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Cyber Security Analytics Training

Boost your career in the space of security & privacy with CyberSecurity analytics training, it is devised to help participants build predictive modeling products & solutions to counter cyber-attacks.
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Rise in cyber terrorism is the main force behind the growth of the cybersecurity market which is expected to grow to USD 250 billion by 2024. Cybercrime is a global issue that’s been dominating the digital space. Every second data being transmitted across networks, risking information, and exposing the system to several threats. Big organizations, international companies, banks, and governments are doing everything in their power to protect data so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Cyber Security Analytics has evolved to meet the need for greater security across businesses and delivering real-time analytics and functional intelligence in an easy format. Security Analytics also includes the real-time collection of data, continuous monitoring of security controls, processing and analysis of logs, and flag any suspicious activity immediately. It also speeds up alert verifications and quickly responds to potential threats using security tools. Join this course in cybersecurity analytics in India because today more and more companies are looking for individuals with fundamental capabilities to keep their business safe.6+

Cyber Security Analytics

Program Cost

INR 12,000/-

Cyber Security Analytics Training Overview

Cyber Security is at its prime at the current times in the world. With the advent of data, organizations are building their data analytics departments for data storage & processing more & more data. At the same time, hackers around the world are trying to steal the data. This is because all the strategies devised among the competitors are more or less well established and these strategies can be easily replicated. Hence, the only true differentiator among competitors is data. What data they have access to and how they mine the data will determine the future of organizations. Hence data has to be secured and any vulnerabilities should be proactively arrested, and this is possible with Machine Learning in Cyber Security.

Certification program in Cyber Security and application of Data Science in Cyber Security is among a unique set of programs that 360DigiTMG is offering in its catalog of Industry-Specific courses. It is designed by experts who work in the space of security & privacy and having rich industry experience handling data security. With cybersecurity jobs and salaries skyrocketing, cybersecurity analytics training is devised to help participants build predictive modeling products & solutions to counter the cyber-attacks.

What do you mean by Cybersecurity analytics?

The widespread use of technology in today’s digital world has paved a way to rise in cybercrime and Cybersecurity has become the topmost concern of every organization, or giant corporations. Security teams need to be more vigilant than ever before. Cybersecurity analytics refers to a set of procedures and techniques used to protect the networks, programs, and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access and analyze billions of threat signals in real-time. Cybersecurity analytics focuses on preventing theft of information, various data breaches, and some malware and ransomware attacks.

Cyber Security Analytics Learning Outcomes

The course in Cybersecurity analytics aims to cover all cybersecurity concepts and fundamentals theoretically and practically. Cybersecurity refers to techniques used to mitigate harm to computer networks, applications, devices, and data. Detects intrusions, attacks, misuse, or infections quickly and makes quick, accurate, reliable decisions about the nature of a breach, what caused it, and what action needs to be taken to prevent data losses and avoid further intrusion. A security analyst increases the chances of catching an attack before it is fully executed, minimizing damage, and ensuring the protection of IT assets. Security analytics is an approach to cybersecurity that analyzes data to produce proactive security measures. It is a growing field that provides analytics tools that help predict security threats and send alerts the minute an oddity is located. This course aims to provide a foundational platform for Cyber Security Aspirants by providing Cyber Security Awareness and Training in India. You will learn to resolve security issues in networks and computer systems. Students will explore the different applications of data science & AI in cybersecurity along with understanding descriptive and predictive analytics in cybersecurity. This course is for someone who wants to work on IT issues that have real-world impact. You will also

Learn about the various cyber security attacks
Learn about applications of data science & AI in cyber security
Machine learning for various malware detection
Develop an understanding of descriptive and predictive analytics in cyber security
Applications of time-series / forecasting in cyber security
Deep Learning in building AI applications in cyber security
Unsupervised learning application in the space of cyber security
World of opportunities in the space of cyber security analytics

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cyber security analytics course in india - 360digitmg

16 hours

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cyber security analytics course - 360digitmg

20 hours

Python Programming Videos

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Internal Auditors
  • CFO/Director/Head of Accounting
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Banking and Accounting Analysts
  • Certified Financial Analysts
  • Credit Analysts
  • Financial Advisors
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates

Cyber Security Analytics Course Modules

Comprehending the threats that matter quickly is paramount for any security team. A cybersecurity analyst analyzes and assesses potential vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, networks, hardware, and software of a company's IT department and reports any hacking attempts with the goal of developing stronger security procedures. The Module on cybersecurity analytics commences with an understanding of the various problems & challenges in the space of cybersecurity & how Machine Learning is shaping cybersecurity analytics. The students will also explore the various applications of data science & predictive modeling in cybersecurity. You will also learn about Malware detection and how ensemble techniques help in detecting cyber-attacks. The concluding modules familiarize students about the application of clustering – K-Means in detecting anomalies by using Windows event logs & Windows active directory data.

Understand about the various problems & challenges in the space of cybersecurity & how Machine Learning is shaping cybersecurity analytics. Understand about the industry trends, opportunities and why cyber security trainings is pivotal for success of both individuals as well as organizations.

Understand of applications of data science & predictive modelling in cyber security, which includes Spam Detection, Phishing Page Detection, Malware Detection, Anomaly Detection, Software Vulnerabilities and many more.

Understand about the overall flow of the steps involved in Project management methodology for handling data related projects, including, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Understand about Malware detection and application of Kernel based method – SVM for Android Malware Detection. Also learn about application of ensemble techniques in detecting cyber-attacks.

Understand about lazy learning techniques such as KNN and application of the same in Biometrics including Brute Force Classification.

Learn about the various types of Adversarial attacks and applications of GANs in Image classification/misclassification as well as Malware detection. Also learn about application of AI in knocking down CAPTCHAs.

Understand about the various components and seasonal spikes in identifying DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks.

Understand about the various network anomaly detection algorithms & types of network attacks. Finally, one will learn to detect botnet topology.

Learn about application Regression based techniques – Logistic as well as Blackbox Technique – Support Vector Machines in detecting malicious URLs.

Understand about application of clustering – K-Means in detecting anomalies by using Windows event logs & Windows active directory data.

Ransomware, Spyware, Different types of viruses and its detection using AI applications. Malicious virus detection in databases as well as IoT sensors. Detecting hackers & impersonators will also be explained.

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