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Practical Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Course

  • 100 hours of a knowledgeable working experience
  • 260+ hours of Hybrid mode sessions
  • 10+ Blockchain Security enabled micro-credential certificates
  • INR 4.5 LPA Conditional job offer letter from Innodatatics. Inc or Pvt Ltd
  • 20+ Capstone Live Projects
data science & AI course reviews - 360digitmg
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data science & Ai course reviews - 360digitmg
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Academic Partners & International Accreditations
  • Data Science & AI course with Naascom
  • Practical Data Science & Deployment Specialist Executive Program with SUNY
  • Practical Data Science & Deployment Specialist Executive Program with NEF
  • Data Science & AI course with Innodatatics
  • Data Science & AI course with Microsoft

As long as new technologies are being invented it is hard to ignore the importance of innovative technologies like Data Science and Machine Learning. Data Science and Machine Learning have taken the globe by storm and there is no single field that is not benefitted. A reputed research agency has noted that the global Machine Learning market was valued at 10.5 billion USD in 2020 alone. And experts predict that it will soon reach 96 billion USD in the coming five years. With the humongous data produced online every second, better use of it can guarantee profitable results for organizations.

Data Science & AI Course

Program Cost

INR 2,25,000 1,85,000+Tax

Practical Data Science & AI Training Overview

The Certification program in Master the Practical Data Science Program with 100% Job Placement* is specifically designed keeping in mind the technological trends in the market and to give the professionals an advantage and a chance to grow in their career hassle-free. The six-month course comprises 600+ hours of training and 600+ hours of practice sessions that will not only reinforce the fundamentals but also gives a chance for course takers to work on 21 projects on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Big Data, and MLOPS-based deployment. This course is a comprehensive package for all IT enthusiasts who wish to design and develop AI applications in their field of study.

Practical Data Science & AI Training Outcomes

The present market is all about the data. There is a huge demand for data professionals worldwide making it a lucrative career in this domain. With the help of cutting-edge and appropriate tools, professionals will be able to build algorithms and analyze huge data. 360DigiTMG Master the Practical Data Science Program with 100% Job Placement* is specifically designed for experienced professionals and individuals who have prior knowledge and understanding of the Data Science, cloud, and Machine Learning experience. This course will give them the edge they need to cut through the competition and score the highest-paying job in the market. Students will be exposed to real-time projects, at the learning level only they are prepared to face the challenges that are inclined to be in industries. The primary objective of Master the Practical Data Science Program with 100% Job Placement* at 360DigiTMG is to deliver skilled professionals by providing quality training, guiding them to implement and gain hands-on experience.

Learn the structured approach to handle data related projects with focus on both business as well as technical aspects from stalwarts who have worked on 150+ projects and have an average work experience of 15+ years
Learn on how to work in a collaborated environment using collaborative tools because multiple data scientists work on same project
Learn to work on volume on data which is similar to real world data sizes powered by Panasonic Innovation Center and Innodatatics partnered companies
Learn to work on deploying the models on-premise environments - Access to our Servers placed on AWS where we pay the entire cost by setting up the infrastructure.
Learn on work in building end to end data pipelines from experts who worked in MAANG companies.
Learn to work on total '21' projects overall
Learn to work on deploying the models on cloud - AWS, Azure, GCP - With free credits we can extend free services to students
Learn to work on '3' industry specific projects of your choice based on your work experience or based on your educational background
Get your resume prepared through best practices and from experts who got placed in various companies via 360DigiTMG
Get mock interviews done by industry experts from Fortune 500 companies & Data Science Startups
Block Your Time
class room duration

500+ hours


assignment duration

300+ hours


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Live Projects

Who Should Sign Up?
  • Those aspiring to be Data Scientists, AI experts, Business Analysts, Data Analytics developers
  • Graduates looking for a career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Forecasting, AI
  • Professionals migrating to Data Science
  • Academicians and Researchers
  • People must be trained from 360DigiTMG or from other training institutes or already working in the field of data science


Many modules are in great demand for the requirements in the present changing business. The black box is the most powerful technique used to validate against the external factors that are responsible for software issues. The supervised machine learning algorithms include Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, Support Vector systems, and many more. Deep learning is the lineage of Machine learning algorithms. Deep learning is mainly used in Computer vision, Bioinformatics, Audio recognition, and medical analyzing systems. Deep learning algorithms include Convolutional Neural Networks, Artificial Neural Networks, Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic regression, etc. Unsupervised learning in data mining includes Clustering, Neural networks, Principal component Analysis, Local outlier factor, and so on.

