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Big Data Training for Managers

Gain a high-level understanding of Big Data in the recently introduced course, ‘Big Data for Managers’. Guide data-driven projects with new-age technologies and gain more confidence.
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big data & analytics course reviews in India - 360digitmg
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"The Big Data Analytics market in India is currently valued at $2 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26% reaching approximately $16.1 Billion by 2025. Big Data is one such technology that is reaching great heights and is gaining momentum with organizations worldwide that are making huge use of Big Data to stay ahead in the competitive market. Big Data experts have a good grasp of tools and technologies that help them solve real-world Big Data problems especially related to human behavior and interactions. Organizations like Google, Apple, Adobe, Salesforce, and so on are investing in Big Data and are hiring Managers and Data Analysts with strong knowledge and experience in Big Data. The epoch of Big Data has drastically changed and the need for systems to perform efficiently has also accelerated recently and so have the ways to store and process it using appropriate data ingestion tools. These tools help in loading and modification of individual files which are then formatted for analytics and storage purposes. Two such popular tools are Apache Hadoop and Spark which we will be exploring in this course on Big data for Managers in India.

Big Data

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Big Data Certification Course Programme Overview

Gain a high-level understanding of Big Data in the newly introduced course, Big Data for Managers. Guide data-driven projects with more confidence. Team leaders and managers with no prior knowledge or experience of working with unstructured data can hugely benefit from the course, Big Data for Managers. The two-day Big Data Analytics course provides professionals the essential know-how to lead projects that are getting increasingly data-driven. They will receive an introduction to the Hadoop framework and how to best glean insights from an unstructured data environment. On completion of this course, professionals with no programming experience will know how to guide teams in Big Data implementation for greater business success.

What is Big Data?

Big Data is an assemblage of data that is big in volume, velocity, and variety so much so that traditional data management tools are not able to accumulate it or process it productively. This data can come from any source be it stock exchange, social media where this data is generated as photo, video uploads, comments, messages, etc. This data can be found in various forms like Structured, Unstructured, or Semi-structured. Data stored and processed in a fixed format is termed as 'structured' data, an example would be a ‘Students’ table in the database of a school. Data that comes in a raw or unknown form is termed as unstructured data, an example of unstructured data would be images and videos. Semi-structured data is data that does not follow any formal structure but contains tags or other properties that make it easier to analyze. An example of this type of data would be data stored in an XML file.

Big Data Training Learning Outcomes

Big data refers to technologies that handle diverse and massive data whose volume, velocity, and variety are high. Organizations leverage Big Data to improve their business operations, supply better customer service, build personalized marketing campaigns that are based on customer preferences, and, ultimately, increase profitability. In this course on Big Data for managers, one would explore the challenges and emerging applications involved in the storage and processing of Big Data. Students will exhibit their skills in data management and learn about the different types of data, structured, unstructured, and semi-structured. They will also develop an understanding of the various stages of Big Data Analytics and the application of big data computing techniques and technologies. You will gain a strategic overview of a Big Data project landscape and what are the requirements to implement Big data and analytics strategies in one’s workplace. You will learn big data technology that includes data storage, analytical engines, and resource management with the help of real case studies, that help reinforce the concepts. This course is specially designed for (project) managers and executives who wish to understand how big data can strategically benefit their organization and how big data technology is different from traditional technology. You will also be able to recognize various big data solution stages and choose the appropriate tool for big data ingestion.

Make use of various data generation sources
Move or Ingest Data from a traditional to a Big Data system
Understand different layers of the Big Data Architecture
Know the advantages of Big Data Analytics on Structured and Unstructured Data
Understand the stages of Big Data Analytics and data flow in the tech stack

Block Your Time

big data for managers - 360digitmg

16 hours

Classroom Sessions

big data for managers - 360digitmg

40 hours


Who Should Sign Up?

  • IT heads
  • Decision-makers
  • Analytics Managers/Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Interested to learn about Big Data
  • Interested in mid-career change to Big Data Analytics

Big Data Predictive Analytics Modules

This module commences with an introduction to Hadoop and its ecosystem tools and Spark. Hadoop is an open-source tool that stores and processes Big Data. Reliability, flexibility, and scalability are some of the important features of Hadoop. Next, they will learn about the Big Data Analytical tools and techniques used to analyze Big Data to uncover hidden patterns and discover correlations in the data. This enables cost-reduction and helps us to design better quality products and services along with making better decisions. The module also demonstrates the features of Apache Spark and its Ecosystem. Students will also learn to work with RDD in Spark and use the MLlib feature in Spark. The concluding modules will handle Big Data technologies and explain the advantages of Cloud infrastructure along with the use cases of Big data analytics.

Introduction to Big Data and its tools is mandatory for decision-makers. Understanding the needs and challenges of Big Data technology, during implementation and the know-how of moving the organization from traditional data storage sources to big data is pivotal for business success.

Learn about the open-source distributed computing framework developed to handle Big data. Hadoop framework makes the developer’s job very easy by managing the resources & the data in the cluster automatically. This gives the developers the freedom to focus on the business rather than the infrastructure. Hadoop is a very easy plug & play architecture that can be scaled up as the requirement increases. There are a lot of High- level projects developed on top of Hadoop to take advantage of the distributed framework of Hadoop. Learn about these features & the tools used predominantly in the industry to handle huge amounts of complex data.

If businesses have to survive and excel then they have to adopt technology & leverage on Big data. Analytics is a study to process the data & derive hidden truths/insights to provide the management a chance to mitigate the risk by predicting these risks upfront & also enhance customer satisfaction and retention. In order to churn a huge amount of complex data generated by enterprises, specialized tools are required. Tools which are capable to handle the real-time data which can be of any form structured or unstructured and of huge size.

Apache Spark is a new age tool that is a distributed computing framework designed to attain speeds that are lacking in MapReduce framework tools. Spark achieves the speed by keeping the data in-memory as much as possible on the cluster nodes. Spark is also known as a Unified stack and it has language flexibility. Learn about the libraries used for using Spark with Python (PySpark) and R (Spark). Understand the detailed functionality of Spark components: Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Graphix, and MLlib. Learn about the unique data abstraction of Spark known as RDD and Spark operations on RDD’s.

Big data is a word that describes the sheer size of the data and the complexity of handling the data. It can be described using 4 Vs: volume, variety, velocity, and veracity. The traditional tools and techniques are not sufficient to deal with the complex huge and varied types of data in real-time. We need specialized tools designed to handle Big data for enterprises. The majority of these tools are open source and free to explore by any individuals. Understanding the Big Data tools and technology will help you in taking necessary steps when required to assist the business take advantage of the humongous amount of data available.

Cloud service is one of the hottest trends which has many advantages compared to traditional in house servers. Cloud computing is a technology to share unlimited computer resources over the internet instead of maintaining personal resources or in-house servers to run services. Cloud computing can be explained as service to store, process and access data through the internet. Cloud platforms have many advantages like cost Savings, high Speed, back-up and restore data, automatic software integration, reliability, and the most important for Big data is unlimited storage capacity. Cloud Infrastructure is the perfect fit for the requirements of Big data.

Businesses across the globe are increasingly focusing on taking advantage of deriving answers from the past. Big data analytics projects are initiated to solve business problems. Trying to dig into huge amounts of organization data to find patterns or hidden anomalies will give actionable insights. Analyzing Big data can boost enterprise sales, increase their efficiency, and improve operations, customer service, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and risk management. This will help enterprises to gain a competitive advantage over others. Learn about applications of Big Data Analytics in various sectors which give a huge commercial benefit to the businesses.

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