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Marketing Analytics Training

Become a future-ready marketer with Data Science skills. Learn to design winning marketing campaigns for the best results with our Marketing Analytics Course Training.
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"Indian marketing analytics companies have received $ 720 million in funding to date." - (Source Express Computer). Marketing analytics has made it possible for businesses to make smarter decisions, avoid issues in advance, and boost the ROI of marketing strategies. The Indian Marketing Analytics industry is expected to reach $1.4 billion in 2024. Companies are using marketing analytics to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. India is tipped to lead the race in Marketing Analytics. India has an abundant supply of cost-effective analytics talent that is capable of great performance if well trained. The emergence of digital media has changed the way products are being sold. To remain competitive companies need to design products with distinct intellectual property rights.

Marketing Analytics

Program Cost

INR 12,000/-

Marketing Analytics Training Overview

This Marketing Analytics course will help in turbocharging the market analysis process using Data Analytics techniques. Marketing professionals want to understand and forecast how consumers buy products and/or services. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, when paired with cloud-based computing, can help marketers micro-target and micro-segment their consumer base with speed and performance including real-time experimentation. Understanding the STP framework and marketing the product using real-time analytics is at the core of this Marketing Analytics program from the best Marketing Analytics training institute.

What is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing Analytics is used to evaluate the success of a company's marketing activities. Marketing analysts have evolved metrics like ROI, Marketing attribution to express how effective a marketing campaign is. With the Digital Transformation revolution and the Internet explosion, most companies are using digital platforms to market their products and services. It becomes important to track the effectiveness of the promotional campaign and retain customers.

Marketing Analytics is segregated into Sentiment Analytics, Speech Analytics, Campaign Analytics, Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Comprehensive Marketing Management, and Customer Lifecycle Management.

Sentiment Analytics identifies customer sentiments towards brands in online conversations and feedback. The emotions of the customer in Text data are tracked using Text analysis techniques. Campaign analytics assesses the performance ( ROI) of promotional campaigns through email or social media. Web Analytics tracks the information on the number of visitors to a website or number of page views to gauge the effectiveness of a promotional campaign. Customer Lifecycle Management uses metrics at each stage of the customer life cycle. The customer life cycle is the journey of the customer through the sales and marketing funnel. This gives inputs on retaining and encircling the customer.

Marketing Analytics Course Outcomes

In this Marketing Analytics course, students will comprehend the concepts of segmenting, targeting, positioning, and their relevance to the brand-building effort. The use of the linear programming method Data Envelopment Analysis to analyze the efficiency of Internet Marketing Strategy is highlighted in this course. The statistical technique of Stochastic Frontier Analysis is also discussed in this course along with Stochastic Frontier Analysis which is used to measure the performance of marketing campaigns. Marketing analysts need to be experts in devising a pricing strategy that will generate profits and with this course students will use the concepts of positioning, Perceptual Maps, Preference Maps, and calculate metrics like Customer Lifetime value to improve the service delivery and efficacy of their marketing effort. Marketing professionals will learn to enhance customer value using Value Extraction methods. Participants will fully appreciate how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the marketing industry. The nitty-gritty of forecasting especially demand to forecast using customer-based models and statistical approaches are elaborated. 

Learn about marketing domain and its emergence in business strategies
Understand the need for Segmentation and Targeting
Develop a nuanced appreciation for designing products that create value
Product positioning for most effective results and returns
Formulate pricing strategy that drives up profits for firms
Understand the finer areas of market analysis to break into the competitive market with a new product based on future growth
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) calculation
Perform forecasting to take proactive business decisions
Demand forecasting using customer-base models and statistical approaches

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marketing analytics course - 360digitmg

16 hours

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marketing analytics course - 360digitmg

20 hours

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Who Should Sign Up?

  • IT Engineers
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates

Marketing Analytics Course Modules

The preliminary modules bear an introduction to the domain of marketing analytics- its scope and applications. A primer on segmentation approaches, targeting strategies, and positioning is available for novices to marketing. It projects a summary of all the brands of a company and their relative positioning. The concepts and the methodology of perception mapping and product positioning with the same is the prime focus of the succeeding module. Similarly, preference mapping which is used to identify consumer preference positioning for various brands is elaborated from a marketing analytics perspective. The use of conjoint analysis to modify product design and guarantee a better value proposition for the customer is also studied. The nuances of tweaking product design to deliver a better value proposition to the customer are explored. The importance of enhancing value extraction which is the maximum rupee value that you can extract from existing and potential customers is underscored in a separate module. The use of decision calculus to optimize value extracted is discussed at great length. The concluding module of the course deals with the concept and calculation of Customer Lifetime Value.

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