  • Health monitoring for Plants using Practical Transfer Learning on AWS

    Learn to capture the health of plants using the image of the leaf. You will learn to develop an Image processing Model using deep learning algorithms. Develop a pipeline to capture the new images fed into the NoSQL database. The ML/AI model will be developed, trained, and deployed on the AWS cloud platform. You shall explore the Sagemaker platform of AWS cloud.

  • Hugging Face models for NLP Generative Chatbot on AWS

    Learn to use AWS services to develop a generative chatbot. You will learn the application of NLP models on AWS cloud. Design and Develop an NLP pipeline to train the model on Text corpus stored in PostgreSQL DB.

  • Practical Real-time Prediction and Analysis on AWS

    Learn to train and develop End to End ML models on the data stored on the s3 bucket and then deploy it with a click of a button using the Autopilot feature on AWS Sagemaker service.

  • AutoML frameworks for Practical ML project implementation

    Implement an ML workflow with automated libraries like AutoEDA, Hyperparameter optimization techniques, and AutoML libraries. Benchmark the best solution by developing multiple models to compare the performances and finally choose the optimal solution for the business problems.

  • AutoML for Predictive Maintenance

    Use AutoML libraries to develop an ML model to perform preventive maintenance Manufacturing sector. Learn to ingest data generated from IoT sensors.

  • AutoML TPOT for End to End Machine Learning Application

    Automate the ML pipeline with tree-based AutoML technique Tpot. Learn to tune the AutoML parameters with the help of Hyperparameters. Export the Best pipeline identified by the AutoML TPOT library for deployment.

  • Standardized Machine Learning Workflow with Data Versioning

    With the help of open-source MLOps platforms, learn to deploy a ML pipeline. Understand the data drift and model drift with the help of data validation strategies of MLops tools.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms from Scratch using MLOps Strategies

    With the help of open-source MLOps platforms, learn to deploy an ML pipeline. Understand the data drift and model drift with the help of data validation strategies of MLops tools.

  • ML Pipeline using Kubeflow with End-to-End deployment and Monitoring

    Learn to set up the Machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes (Kubeflow) on cloud services. Develop End to End ML models with Kubeflow pipelines with deployment.

  • Image Based Problem

  • Text Based Problem

  • Structured Dataset

  • Image-based Product Quality Evaluator using Azure Custom Vision Services

  • Recommendation Engine for Restaurants to help Serve Customers with Personalized choices

  • Practical ML Models Using Azure Serverless Architectures

  • Leveraging Google Cloud IoT and AI/ML services for Practical ML Applications for Live Streaming Data

    Ingest Live Streaming data generated by IoT sensors using the pub-sub system on GCP. Use the data warehouse tool BigQuery for storing the data. Create a pipeline to work with the data stored in Bigquery and perform predictive analytics solutions.

  • Foreign Language Hand Written Address Mapping using NLP Cloud services

  • Sequential Pattern Mining Using Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Distributed Computing using Spark for Network Optimization

    Learn to work with very large-sized geospatial data with the help of big data distributed framework services. Understand the true power of Apache Spark in processing the large amount of unstructured data using the GraphX library on the Hadoop Cluster.

  • Machine Learning Models for Predictive Analytics with SparkML

    ML models require continuous training for maintaining the expected results of the business. Along with accuracy for ML models, performance is also an essential metric. Training the ML models on big data will be a very time-consuming activity. To address the high latency problem, Apache SparkML is used on the distributed platform for in-memory cluster computing to try and speed up the ML training pipeline by 100x.

  • Fraud Detection in Procurement on BigData using Practical tools

    Design data pipelines to ingest the data from multiple tables. Preprocess the data for model training. Use big data tools for developing Data science solutions for the retail sector to address procurement fraud.

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