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Certification Programme in AI & Deep Learning

Learn AI concepts and practical applications in the Certification Programme in AI and Deep Learning. Build AI applications with Deep Learning algorithms. Perform Natural Language Processing (NLP) and use Python libraries to solve AI and Deep Learning problems. Get set for a career as an AI expert.

On-campus training in Malaysia: 24 Hours

Calendar-On-Campus Classes

  • 29th
  • 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

AI & Deep Learning

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Total Duration

2 Month

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  • Computer Skills.
  • Basic Mathematical Knowledge.
  • Basic Data Science Concepts.

Artificial Intelligence Training Program Overview

Gain both conceptual understanding and application-related skills in the three-day Certification Programme in AI and Deep Learning in Malaysia. Professionals with an aptitude for statistics and knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R and RStudio can launch their AI and Deep Learning career with this course. They will learn how to build AI applications, understand Neural Network architectures, create AI algorithms and minimise errors through advanced optimisation techniques.

Course Details

Artificial Intelligence Course Learning Outcomes

Build AI systems using Deep Learning algorithms.
Analyse sequence data and perform text analytics and Natural Language Processing using Recurrent Neural Networks.
Implement Deep Learning solutions and Image Processing applications using Convolution Neural Networks.
Process and analyse unstructured data such as images, videos and text.
Use various Python libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow and OpenCV to solve AI and Deep Learning problems.
Apply graphical processing units in using Deep Learning algorithms.

58% of senior executives in Asia rank shortage of internal talent as the region’s greatest challenge in deploying AI.

(Asia’s AI Agenda: AI for Business by MIT Technology Review)

Block Your Time

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24 hours

Classroom Sessions

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60 hours

Assignments &

ai course in malaysia - 360digitmg

60 hours

Live Projects

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Those aspiring to be Data scientists, or Deep learning and AI experts.
  • Analytics managers and professionals, Business analysts and developers.
  • Graduates looking for a career in Machine learning, Deep learning or AI.
  • Professionals looking for mid-career shift to AI.
  • Students entering the IT industry.

Tools Covered

ai course in malaysia - 360digitmgai course in malaysia - 360digitmgai course in malaysia - 360digitmg

AI study and research in Malaysia are getting amazing traction from all corners of the industry as well as the government of Malaysia. The demand for AI professionals has spawned the need for good AI training institutes. The AI training landscape in Malaysia is dotted with a plethora of courses. It is imperative to choose an institute where the faculty have practical experience in developing AI solutions for businesses and research. 360DigiTMG is one such institute that has specialized in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. Our faculty spend 70% of their time on live projects and 30% on training. The course curriculum has been developed by industry experts. Students get exposure to live projects with INNODATATICS( US) as part of the course curriculum. In Malaysia, AI professionals command the highest pay packages and the best place to gear up for an AI career is with 360DigiTMG.

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AI Course Panel of Coaches

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Bharani Kumar Depuru

  • Areas of expertise: Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  • Over 14+ years of professional experience.
  • Trained over 2,500 professionals from eight countries.
  • Corporate clients include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Computer Science Corporation, Akamai, IBS Software, Litmus7, Personiv, Ebreeze, Alshaya, Synchrony Financials, Deloitte.
  • Professional certifications - PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP from Project Management Institute, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Tableau Certified Associate, Certified Scrum Practitioner, AgilePM (DSDM Atern).
  • Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and Indian School of Business.
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Sharat Chandra Kumar

  • Areas of expertise: Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation.
  • Trained over 1,500 professional across 12 countries.
  • Worked as a Data Scientist for 14+ years across several industry domains.
  • Professional certifications: Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Information Technology, Infrastructure Library.
  • Experienced in Big Data Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, NewSQL, MongoDB, R, RStudio, Python, Tableau, Cognos.
  • Corporate clients include DuPont, All-Scripts, Girnarsoft (College-dekho, Car-dekho) and many more.
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agile certification trainers - 360digitmg

Nitin Mishra

  • Areas of expertise: Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation.
  • Over 20+ years of industry experience in Data Science and Business Intelligence.
  • Trained professionals from Fortune 500 companies and students from prestigious colleges.
  • Experienced in Cognos, Tableau, Big Data, NoSQL, NewSQL.
  • Corporate clients include Time Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, Metric Fox (Champions Group), TCS and many more.
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Win recognition for your AI skills with the Certification Programme in AI and Deep Learning. Stand out in this emerging yet competitive field with our certification.

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FAQs for AI & Deep Learning Course FAQs

The easiest way to understand the relationship between AI and Deep Learning is to visualise them as concentric circles. In that, AI is an idea that came first in which machines exhibit human intelligence. Machine Learning came next, which is an approach to achieve AI. And finally, Deep learning, which is driving today’s AI explosion, is a technique to implement Machine Learning.

While salaries of AI experts go up to US$ 1 million a year, it could start from US$ 150,000, on an average.

The salary range varies based on experience, industry, domain, geography and various other parameters. However, as a general rule of thumb, we can go with research conducted by job portals. On an average, in Malaysia, Machine learning professionals draw salaries of RM 165,074 per annum.


On an average, Data scientist salaries are around RM 102,000 per annum.

If you miss a class, we will arrange for a recording of the session. You can then access it through the online Learning Management System.

We assign mentors to each student in this programme. Additionally, during the mentorship session, if the mentor feels that you require additional assistance, you may be referred to another mentor or trainer.

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