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Stay tuned to changing job requirements. Get future-ready with our exclusive range of domain-specific analytics courses

Data Pre-processing for Machine Learning - Free Demo on 06th Jun (11:00 MYT)
  • Understand the Importance of Data Preparation and also about Data Cleaning
  • Understand the need for Imputation & Feature Selection
  • Learn to Understand the Data using Statistical Measures
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Model Evaluation using Error Functions on 08th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about Machine learning models evaluation
  • Learn about Data partitioning
  • Learn about generalization error
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Python Visualization Using Best Packages on 10th Jun (20:00 MYT)
  • Learn about what are the packages available for visualization in Python
  • Understand the rules of visualizations
  • Learn what are the major visualizations will be used for better understanding about data on project requirements
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Custom Charts Part 2 - Tableau on 11th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn to create Butterfly/Tornado Chart
  • Learn to create Lollipop Bar and Lollipop Gantt Charts
  • Learn to create SparkLine Charts
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F Distribution - Data Science Webinar on 12th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about continuous probability distribution
  • Learn about F-test
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Forecasting Ensemble Methods - ARIMA vs ARMA on 14th Jun (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand that what is mean by forecasting
  • Learn forecasting components
  • Learn about the comparison of ARIMA & ARMA for forecasting
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OLS - Ordinary Least Squares - Best technique to find Best fit line on 15th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about the interpretable Machine learning model
  • Learn about analysis of variance
  • Learn about the best fit line for prediction
  • Learn about the error/cost function of linear regression models
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Different types of File formats of Big Data on 16th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about the file formats of data
  • learn about different pros and cons of file formats
  • learn about structured and unstructured data file formats
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Deep Learning Libraries: TensorFlow and Keras on 17th Jun (20:00 MYT)
  • Cover the basics of Neural Networks
  • Set up a deep learning programming environment
  • Learn about TensorFlow and Keras packages
  • Learn to train Neural Network using TensorFlow and Keras
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Cloud Computing for all on 19th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Broad understanding of what is cloud
  • Advantages of cloud 3.Deployment Models
  • Service models 4.Industry use cases
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Binomial Distribution & Poisson Distribution on 22nd Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about Discrete Probability Distribution
  • Understand the mathematical intuition of these distributions
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Quick Table Calculations on 23rd Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about all the Quick Table Calculations in Tableau
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Activation Functions - AI Webinar on 24th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the Importance of activation functions in neural network
  • You will learn different types of activation functions
  • Learn to choose the right activation function
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Logistic Regression on Time Series on 25th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about Time series data
  • Learn about components of Time series
  • Learn about calculating Seasonality for daily data
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StepAIC for Regression Analysis on 26th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about feature selection
  • Learn about the significance of the variables in the regression model
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How to create PPE Ads on Facebook? on 29th Jun (15:30 MYT)
  • You will learn what Facebook Ads Manager is
  • You will learn how to boost the post
  • You will learn how to create Page Post Engagement Ads
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Understanding Cloud Compute Service and its Advantages on 30th Jun (21:30 MYT)
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • Various Compute Services
  • Pricing factors influencing Customers
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Accuracy Measure for Logistic Regression on 06th Jul (20:00 MYT)
  • Learn about Binary Cross entropy and Cross entropy
  • Understand ROC and AUC curve
  • Learn about Sensitivity
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Data Ingestion Tools on 13th Jul (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand about Data Ingestion
  • Learn the Pros and Cons of various Ingestion tools
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Cloud Computing - Deployment Models and Service Models on 27th Jul (20:00 MYT)
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • Ways of Deployment of Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Service Models
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