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ChatGPT Training

Become a future-ready marketer with Data Science skills. Learn to design winning marketing campaigns for the best results with our ChatGPT Course Training.
  • Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  • 16 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 20 Hours of Free Python Programming Videos
  • Job Placement Assistance
ChatGPT course - 360digitmg
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ChatGPT course reviews - 360digitmg
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ChatGPT is an AI model created using natural language processing and machine learning. Online resources and courses cover fundamentals, specialized tools, and certifications. Hands-on practice and experimentation are crucial for mastery.

Indian companies employing ChatGPT or similar AI technologies may offer varying salaries based on factors like company size, location, experience level, role, and skill set. Junior data scientists, engineers, or researchers may earn between Rs.400,000 to Rs.800,000 per annum. With more experience and specialized skills, salaries can range from RS.800,000 to Rs.2,000,000 per annum. Senior roles, such as AI team leads or specialists, can command salaries of Rs.2,000,000 to Rs.5,000,000 per annum. Major tech hubs and companies with a strong AI focus may offer competitive salaries.


Program Cost

INR 12,000/-

ChatGPT Training Programme Overview

For individuals and companies looking to expand their knowledge of artificial intelligence and language processing, the ChatGPT certification training programme is a prudent investment. Since the certification provides a full understanding of the platform and all of its capabilities, one may use ChatGPT's features for a wide range of applications. You can engage with ChatGPT, the largest discovery in the field of generative AI, more skillfully if you take the ChatGPT Course. In order to increase productivity, you will be able to integrate ChatGPT APIs and plugins and improve your prompt engineering abilities. By creating your own chatbot, utilising the skills you've learned from this course's practical applications and projects, and getting a preview of what's to come with GPT-4 & ChatGPT Plus, you can unleash your potential. Seize the opportunity to improve your abilities and set yourself apart in the ever changing digital industry.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, a large language model-based chatbot developed by OpenAI, allows users to refine conversations based on desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language. Built on GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 models, it uses supervised and reinforcement learning techniques for conversational applications. Launched as a research preview, ChatGPT has since become the fastest-growing consumer software application in history, with over 100 million users and a valuation of $29 billion. It has sparked the development of competing products, such as Bard, Ernie Bot, LLaMA, Claude, and Grok. Microsoft's Bing Chat, based on OpenAI's GPT-4, was launched based on OpenAI's GPT-4. However, concerns have been raised about ChatGPT's potential to displace human intelligence, enable plagiarism, or fuel misinformation.

ChatGPT Training Learning Outcomes

Research shows ChatGPT boosts student motivation and engagement in learning, urging policymakers to incorporate it into education. Hugging Face Transformers is an open-source deep learning framework that uses ChatGPT for training and using language models, with a simple API, and several other ChatGPT training tools available. ChatGPT is an AI developed by OpenAI using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). It uses Azure AI's supercomputing capabilities and can handle various queries. However, it relies on 570 GB of built-in data, which can lead to inaccuracies and dubious replies. Despite these issues, ChatGPT remains invaluable across various industries.

Learn about marketing domain and its emergence in business strategies
Understand the need for Segmentation and Targeting
Develop a nuanced appreciation for designing products that create value
Product positioning for most effective results and returns
Formulate pricing strategy that drives up profits for firms
Understand the finer areas of market analysis to break into the competitive market with a new product based on future growth
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) calculation
Perform forecasting to take proactive business decisions
Demand forecasting using customer-base models and statistical approaches

Block Your Time

ChatGPT course - 360digitmg

16 hours

Classroom Sessions

ChatGPT course - 360digitmg

20 hours

Python Programming Videos

Who Should Sign Up?

  • IT Engineers
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates

ChatGPT Certification Modules

The Certified ChatGPT Professional certification training course is a valuable resource for beginners to learn best practices of implementing ChatGPT in various applications. The course provides a theoretical overview of ChatGPT and its components through demo videos, interactive exercises, and real-world examples. It focuses on sectors such as e-commerce professionals, educators, corporate and professional email managers, marketers, and AI enthusiasts. E-commerce professionals can improve customer service, automate queries, and use ChatGPT for product recommendations. Teachers can create interactive lesson plans, provide instant feedback, and engage in personalized student interactions. Corporate and professional email managers can draft emails efficiently and tailor them to be more effective. Marketers can use ChatGPT for customer engagement, market research, and content creation. AI enthusiasts can explore the underlying formulas, modules, and techniques for constructing advanced prompts. The course serves as both a primer and a deep dive into the world of ChatGPT, enhancing understanding and application.

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