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Certificate Course in

Digital Marketing in Malaysia

Learn Digital Marketing course and become a pro. Build effective strategies using digital channels like social media, search engines, email, and websites to escalate business.
  • 50 Hours Self-Paced Course Videos
  • 24 Hours hands-on Study Materials
  • Earn Certificate from State University of New York, USA
  • 6 months access to the Learning Management System
  • Sharable Blockchain Security Enabled Digital Credentials
  • 100% HRD Corp Claimable!
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"Malaysia proves to be one of the key players in the e-commerce market. The country ranks 27th globally with 80% Internet penetration rate, one of the highest in the Southeast Asia region." - (Source). As Malaysia has woken up to the future of digital marketing, it has the highest number of online shopping penetration with 68.4% of Malaysians spending an increasing amount of time and money. This has invited the interest of top players in advertising wanting to take advantage of this situation and the Malaysian government is not far behind to identify the potential in this industry, and has been instrumental in promoting its rise. This has substantially led to an increase in the requirement for junior and mid-level professionals in the space of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing course pre-requisite - 360digitmg


  • Computer Skills
  • Basic Marketing Knowledge
  • Basic Creative Skills

Digital Marketing Course Programme Overview

Acquire specialized skills with the Certification Program in Digital Marketing in Malaysia. Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field with new advancements and innovations happening every day and one needs to update their skill set to stay in the race. Many organizations have embarked on their digital transformation journeys after seeing a rise in the demand for a digital landscape that is spread outside of traditional spheres. Learn how to improve the effectiveness of marketing activities and drive greater value for marketing in your organization. This well-rounded curriculum on digital marketing includes SEO, web analytics, content marketing, paid search, and more. This course is a compendium of the basic concepts of digital marketing. The course imparts training on website planning and creation, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), PPC advertisements and Google Ads, Search Ads, Shopping ads, App installation ads, and video marketing ads. The guidelines of Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing are elaborated upon. The course also helps the student create the best Internet Marketing Strategy for his organization. This structured curriculum will train students to engage with the consumer and lower customer acquisition costs through targeted marketing. Launch your career in this creative and challenging field with the digital marketing course in Malaysia.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is about your relationship with your customers and how well you connect with them. Today any form of marketing that exists online is termed as Digital marketing, it is one of the most powerful aspects of running a business today. Digital Marketing utilizes the Internet and other digital media resources such as search engines, social media, websites, mobile apps, video, images, etc. to connect with current and prospective customers to achieve marketing objectives.

Digital Marketing Course Outcomes

As Malaysia becomes more digitized and consumers are becoming increasingly tech-friendly, there has been a sudden boom in the digital marketing course in malaysia, the base of many e-commerce companies. Companies even in suburban areas such as Selangor feel that they can no longer rely solely on the traditional forms of advertising and marketing their products and are on a lookout to market their services digitally. Digital Marketing targets every platform be it the Web, Mobile, iPads or Social media in the context of both their technological footing and delivery mechanisms. The upsurge in digital marketing reflects its growing importance among organizations that are willing to invest in a digital strategy. International business today needs to engage and manage in a real-time digital environment and needs to leverage digital technologies as a tool to build upon their presence and competitive advantage by adopting the current marketing strategies in the digital market. This course has been designed to provide students with a complete understanding of marketing in the digital environment. If you are in the field of Digital Marketing or you're a complete beginner, having a strong foundation will increase your competence in the domain of Digital Marketing. With this course on Digital Marketing in Malaysia, you will

Be proficient in Social Media Marketing and Optimization of Advertisements
Be able to deploy Google Adwords using ideal keywords for higher Quality Rank and Ad score
Be able to deliver better content for e-mail campaigns and SEO
Be able to understand SEO techniques to improve page ranking

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Candidates aspiring to be IR 4.0 consultants
  • CEOs and other senior executives
  • Plant heads, Operations heads, Line managers
  • Employees of organisations that are planning to implement smart factories
  • Research and Development heads and Industrial engineering heads
  • Professionals who want to be a part of an organisation’s change management


Digital Marketing Course Modules in Malaysia    Powered by  360digitmg

Businesses have realized the importance of strengthening their innovation and technological abilities to maximize growth, and they need skilled talent to support business growth. With the shift to a digital economy, 95% of employers in Malaysia, believe in adopting a progressive view with a strong intent to hire talent with digital skills. The module on digital marketing covers all the fundamental concepts of digital marketing which give the learners a general understanding of digital marketing principles. You will learn how to create a website using WordPress, learn about Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Optimization- What it is, how it works, and how to make it work? You will also be exposed to various digital marketing tools by applying them to real-life cases with relevant marketing theories and frameworks.

