When the course is completed, the student will receive a Certificate of completion, which they can share with current and potential employers as a formal accreditation. Free courses with practice tests do not have a certificate.

For Paid courses, students can access the links for downloading certificates from their private login in the LMS. You can enter your username and password to access the files that are exclusively available to you.

Certificates depend on the courses you apply for: PG Diplomas, Master, and Certification. You get either a course or program certificate for it. You can earn course certificates by passing grades in the paid track. Program certificates are long-term and require students to complete the syllabus with appropriate scores.

Your specialization is mentioned in the certificate, making it easy for potential employees to hire you. IBM's certification is also vital for getting placed in a better job role.

The certificate of completion by 360DigiTMg will not include any grades or other marking schemes mentioned in them. They have essential details like the candidate's name, course taken, and certificate number, which is necessary for the hiring team.

The full name you give during your registration is used for certification purposes. You can also change your name anytime during the entire duration of the course. The font and other features of the certificate are not changeable. For more details on how to change your name, mail the team at the listed email address with a request to regenerate a new certificate.,

Currently, only the paid course offers a certificate of completion. Free courses include only practice tests with no certificates. If you are looking for certifications that add value to your resume, consider enrolling for paid classes.

A potential employer will only look for formal education in a specific field before hiring a candidate, which only paid courses can offer. A free course certificate only enhances your knowledge but doesn't hold any value in their sight.

Certificates of completion demonstrate your accomplishment in completing the course. 360DigiTMG offers affordable and convenient alternatives to traditional classes with a higher level of industry application. These courses will provide a different certification from other verified courses. Contact the support team to know more about the certification process, or mail us.

360DigiTMG cannot send individually printed copies of certificates to every student because we are a 100% digital credential service. However, you can download and print your certificate once the course is complete. The digital format is a more convenient method for offering the certification, which you can download in PDF format from Chrome or Safari browsers.

Yes. Except for the professional courses, you can learn all other verified courses free with the available resources. Wherein you cannot view the graded assignments, the period for access is limited to specific weeks. These courses have no certification issued for completion on the audit track. For more help with verified and professional courses, contact the help center.

Course start and end dates are posted in various places, which you can check before and after enrollment. If you search for the course in its catalog, you can view the dates of the next batch on the introduction page with the enroll button.

The self-paced courses have the starting date as the present day for your convenience. Before entering a course, you must check for the estimated course length, as it helps in better job placement and financial planning.

360DigiTMg offers two different types of courses:

  • Instructor-paced – Where the duration is fixed. The course has specific materials published periodically for the student's convenience, and the set due dates give them specific time frames. Before joining any course, check the syllabus, schedule, grading policy, and module.
  • Self-paced – only has suggested due dates, which can be changed depending on the individual. The course commences on the date of joining itself. The final date is fixed and is not flexible. You have to make sure to complete the course in the time frame.

The course has an open discussion forum, making contacting your peers and mentors easy. It is the best place to ask questions and other course content. 360DigiTMG does not provide any direct contact information for professors or teaching assistants. You can reach out to them anytime with messages or emails.

The number of assignments may vary depending on your course. If you have enrolled in a free course, you will not have any fixed assignments. However, most paid courses have set due dates for their assignments instead of quizzes or exams to pass them.

You must finish your course with a minimum passing score to get a certificate; the score varies by chosen course. Check out the progress page to keep track of your accomplishments and backlogs.

The students can take course completion exams that can be taken on a fixed date by the students, after which the results get announced. If you have cleared your exam, you receive a course completion certificate. But If you have failed to clear the exam, you can retake it in 24 hours.

No, you don't need a Bachelor's Degree or prior work experience to start a Boot camp. Applicants should be 18 years of age and hold a Ged or higher score; only some verified courses require a degree. Explore the various courses 360DigiTMG offers, and for further queries, reach out to us at through the mail.

Bootcamps are fully online and include live or virtual classroom sessions that industry experts and university-vetted professors lead. Choose a Bootcamp by subject, availability, and geographical location to make the best of it; only then will the local employers recognize them for career services. Most boot camps are part-time, ranging between 12-24 weeks which is also designed to make it comfortable for working adults and students.

A student can purchase the 360DigiTMG-issued programs in 2 options. The bundled purchase is where the students are offered one-click purchase options directly from the course page. Program bundles cannot have enrollment coupon codes and financial assistance.

The upgrading course option enables you to purchase courses one by one. The pay-as-you-go option makes it easy for many people. It allows students to apply for financial assistance from eligible programs. For more info about the purchase and schemes, contact the sales team.

If you are already enrolled in a verified track of a program or course, you can easily purchase other remaining vertical courses in the program through many ways:

  • From the program introduction page
  • Or from the program detail page on your dashboard

It directs you to the payment page where the discounts are applied. You can purchase all verified courses this way.

