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Trade Analytics Course

Become an expert in Trade Analytics with ‘Certification Course in Trade Analytics’ you will emerge as a professional ready to grab innumerable opportunities and boost your career in the space of Stock Market Analysis, Trading strategies using Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and many more.
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Trade Analytics course - 360digitmg
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Trade Analytics course reviews - 360digitmg
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Recent technological developments have facilitated the exchange of information, securities and funds worldwide in financial markets which is a global activity. Electronic trading not only improves transparency of predominant prices in a market but also provides more information such as the depth of a market which indicates the potential supply and demand away from the current market price. Also the exponential increase in computing power and data storage in the last decade has resulted in the rapid development of machine learning and data mining with diverse applications in economics, finance, science, engineering, and technology. Many researchers have shown their interest in understanding the data of the financial area using machine learning models that have given rise to considerable predictive power.

Trade Analytics

Program Cost

INR 12,000/-

Overview of Trade Analytics Course

A Big Data strategy can be used to gather and process information surrounding specific markets to create a clear understanding of sentiments that drive front office trading strategies, as well as to determine the valuation of individual securities. Using this information, traders are able to determine whether various market participants and commentators are talking about being characterised by falling prices and can then formulate investment strategies accordingly. Trade analytics includes application in areas such as sentiment analysis, High Frequency Trading (HFT), pre-trade decision making, and transaction cost analysis, among others. Due to a cost-driven trading environment, fund managers and buy-side traders are forced to watch every penny involved in transactions, and therefore the increased demand for computerised algorithms. Demand is not limited to mere post-trade Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA); therefore, pre-trade analytics are being used to cover a range of needs, for example, through the analysis of historical, current price and volume data, clients can determine where and when to send orders or realise lost opportunity costs.
Data quality discovery and profiling - Real-time monitoring and analyses for possible errors from upstream systems.
Data quality management, to continuously maintain the trustworthiness and standards of data.
Textual analysis techniques to extract sentiments from social media platforms.
Demonstrates certain forms of ML-based automated trading led to a change in knowledge risks, particularly concerning dramatically changing market settings, and that they are characterised by a lack of insight into how and why trading rules are being produced by the ML systems
It is recognized that the direct use of low-level market data in any type of model is not recommended because of heterogeneity, noise accumulation, spurious correlations, and incidental endogeneity. Despite the fact that machine learning techniques can deal with more features than traditional econometrics models, adding more predictors is not a guarantee for increasing the performance of the analysis

Trade Analytics Course Training Learning Outcomes

This course provides analytical skills to Identify different hidden patterns of data in better decision making. Machine Learning techniques and deep learning mechanisms are used for statistical analysis of data to make strategies in the stock market to analyse the next hour predictions. Also, Unsupervised or non-rules-based analyses driven by analytics technology can help in drawing new patterns and scenarios that are not up to the mark in traditional approach. Data Analytics will be beneficial as an extra layer for existing effort by enhancing statistical skill sets.
This course is designed as per the market trends which enhance the required skills. A lot of emphasis is given on topics using Time series forecasting, various kinds of Analytics, Applications of Data Optimization, and many more. The concepts are based on real-time use cases so that the participants can understand the exact work environment.

Engage with diverse data sources relevant to the trade industry
Utilize a range of tools and techniques to analyze both structured and unstructured trade data
Acquire knowledge of descriptive and predictive analytics specific to trade analysis
Leverage data-driven and machine learning methods for trade-related functions, such as forecasting market trends
Gain insights into survey methodologies and utilize analytics to derive meaningful information
Employ machine learning techniques to customize trade experiences for clients
Apply data visualization principles to effectively communicate and interpret trade data
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Trade Analytics course - 360digitmg

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Trade Analytics course - 360digitmg

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Trade Analytics Course Modules

The digital world is built on the walls of data and this course is designed thinking about the future. Trade analytics is into all data and combining it to provide different strategies for predictive insights that can be used for better strategies in the stock market. In this module on Trade analytics course, you will learn about the various systems and machine learning models of Trade analytics course and how it helps in making strategies and predictions in buying or selling the trade or stocks in the market. You will also learn how Deep Learning is understanding the pattern from the data. Along with the various advanced Trade analytics techniques, you will also learn regarding Data Privacy and Security.

Understanding an overview of Data Analytics and their importance in the stream of Tradeulent detection using statistical analysis and also the vital role of data analytics in Trade detection using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Understanding different stages of Analytics with the help of Mind map of Data science which includes understanding of data using graphical representation. Machine learning algorithms that help for data analytics followed with various error functions & the appropriate validation methodology helps in a strong foundation for the course.

Understanding Descriptive statistics with various Business moments decisions that are part of preprocessing will help you continue the course.

Understand K-Means clustering model which is Unsupervised Machine Learning model for Trade analytics for better predictions that gives a way to make different strategies.

Understanding Supervised Classification Machine Learning Model and their prerequisites that are important for Trade analytics to make strategies and take decisions for a trader.

Understand how the Supervised Machine learning Regression method deals with continuous data in analysing the trade data to predict the behaviour that leads to the better predictions.

Better Understanding of different Classification models in segmenting the trade data and their comparisons for better accuracy also helps in taking decisions.

With the basic knowledge of Deep learning and their methods for data analytics helps in making better predictions and decisions.

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