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Stay tuned to changing job requirements. Get future-ready with our exclusive range of domain-specific analytics courses

Quick Table Calculations on 10th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the Concept of Partitioning and Addressing
  • Understand all the Quick Table Calculations
  • Apply Quick Table Calculations in Real Time Use Cases
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Central Limit Theorem on 13th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand about inferential statistics
  • Understand the challenges while estimating a population parameter
  • Understand the central limit theorem application in estimation
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How to install Google Analytics on 13th Jul (15:30 MYT)
  • Understand about Google Analytics
  • Understand how to install Google Analytics
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Data Ingestion Tools on 13th Jul (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand about Data Ingestion
  • Learn the Pros and Cons of various Ingestion tools
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Imputation Packages in R and Python on 20th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the importance of Data Pre-processing
  • Understand about various imputation techniques
  • Understand the packages required to work with missing data
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Cloud Storage Services on 21st Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the various storage services on Cloud
  • Understand the advantages of storage services
  • Understand the Storage of different Cloud providers
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Data visualisation using Python on 21st Jul (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand what are the packages for Visualisation in Python
  • Learn different charts and principles
  • Identify different functionality using packages using Python
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Generate pick up line using Deep Learning on 22nd Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • You will understand about the pre-trained word embeddings
  • Learn about the seq2seq model to build the lines for the corpus
  • Know about the attention mechanism to pick up the important words
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Google Analytics Metrics on 23rd Jul (15:30 MYT)
  • Understand the basic metrics available in Google Analytics
  • Understand the advantages of these metrics
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Decoding Time Series on 23rd Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the difference between time series and cross-sectional data
  • Understand about the components of Time series
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Estimation of Population Parameter using Samples on 24th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the difference between statistics and parameters
  • Understand the estimation of population parameters using sample statistics and confidence interval
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Forecasting In Tableau on 27th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand Forecasting in Tableau
  • Understand about the Forecast Options
  • Describe Forecast Model
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Cloud Computing - Deployment Models and Service Models on 27th Jul (20:00 MYT)
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • Ways of Deployment of Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Service Models
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Working with Jupyter Python on Cloud on 28th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand how to Launch Python on Cloud
  • Understand the advantages of Cloud
  • Understand the Services offering python on cloud
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Decoding Apriori Algorithm with Example on 29th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand to measure the relation between entities
  • Understand about the drawbacks with techniques
  • Understand about the frequently repeated itemset selection
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Apache Flume on 30th Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about Data Ingestion
  • Learn about open source Flume agent to stream data
  • Understand the difference between Flume and Sqoop
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Types of Regression Analysis on 31st Jul (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand about the conditions on when to apply Regression models
  • Understand the variants of regression models
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