360DigiTMG offers complete online Master's programs from top-ranked universities. These programs are more affordable than traditional courses and preferred by many working professionals. They are specially designed to make them easy, flexible, and industry-oriented, with the same rigor as on-campus programs.

All courses are 100% online; therefore, geographical conditions are not an issue. For details about the list of Master's degree programs available, click on the course list from the home page. You can also signup or ask your inquiries on the chatbot for immediate assistance.

Each Master's program has a list of specifications the students must meet before applying. The non-agreement can lead to the cancellation of registration. Visit the course page you want to use and check out their academic requirements before applying for any course. You can also directly contact the help center about any course or program.

Learners will have to complete the admission process for any Master's degree as per the instructions of the teaching institute. The required academic and other criteria should be met before being offered a position. Contact the sales team for more details about the available programs and their requirements.

Online education is relatively new, but many students and academics are well acquainted with the process. Any concerns related to it are expected, and our experts make you understand their features and uniqueness. Online education from 360DigiTMG is popular because of its flexible study hours and effective course materials.

The personalized learning experience makes students more focused and engaged than in traditional classrooms. Regardless of your location, you can learn a course of your liking. This barrier-less feature makes it the most chosen study option amongst students and working professionals.

The answer is yes and no. Online courses offer students a significant amount of flexibility and course material. For a hands-on experience, students must work on real-life situations and case studies as required by the institution. It is purely in the hands of the individual to get the worth of every penny they pay. Consider checking out the requirements and see if you can meet them before joining a course or program.

Learning online is more efficient than one-on-one learning. As a study shows, 80 percent of institutions rely on online education as it encourages students to engage more in their chosen courses. It is an excellent alternative and additive to head-on learning when we have limited time.

Online education increases employee engagement, knowledge, and participation while trimming down the tariffs and inconvenience associated with face-to-face teaching. More engaging multimedia content gives a higher rate of retention with online education. Potential students should analyze programs carefully to determine which ones provide the only chance to succeed.

However, an appropriate question that students frequently ask is whether their recruiters or employers will welcome their online degree. The answer is a massive yes. The sheer recognition that online degree courses attained has proven their value in the current job market.

Most colleges offer online degrees now by using new methodologies and optimizing them effectively to make students understand their curriculum more efficiently. Online education is also growing equally in the workplace as more industries invest in web-based worker training and development programs.

Selecting the correct course involves careful research and takes time. In the same way, choosing the right institution plays a key role while making decisions. Learning styles, curriculum agendas, and programs always vary, but we must consider the course providers' ability to self-motivate, their technical skills, and the instructor's knowledge background.

Such is the case where 360digiTMG offers compelling content in their modules irrespective of courses you choose from their list. They are trustworthy in making students achieve their future goals effectively. You can access a corpus of assessments, online demos, and study materials that can be helpful whenever you need to look through them.

Data scientists are experts who turn data into valuable information, so statistical thinking is the forefront tool in the learning process. Many online modules are available to make the students effectively participate and benefit from them. eLearning platforms are designed to be user-friendly, with crystal clear instructions and tutorials that lead students through new tasks.

However, students need basic computing and statistical analysis. Basic knowledge in Mathematics, programming, deep and machine learning is a booster that makes students understand core data science principles. Besides technical skills, strong business acumen, communication skills, and excellent data intuition give you a future career as a data scientist.

It is a resounding yes. There are specific verified courses that are eligible to help you financially. Qualifying online students are eligible for many scholarships. 360digiTMG, in partnership with Innodatatics Inc., USA, offers you an annual scholarship program open to students and working professionals.

This will allow students to enjoy the course at huge discounts but provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can contact the help center or our sales team to learn more about this offering.

Of course, you can opt for multiple courses at the same time. But, if you are kick-starting your career, we recommend you begin with one course at a time. Learn the modules and apply them effectively in real-life situations, and then come back anytime to choose another course.

It is recommended to start the class on time. But, if you do need time to initiate the course, contact our service team at the earliest to scrutinize the options.

Check out the link to learn more about our terms and conditions.

Online courses are designed to strengthen your knowledge in the course you choose. They help you to develop the relevant skills you need to enter your dream field. But it cannot be formally applied as a degree to another university or 360DigiTMG institute degree but add up as supplements to your existing skills.

360digiTMG online courses exemplify to upcoming employers that you have extensive knowledge in the topics you choose, offered by a trusted institution. Adding your successful course completion certificate to your resume, updating your online profiles such as LinkedIn, and communicating it to your friend's network are the main ways to boost your career options even after your course has ended.

You will be assisted in mock interviews and resume building to find the perfect job. Moreover, 360DigiTMG's placement assistance program will uplift your employability quotient and help students find career opportunities. Also, you will get technical support from your instructor for your first project on the job.

The precise timing for each course depends on the module you choose. You can attend the Data Science course from 360DigiTMG in various batches between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM IST. Check the course page for the commencement dates and timing, or contact the help center.

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