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Stay tuned to changing job requirements. Get future-ready with our exclusive range of domain-specific analytics courses

Text Generation using LTSM on 02nd Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • You will learn about Language Model
  • Different Sampling Strategy
  • Can Generate Sequence of data by training a model using Keras
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Transition to Virtual Classroom Training on 2nd Apr (19:00 MYT)
  • Experience Virtual Classrooms
  • Experience Virtual Trainings
  • Experience Virtual co-participants
  • Experience Virtual Course slides
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Webinar on Recommender Systems on 03rd Apr (21:30 IST)
  • Basics of Recommender Systems
  • Methods of recommendations (User-based & Item-based Collaborative Filtering)
  • Computation behind analysing recommendations
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
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Life Sciences and HealthCare Analytics on 04th April (20:00 MYT)
  • Applications of Data Science & AI in LSHC Analytics
  • Job opportunities in the space of LSHC Analytics
  • Road Map for various LSHC students and working professionals including physicians
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Python and R Programming for Data Analytics on 06th Apr (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand the scope of powerful programming tool like R and Python in this data analysis field
  • Understand the benefits of tools and usages
  • Basic understanding of programming language
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MySQL and Spark Connection on 07th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about SparkSQL to Handle Strucutred data
  • Learn to connect to Data Source using Spark
  • Learn to perform operations on MySQL Data base using SparkSQL
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Learning the 3 Fundamental Statistics Applications on 08th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Predictive Modelling
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HBase - The first Database on Distributed File System on 09th Apr (20:00 MYT)
  • Learn the difference between SQL vs NoSQL Data Bases
  • Learn about HBase core architecture
  • Learn about HBase on top of HDFS
  • Learn about HBase operations
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Decision Making using Risk-Return Trade-Off on 09th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand about Financial Analytics in the world of uncertainty
  • Learn about Decision Making using Risk-Return Tradeoff
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Deep Dream and Neural Style Transfer on 10th Apr (21:30 IST)
  • You will learn how to play with parameters to get pareidolia images
  • Create some fun visual Artifacts
  • You will lean creating 2 different images
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Creating Facebook page for your Business on 14th Apr (16:30 MYT)
  • To be able to understand about facebook page
  • To be able to create a facebook page for business
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Data Science with python on 14th Apr (22:30 IST)
  • Introduction
  • Flavours of python, Implementation
  • Basics-operators, variables
  • Try & exception Handling, Data Types
  • Functions, Loops, Conditional statements & Modules/packages
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All About Facebook Business Manager on 15th Apr (16:30 MYT)
  • To be able to understand the whole idea about Facebook from a High Level
  • To be able to structure your accounts so they are well organised
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DS - Non-parametric Tests of Hypothesis on 15th Apr (22:30 MYT)
  • Introduction & when to use Non-parametric test
  • Advantages & Mann Whitney U Test
  • Mood's Median Test & one sample sign Test
  • one sample T-Test
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Basics of Python and R on 17th Apr (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand about Anaconda Spyder
  • Understand R studio
  • Understand the syntax of Python and R
  • Learn the major function of R and Python
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Webinar on Linear Classifiers on 19th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about Linear Classifiers
  • Methods used to determine parameters for Linear classifiers
  • Models built using these kind of methods
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Webinar on Optimization Methods on 23rd Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Factorization
  • Lagrangian Multiplier
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AWS File storage for Data Analytics on 26th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn to AWS EFS for Data Analytics
  • Advantages of EFS for Securing and Backing up your training data and Model
  • And other ML Applications
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Simple Linear Regression on 29th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Introduction to Simple Linear Regression
  • Equations & Formulas used for Regression analysis
  • A detailed explanation of Ordinary Least Squares Method
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Data Science Project Life Cycle on 30 Apr (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand the entire data science project life cycle
  • Understand the importance of each step involved the project
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist
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AWS Lambda and Serverless Computing on 30th Apr (21:30 MYT)
  • Understanding Serverless computing, Architecture and Applications
  • Using Lambda for running Code
  • Learn Basic Patterns
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