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360DigiTMG’s Practise to Perfect

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Interviews can be challenging for some, and mind-boggling for others. Technical interviews are coding challenges, HR interviews can be dotted with pitfalls. The onsite interview is a grueling one dayer, that can test the limits of your intelligence and patience. It's a no-brainer, that a fresh graduate needs preliminary coaching to face that interview. You need a help to ascend that interview escalator!

360DigiTMG is your friend in this time of interview preparation. Our team of dedicated trainers has over 10 years of experience in Data Science and will help you ace any technical interview. We at 360DigiTMG have curated the perfect interview preparation module for you.

Professionals who successfully benefited by our Mock Interviews

How does 360DigiTMG’s Practise to Perfect Works?

Choose your Domain

Choose your Domain and start your interview. You will be questioned on domain you choose.

Take up the Technical Test

Answer your questions, the best you can give from your past experience and knowledge. Check your score.

Register for Interview

Book your slot with an Expert for Live Interview on the subject you are interested.

Report & Expert Advice

Choose to get personalized report and expert advice.

Our Recommendation

If needed, we will recommend to our Learning resources.

What is the Benefit?

You will practise questions relevant to your job. Connect for Mock Interviews with industry experts. Avail tips to clear modern hiring like Digital Resumes, Customized Portfolios, etc.

How important is this Practise?


job seekers say that it is quite challenging to attend interviews due to less confidence and uncertainty
- from LinkedIn


Interviewers says, in first 90 seconds they will decide if they will recruit the candidate.


Chances for clearing technical rounds, if participants take up mock interviews.

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