  • Why Digital Marketing?
  • Traditional versus Digital
  • Mindset behind Digital Marketing?
  • Expectations on when to Advertise Online
  • What is Domain, Hosting & Cpanel
  • Introduction to CMS (Content Management System) and WordPress
  • Installing WordPress and Launching a Website
  • Customisation and Blog Setup
  • Generating Ideas for Articles & Infographics
  • Graphic Designing using Canva
  • Curating Content
  • Generating Unique Content from the Ideas
  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Audits, SEO Tools, Measurements
  • Introduction to Social Media, Facebook Marketing, Content creation for social media
  • Facebook Marketing and Advertising
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Tools for SM Scheduling, Listening & Analytics
  • Basics of Search Engine Marketing & Introduction to Google Ads
  • Google Ads Creation
  • Google Display Network(GDN) & Landing Pages
  • Retargeting & YouTube Ads
  • Web Analytics
  • Understanding and Using Google Analytics Data
  • Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics
  • Navigating Google Analytics Reports
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Introduction to Email Marketing & Email Service Providers (ESPs)
  • Creation of Lists & Flows
  • Advanced Lists & Segmentation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Increasing Trustworthiness
  • A/B Testing & Tracking
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Getting Approvals from Networks
  • Getting Traffic to the Offers
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Handling an Online Crisis
  • Negative SEO & Burying in Google
  • Introduction to eCommerce Platforms
  • Setting up the Payments
  • Getting Traffic to the Product Pages
  • Crafting Offers
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Google Ads
  • Google Video Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • Google Shopping Advertising
  • Google Mobile Advertising
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing
  • Canva
  • A Hrefs
  • Moz
  • Uber Suggest
  • HootSuite
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Twitter Native Platform
  • Google Ads Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube Creator Studio
  • Landingi
  • Active Campaign
  • Unbounce

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Digital Marketing course using canva in Malaysia
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How We Prepare You
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    Work on Practical Assignments
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    6 Months Access to LMS
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    Job Assistance in Digital Marketing Fields
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    Complimentary Courses
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    Unlimited Mock Interview and Quiz Session
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    Life Time Free Access to Industry Webinars

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Digital Marketing Course Panel of Coaches

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Course Training -360digitmg

Bharani Kumar Depuru

  • Areas of expertise: Data analytics, Digital Transformation, Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Over 18+ years of professional experience
  • Trained over 2,500 professionals from eight countries
  • Corporate clients include Deloitte, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Tech Mahindra, Cummins, Accenture, IBM
  • Professional certifications - PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP from Project Management Institute, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Tableau Certified Associate, Certified Scrum Practitioner, (DSDM Atern)
  • Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and Indian School of Business
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Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Course Training -360digitmg

Sharat Chandra Kumar

  • Areas of expertise: Data sciences, Machine learning, Business intelligence and Data
  • Trained over 1,500 professional across 12 countries
  • Worked as a Data scientist for 18+ years across several industry domains
  • Professional certifications: Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Experienced in Big Data Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, NewSQL, MongoDB, Python, Tableau, Cognos
  • Corporate clients include DuPont, All-Scripts, Girnarsoft (College-, Car-) and many more
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Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Course Training - 360digitmg

Bhargavi Kandukuri

  • Areas of expertise: Business analytics, Quality management, Data visualisation with Tableau, COBOL, CICS, DB2 and JCL
  • Electronics and communications engineer with over 19+ years of industry experience
  • Senior Tableau developer, with experience in analytics solutions development in domains such as retail, clinical and manufacturing
  • Trained over 750+ professionals across the globe in three years
  • Worked with Infosys Technologies, iGate, Patni Global Solutions as technology analyst
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digital marketing course certification - 360digitmg
digital marketing course certification - 360digitmg


The Digital Marketing Certificate is your badge of recognition as a full-scale Digital Marketer. Display your certificate and earn appreciation from office colleagues and industry peers.

**All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual certificate may be subject to change at the discretion of the Certification Body.

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Alumni Speak

Nur Fatin

"Coming from a psychology background, I was looking for a Data Science certification that can add value to my degree. The 360DigiTMG program has such depth, comprehensiveness, and thoroughness in preparing students that also looks into the applied side of Data Science."

"I'm happy to inform you that after 4 months of enrolling in a Professional Diploma in Full Stack Data Science, I have been offered a position that looks into applied aspects of Data Science and psychology."

