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Data Visualization using Tableau Training

Learn how to analyze data, discover patterns, and convert them into compelling graphics. The Data Visualisation using Tableau course is your launchpad for a fast-growing career
  • Get Trained by Tableau Certified Experts
  • 30 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • Assistance in Taking Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification
  • Job Placement Assistance
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tableau course reviews in India - 360digitmg
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Data Visualization using Tableau

Program Cost

INR 25,280 17,700/-

"Global demand for the Data Visualization market is expected to reach a value of USD 7.78 billion by 2023." -  (Source). Tableau has managed to grab a position and gain popularity among the business intelligence segment. Its unique user-friendly features and functionalities allow us to dig deep into the data and make organizing, managing, visualizing, and understanding of data easy. There has been an exponential growth in this field due to the ever-increasing amount of data that is being generated every day, and the need for organizations to see the complex and mysterious data in an organized and attractive format. Data Analytics in Tableau can be divided into two parts - Developer Tools and Sharing Tools. Developer tools like Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public are used in creating dashboards, charts, and for generating reports and visualization. The sharing tools like Tableau Online, Server, and Reader are used to share the dashboards, charts, reports, and visualization developed by developing tools.

Tableau Training Programme Overview

Data Visualization Using Tableau teaches students how to analyze and communicate through data. Students will learn how to analyze data, discover patterns, and convert them into compelling graphics. This program in India is designed to suit the needs of both beginners and mid-level professionals who want to acquire Data Visualization skills on the number one tool Tableau. They will learn how to discover patterns in data, create stories, dashboards, and workbooks, and optimize database queries. The course will also expose students to advanced analytical capabilities of Tableau Desktop. It will train them on report publishing and dashboard creation using Tableau Server and Tableau Online. The Data Visualization using Tableau course is your launchpad for a fast-growing career.

In this course, you will learn how to display and analyze data using Tableau to facilitate more data-driven decisions. This will help us arrange the insights into our data and enable us to act on them. The drag and drop interface of tableau helps to perform tasks like sorting, comparing, and analyzing, very fast and easy making it an indispensable tool for data-science-related work used widely in various businesses and industries today. Tableau is an ideal choice for Data Scientists because it can be well integrated with sources like Excel, SQL Server, and cloud-based data repositories.

What is Tableau?

Collection, connection, combination, and collaboration, Tableau is an awesome and powerful data analysis and data visualization tool that enables you to create effective, interesting, and useful visualizations in the form of dashboards and worksheets. All the infographics you see around you is Data Visualization in action. Tableau is self-reliant and can blend diverse data sets with minimum scripting as everything is done by drag and drop. Tableau’s flexible interface enables users to quickly change the view of their data and create dashboards that communicate clearly and directly. Tableau Server allows you to share your graphs, reports, and dashboards.

Tableau Course Learning Outcomes

Tableau helps to organize and simplify data by building interactive Tableau Statistics and Dashboards. This course will give you an overview of what is Tableau, how can one connect with data to create visualizations and stories. This course will help you demonstrate your skills and ability to produce high-quality reliable results. You will learn the skill of creating interactive graphs and charts in the form of dashboards and worksheets that will help you bring together all the information and enable you to analyze it in an easy format using Tableau. The students will also be exposed to functionalities like Filters, Drill Down and Up, Forecasting, Trend Lines, Clustering, etc. Some of the other skills that the students will learn include handling big datasets, formatting, calculations, predictive analytics, Regression analysis and structuring data projects and data stories using tableau. You will master the skills of logically and creatively formatting data along with developing an ability to tell a story, simplify complex concepts, and create advanced visualizations.One can create dashboards and analyze reports with its easy drag-and-drop functionality making it everyone’s favorite BI tool. With all these unique features anyone can easily master this tool by understanding it’s UI-based features and functionalities. The key outcome of this course is to make you an expert in working with Tableau You will also gain expertise in

Learn about Data Visualisation principles & importance of Tableau in the present world
Learn about Tableau Architecture
Learn about Exploratory Data Analysis using Tableau in-built options and default visualizations
Learn about Data Blending and Data Extraction
Learn about Tableau Filters, Groups, Sets, Parameters, Sort Options
Learn about the basic to advanced charts used in Tableau on the latest version of Tableau Desktop
Learn about Tableau Calculated Fields, Quick Table Calculations, LOD Expressions & Advanced Reporting concepts
Learn about Tableau Maps, Dashboards and Stories
Get to know the Tableau advanced analytics concepts

Block Your Time

data science course - 360digitmg

30 hours

Classroom Sessions

data science course - 360digitmg

60 hours


Who Should Sign Up?

  • IT Engineers
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Banking and Finance Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates

Tableau Classroom Training Modules

This module aims to give you an overview of the power of Data Visualization using Tableau. You will be introduced to Tableau, its concepts, its architecture, and its various features that help to explore, extract, and blend data. Students will also gain competency in using various charts from basic to advanced level that is used for Comparative Analysis like Bar Graphs, Side-By-Side Bars, Circle Views, Heat Map, and Bubble Chart or used for Composition Analysis like Pie Chart, Donut Chart, and Stacked Bar Graph along with many other charts used in Tableau like Statistical Control Chart, Tableau Gantt Chart, etc. You will also learn to sort and filter the view in tableau, build a Map View using its mapping features and its integration with R. Students will also create dashboards and add instructiveness to build upon stories and make a conclusion.

  • Eye for Detail - (Tableau Crosstabs), Highlight tables
  • Comparative Analysis - Bar Graphs, Side-By-Side Bars, Circle Views, Heat Map, Bubble Chart
  • Composition Analysis - Pie Chart, Donut Chart, Stacked Bar Graph
  • Trend Analysis - Line Graphs and Area Graphs (Discrete and Continuous)
  • Hierarchial Data Representation - Tree Map
  • Correlation Analysis - Scatter Plot
  • Distribution Analysis - Tableau Histogram, Box and Whisker Plot
  • GeoSpatial Data Representation - Filled Maps, Symbol Maps, Combination Maps, Polygon Maps
  • Relative comparison of 2 Measures - Bullet Graph, Dual Axis Chart, Dual Combination Chart, Blended Axis Chart, Bar in a Bar Chart
  • Pareto Analysis - Pareto Chart
  • Statistical Control Chart
  • Tableau Gantt Chart
  • a. Tableau Desktop Specialist
  • b. Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

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