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Generative AI Certification Course Online

As everyone is aware, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more powerful every day. The advent of Generative AI, which is a subset of deep learning, which is also an aspect of Artificial Intelligence, has elevated creativity to a new level.
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Generative AI course - 360digitmg
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The vibrant IT sector in India, which consists of both well-established companies and rapidly growing startups, is leading the way in integrating AI across several disciplines. The adoption of AI-driven solutions by well-established organisations in the banking, e-commerce, and industrial sectors is indicative of this continuous movement. At the same time, entrepreneurs are using cutting-edge AI applications to upend established sectors and create a thriving ecosystem for technical developments. Keeping up with the changing startup scene and keeping an eye on India's tech news can provide you with insights into the newest developments in artificial intelligence. The government, business, and academic community working together to promote research into artificial intelligence (AI) will further establish India as a centre for cutting-edge AI innovation.

Generative AI

Program Cost

INR 1,10,000 80,000

Generative AI Training Programme Overview

With the use of Generative AI, fresh artificial content or data, such as images, videos, music, and even 3D models, may be produced without the need for human labour. The emergence of Generative AI is a result of LLM developments. Large datasets & patterns are the basis for training and learning the datasets and designs within the data for Generative AI models. Similar to the training data, they are able to produce fresh instances. Without any guidance from humans, these models are able to produce new material. To put it simply, it entails utilising AI models that have been trained to recognise various patterns and structures in existing data in order to produce new, unique data.

What is Generative AI?

A sort of artificial intelligence known as generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) is capable of producing original ideas and information, such as dialogues, tales, pictures, movies, and music. In non-traditional computer tasks like image identification, natural language processing (NLP), & translation, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies aim to emulate human intellect. The next development in artificial intelligence is Generative AI. It may be trained to study any complicated topic, including biology, chemistry, art, and computer languages. It applies training data reuse to fresh issue solving. For instance, it is capable of processing words to form a poem and learning the English language. Generative AI may be used by your company for a number of tasks, including chatbot development, media production, and product design and development.

Course Objective

The Generative AI and Prompt Engineering course is designed to guide the participants through the foundational concepts of the Neural network models' journey to solve complex problems. The Evolution of Large Language Models has provided ground-breaking solutions for businesses. You will learn to leverage the existing solutions by getting a deep understanding of the current LLM architectures, variants, and challenges. This course exposes the practical applications of Generative AI solutions in various domains like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc.

Generative AI Training Learning Outcomes

Determine which issues can be solved with artificial intelligence approaches. Utilise a few fundamental AI techniques and assess if more sophisticated ones are applicable. Take part in the creation of intelligent systems that absorb knowledge from their experiences. The main goals of Generative AI include the creation of fresh, unique material, designs, chat answers, synthetic data, and even deepfakes. It is especially useful for addressing new problems and in creative domains since it can produce a wide variety of new outputs on its own. Content may be tailored to each user's preferences thanks to generative artificial intelligence. AI algorithms are able to create personalised learning materials that are tailored to your individual learning style through the analysis of learning patterns and preferences. This enables improved comprehension and engagement.

Understand When To Use Generative AI
Prepare A Generative AI Implementation Plan
Leverage Technology Integration And Infrastructure
Prioritise Content Relevance
Focus On Personalization And Engagement
Measure Learning Effectiveness
Write The Right Prompts And Fine-Tune Them

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Generative AI course - 360digitmg

60 hours

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Generative AI course - 360digitmg

20 hours

Python Programming Videos

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Data Scientists
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT/Software Engineers
  • Machine Learning Architects
  • Model Risk Managers/Auditors


  • Lecture with a blend of theoretical & practical exposure
  • Discussions & final exam to attain the certificate
  • Quizzes and group activities
  • Internship opportunity for eligible candidates

Generative AI Certification Modules

It's critical to understand what Generative AI means before beginning to utilise it. Drawing on the collaborative efforts of scholars and technologists from many domains, our interpretation of the word encompasses the use in artificial intelligence to generate content (such as text, graphics, or presentations) in reaction to user-inputted prompts. The objective of this wide definition is to reflect the rapidly expanding variety of technologies being developed for these reasons. Furthermore, Generative AI is distinct from other kinds of AI in that it uses predefined data sources to generate material in response to a specific prompt. Other forms of AI are employed in a number of contexts, such as gaming, information curation, and vehicle operation.

  • Introduction to Vector Databases and Their Role in AI
  • Deep Dive into RDBMS (SQL), NoSQL, and Vector Databases. Understand the Pros and Cons of these solutions
  • Understanding the vector databases'role in the field of product development with Generative AI.
  • Improving the responsiveness and contextual understanding of AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants with Vector Embeddings
  • Using vector databases in image and video generation
  • Deriving insights by performing sentiment analysis with Text Mining and NLP
  • Learn the Transformer architectures implemented for machine translation and automated summarization
  • Learn about the groundbreaking uses of BERT and GPT in automated content creation.
  • ImplementingChatbots to enhance interaction quality and operational efficiency for effective customer engagement across industries.
  • Learn how LLMs like GPT and BERT are revolutionizing with improved accuracy of information retrieval across digital libraries
  • Learn to build specialized models in healthcare, and the financial sector as part of Domain-Specific LLMs
  • Discover the role of LLMs in developing sophisticated AI chatbots
  • Understand the models that are applied in real-time translation services
  • Dive into the use of generative models for original written content generation
  • Exploring the World of AI-generated imagery with Dall-E 3 and Imagen
  • Learn the creation of realistic video sequences from textual inputs, significantly reducing production time and costs.
  • Leveraging tools like ViT and SDXL Turbo in Automated Image Analysis
  • Explore the use of advanced AI models like BLIP-2 and Flamingo inenhancing user experience
  • Discover how models are used in e-commerce platforms for image-based product search and recommendation systems
  • Learnabout the GenAI models for AI-driven object detection in real-time decision-making.
  • Explore the capabilities of Generative AI tools like Soundful and Lyria in transforming music production
  • Enhancing Multimedia Experiences with the Video-Audio-Text Transformer (VATT)
  • Improving audio quality and enabling innovative sound manipulation techniques with models like Distil-Whisper and SALMONN
  • enhancing user engagement through tailored listening experiences.
  • Enhancing user engagement through tailored listening experiences by automating Music Curation and Personalization with GenAI
  • Introduction to learning platforms that respond to both text and image inputs.
  • Explore advanced models like LLaVA and GPT-4V for integrating visual and textual information
  • Transforming digital marketing, storytelling, and educational content generation with models like Fuyu and Fuyu-8Bthat combine text, image, and video.
  • Learn about the importance of diverse datasets like PMD, COCO, and Flickr30K in training AI
  • Examine how benchmarks like VQAv2 and TextVQA are used to evaluate the effectiveness of multimodal AI models in generating human-like responses
  • Visual search and image-based analysis with innovative models BriVL and Qwen-VL
  • Creating enriched multimedia experiences in virtual reality, video editing, and automated captioning with SALMONN
  • Develop Generative AI models with AWS services: Amazon Bedrock and SageMaker
  • Generating code snippets and entire functions with Amazon CodeWhisperer
  • Using high-performance computing services AWS Trainium and Inferentia to Optimizethe training and deployment of AI models
  • Innovating with Generative AI on the Cloud:
  • Discover the broad spectrum of Generative AI applications on Cloud platforms
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