Nur Fatin

Associate Data Scientist

Thanujah Muniandy

"360DigiTMG has an outstanding team of educators; who supported and inspired me throughout my Data Science course. Though I came from a statistical background, they've helped me master the programming skills necessary for a Data Science job. The career services team supported my job search and, I received two excellent job offers. This program pushes you to the next level. It is the most rewarding time and money investment I've made-absolutely worth it.”

Thanujah Muniandy

Ann Nee, Wong

"360DigiTMG’s Full Stack Data Science programme equips its graduates with the latest skillset and technology in becoming an industry-ready Data Scientist. Thanks to this programme, I have made a successful transition from a non-IT background into a career in Data Science and Analytics. For those who are still considering, be bold and take the first step into a domain that is filled with growth and opportunities.”

Ann Nee, Wong

Mohd Basri

"360DigiTMG is such a great place to enhance IR 4.0 related skills. The best instructor, online study platform with keen attention to all the details. As a non-IT background student, I am happy to have a helpful team to assist me through the course until I have completed it.”

Mohd Basri

Ashner Novilla

"I think the Full Stack Data Science Course overall was great. It helped me formalize and think more deeply about ways to tackle the projects from a Data Science perspective. Also, I was remarkably impressed with the instructors, specifically their ability to make complicated concepts seem very simple."

"The instructors from 360DigiTMG were great and it showed how they engaged with all the students even in a virtual setting. Additionally, all of them are willing to help students even if they are falling behind. Overall, a great class with great instructors. I will recommend this to upcoming deal professionals going forward.”

Ashner Novilla


Our Alumni Work At

Our Alumni

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FAQs for Digital Marketing Course in Malaysia

360DigiTMG in association with Innodatatics a consulting firm in the space of emerging technology will provide you with the certificate on successful completion of any of our Courses.

Anyone can build their career as a digital marketing professional. Homemakers, Graduates, Students, Unemployed, etc., or anyone else who have a keen interest in social media can take up this course.

The most popularly used platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

The world is moving towards digitization. Clients are available over digital platforms only. The job portals are filled with many opportunities for Digital Marketing professionals. A lot of people are serving as freelancers now to capture the demand from global clients.

We provide complete assistance to our students by handholding at each stage of their career transformations. Students who complete training will be eligible for internships to get the first-hand experience of challenges faced while implementing a solution in real-world

We host all the training recorded videos in the Learning Management System - AISPRY. Access to videos, assignments, quizzes, and other appropriate material will be provided.

Jobs in field of Digital Marketing Course in malaysia

Jobs in Field of Digital Marketing in Malaysia

Malaysia proves to be one of the key players in the e-commerce market. The various job roles in this field are Digital Marketing Manager, Pay Per Click Analyst, SEO Specialist, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Salaries in Malaysia for Data Scientist

Salaries in Malaysia for Digital Marketing

Your experience will be the most crucial factor in determining your salary. The more the number of years of experience, the higher the rewards. A Digital Marketing Strategist in Malaysia typically earns around 11,821 MYR per month.

Digital Marketing Course Projects in Malaysia

Digital Marketing Projects in Malaysia

As digital marketers you can take up various projects that will inspire you to maintain rich connections in various fields like customer satisfaction, strategies for online shopping, Analysis of ROI (Return on Investments), or drawing a comparison between traditional and digital marketing trends to name a few.

Role of Open Source Tools in Digital marketing course

Role of Open Source Tools in Digital Marketing

Today digital marketers use many tools to plan, organize, and execute marketing campaigns. The open source tools help protect their data, avoid conflicts among marketing champions and provide transparency to prevent the black box problem and lets you see what’s going on.

Modes of training for Digital Marketing Course

Modes of Training for Digital Marketing

The course in Malaysia is designed to suit the needs of students as well as working professionals. We at 360DigiTMG give our students the option of both classroom and online learning. We also support e-learning as part of our curriculum.

Industry Application of Digital Marketing Course

Industry Application of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a game changer when it comes to connecting brands with people and with the advent of IR4.0 many industries like Law, Retail, Health, Automobiles, Education, and Real Estate are using digital marketing services in their business models to achieve exceptional success.

Companies That Trust Us

360DigiTMG offers customised corporate training programmes that suit the industry-specific needs of each company. Engage with us to design continuous learning programmes and skill development roadmaps for your employees. Together, let’s create a future-ready workforce that will enhance the competitiveness of your business.


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Ramadan Reskill Program

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