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Certificate Course in

Python & R Programme for Beginners

Acquire the essential programming skills for Industry requirements including Analytics, ML and AI applications.
  • Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  • 16 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 40+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • 2 Capstone Live Projects
  • 100% Job Placement Assurance
python & R course reviews - 360digitmg
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Python & R course reviews - 360digitmg
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"Python tops the slot in the race for popularity and R ranked 5th among the popular programming languages." - (Source). In the last decade, Python has overshadowed its rivals and has emerged the IT industry favourite. So the demand for a Python certification has increased worldwide. Python stands first in Github rankings for programming languages. It has been widely used for three decades and is more popular than Java, C#, and PMP. R programmers are coveted in the Data Science and Statistical Analytics Industry. They are predominantly recruited in research-oriented industries to facilitate statistical model implementation and Data Analytics.

Exclusive Python and R Programme

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Total Duration

2 Months

python course pre-requisite - 360digitmg


  • Computer Skills
  • Basic Mathematical Concepts

Python & R Certification Programme Overview

Anchor your Data Science career firmly with the help of the twin pillars of Python and R in this unique Python and R programming course from 360DigiTMG. This Python and R programming training course deals with the unique features of both languages. The first few modules serve as an introduction to Python and Anaconda (GUI). The numerous Python operators and packages like Panda, Matplotlib, Numpy, and Scipy are discussed. Data Types and Functions in Python are explained in depth in the succeeding modules. The Python packages useful for Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are elaborated in-depth in three separate modules. Students will learn to build machine learning models in Python. The numerous Data Visualization packages in Python find a compelling description in a special module.

The section on R programming follows a similar schema. The preliminary modules deal with the installation of R and RStudio(GUI), R Scripts, and Execution. Students will learn about the numerous packages, data types, and functions in R. Error handling in R finds special mention. The use of R packages in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Visualization is discussed in depth in the final modules of the course from the best data science training institute in India.

What is Python?

Python is placed among the top 5 most popular programming languages in the world. It is recognized as a high level, an object-oriented programming language that is normally interpreted. A great hit with the coding populace, due to its clear syntax and readability, Python can be extended using C or C++ languages.

Python extends the comfort of working with readable and maintainable code. The readable code is easy to maintain. Python supports object-oriented programming and structured programming giving great opportunities for programmers to develop large and complex software.

Python works with multiple operating systems. Therefore a programmer can run the same code on different platforms without recompilation. Python has a large robust library and open source framework and tools that reduce development costs significantly. Python allows the programmer to develop code and perform tests simultaneously with its test-driven development approach.

Python is used in Web and Internet Development, scientific and numerical computing, creating GUI's, building ERP and E-commerce systems, and software development. It finds wide use in Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

What is R?

R is the language of Data Science, it’s free and open-source and has a great community with 9000+ packages. It consists of a wide range of software that facilitates computation, data control, graphical display and can efficiently manoeuvre and store large amounts of data. R also delivers a number of operators for calculation on arrays and matrices. In the package, we will also find a large number of integrated tools for data analysis and graphical data analysis and display tools as well. It would not be wrong to say that R is not only a simple but effective programming language. This programming language is used by Data Scientists, Statisticians, and researchers to gather, scrub, analyze, and visualize data. It is commonly used in Data Analysis, Statistical Computing, Machine Learning algorithms, and scientific research.

Python for Data Science Learning Outcomes

The main objective of this course is to teach developers about the numerous facets of Python and R and present various use case scenarios. Students can understand the installation, structure, and components of R and Python and their GUI tools Anacondas and R Studio. The various operations and data types in Python and R are detailed. A full description of Python functions, their types, and usage is also available. Exception handling and troubleshooting are also prime areas of focus. The use of Python in data analytics and various Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence packages are also elaborated. Students will also learn to script compelling visualizations in the best Python and R programming course in India.

Know the basic uses for R and Python for Developers
Code programmes in R and Python
Get trained in various R and Python data types
Understand the structure and components of R and Python GUI tools
Write functions and pass arguments to programmes
Learn about packages and their applications in R and Python
Read and write data/files for processing
Troubleshoot in R and Python

Block Your Time

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184 hours

Classroom Sessions

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150+ hours


data science course - 360digitmg

120 hours

2 Live Projects

Who Should Sign Up?

  • IT Engineers
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Banking and Finance Analysts
  • Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • HR Managers
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates

Python & R Course Modules

At the inception of the Python modules, you will learn how to install Python and its GUI Anaconda. Later you will appreciate the different operations in Python and the various operators. You will play with arithmetic operators, comparison/relational operators, assignment operators, logical operators, bitwise operators, membership operators, and identity operators in the various programs that you will script in the best data science course in India. Python offers standard data types all of which are described in a witty module. In this module, you will juggle with integers, floating-point numbers, complex numbers, lists, tuples, strings, sets, and dictionaries as you perform data type conversions in your programs.

The importance of functions cannot be overlooked and is given prime focus in this program. You will learn about the various built-in and user-defined functions in Python. Functions, arguments, variable function arguments, keyword arguments, arbitrary arguments, and recursive functions are terms that you will be familiar with at the end of this course. Special importance is given to lambda functions, their syntax, and usage. The importance of error-handling in Python is underlined in another module. We will learn about Syntax Errors and Logical Errors. Students will learn to work with built-in exceptions in Python, exception handling, and generate user-defined exceptions. OOPs, concepts in Python also find mention.The modules on R deal with the installation of R and R studio, the various data types, operators and functions in R. Students will learn R Scripting and Execution and Error handling in R.

The concluding modules deal with techniques used to handle the various Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence packages in Python like NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-learn, Theano, Tensor Flow, Keras, Pytorch, Pandas, and Matplotlib. The various R packages used in Data Analysis and Machine Learning are also explained in depth with use cases in the best Python and R training course in India.

Introduction to Python Programming Language
Installation of Python and Anaconda (GUI)
Python Operations
Python Packages
Python Data Types
Python functions – in-built and custom functions
Error Handling
Data Analytics
Visualisation in Python
Machine Learning and AI packages
Introduction to R programming language
Installation of R and RStudio (GUI)
Operations in R
R scripts and executions
Packages in R
Data types in R
R functions – in-built and custom functions
Error handling
Data Analytics
Visualisation in R
Machine Learning and AI packages
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