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Stay tuned to changing job requirements. Get future-ready with our exclusive range of domain-specific analytics courses

Clustering Analysis in Tableau on 10th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • What is a cluster?
  • What is k-means clustering?
  • How to implement k-means in Tableau
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Essential Services of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on 12th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform
  • Compute Services
  • Database Services
  • Storage Services
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How to connect Facebook lead ads to CRM on 12th Aug (15:30 MYT)
  • Will be able to automate lead management
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Spark MLlib for Machine Learning Applications on 14th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about Spark MLlib component for Superfast results
  • Learn about Collaborative filtering
  • Hands-on to Recommend users using PySpark MLlib packages
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Linear Regression Model Validation Techniques on 17th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about the Interpretable model Linear Regression
  • Understand the parameters of Linear Regression output
  • Learn about various model validation parameters
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Data Encoding Techniques on 18th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the importance of Data Preprocessing
  • Learn about different Data Types
  • Learn to Encode the Data
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Multiclass Problem - Multinomial Regression on 19th Aug (20:00 MYT)
  • Learn how to perform supervised learning for Non-numerical variable of interest
  • Learn the difference in approach between a binary problem and multiclass problem
  • Learn about Multilogit
  • Learn about Reference/Baseline category
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Tableau-R integration on 21st Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • What is Tableau?
  • What is R?
  • How to integrate Tableau With R?
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Decision Tree Gini Index, Chi-Squared Statistic & Gain Ratio on 26th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Learn about the classification rules based Supervised Learning model
  • Learn about the Information gain
  • Understand the statistical measures used to split the data into Homogeneous groups
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Learning of ANN - Learning Rate (Eta) on 28th Aug (20:00 MYT)
  • Learn about the paradigm of Neural network
  • Understand about the learning of neurons and the challenges
  • Learn about the learning rate parameters
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Multiclass Regression - Ordinal Logistic Regression on 28th Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand the techniques used to work with Multiclass Dependent variable
  • Understand the Baseline category in Ordinal Data
  • Interpret the Ordinal Logistic Regression output
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GeoSpatial Analysis in Tableau on 31st Aug (19:00 MYT)
  • To understand Tableau’s GeoGraphic Roles
  • To learn how to create Geographic Maps in Tableau
  • To understand Custom Geocoding
  • Learn to create Custom Territories
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Stemming vs Lemmatization - Text Data Feature extraction on 31st Aug (21:30 MYT)
  • Understand to feature extract process from text data
  • Learn the techniques of Text Data Preprocessing
  • Understand the terminology used in Textual Analysis
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Exploratory Data Analysis using R Programming on 15th Sept (20:00 MYT)
  • Understand different package for analysis
  • Learn different steps involved to perform data analysis
  • raw the different insights by doing descriptive analysis
  • understand using a case-study
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Apache Spark Challenges on 23rd Sept (20:00 MYT)
  • Learn about the features of Apache Spark
  • Applications of Apache Spark
  • Best Practices and Use cases of Apache Spark
  • Challenges with Apache Spark
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