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Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi

Learn Ethical Hacking course in Kochi from the pioneers in providing quality training with industry experts and become a Certified Ethical Hacker in Kochi one of the most in-demand positions of the globe.
  • Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  • 40 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance
ethical hacking course in Kochi reviews - 360digitmg
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ethical hacking course reviews - 360digitmg
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"The most in-demand job in the IT security field today is of an Ethical Hacker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector is expected to grow by 25% by the year 2024." - (Source). The Certified Ethical Hacker is a highly valued credential in the industry today. With a steady rise in cybercrime, international conflicts, and terrorist organizations funding cybercriminals to hack into security systems and extort huge amounts of information to compromise national security features. Ethical hackers are hired by organizations that understand the need to improve the security footprint and combat the growing danger to IT security. New bugs, malware, and viruses that are increasing every day are creating a need for ethical hacking services to safeguard the networks. Ethical hackers get recruited by the finest and biggest companies in healthcare, financial, government, energy, and much more. Their primary job is to Implement a secure network to prevent security breaches and defend national security by protecting the data from the terrorist organization. The average cost of a data breach is expected to reach $160 million by 2021. This Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi will expose you to how the damage is caused by hacking and the various tools and techniques involved in it.

Ethical Hacking

Program Cost

INR 42,145 29,500/-

Overview of Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi

Certification in Ethical Hacking course in Kochi unfolds an entire world dedicated to recovering vital information if used for harmful intent could pose a serious threat to a nation, government agencies, or big organization causing serious reputational and financial loss. Ethical Hacking Course allows security professionals to gain expertise in the various hacking techniques and tools used to break into a system and to identify the areas of potential threat so that suitable counter-steps may be taken. This ethical hacking training in Kochi course will introduce you to ethical hacking, virus, bugs, worms, Linux hacking, footprinting, reconnaissance, legality, and ethics. Other topics covered will include hacking, networking, scanning, hacking web servers, proxy servers, social engineering, windows hacking, sniffers, testing penetration, and assessment of vulnerabilities.

Understand how hackers use various tools to initiate attacks on various systems, computers, users, websites, and wireless networks. The course will start with the basics of how the system works and then move on to discuss its weaknesses. Students will learn to write Python programs to hack using backdoors, keyloggers, network hacking tools, credential harvesters, website hacking tools. The course will enable you to build your security and hacking tools with Python programs.

What do you mean by Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is a practice of bypassing and scrutinizing internal servers and systems to locate any possibility of potential data breaches and threats in a network. In today’s world, where social media has led to growing interplay between humans and technology, we need someone with vital skills to stay ahead of potential threats. This process is called Ethical hacking because it is planned, approved, and legal, unlike malicious hacking which is becoming increasingly popular because of the Internet and E-Commerce. An Ethical Hacker looks into the weakness of the system or networks that malicious hackers can exploit or destroy and arrives at solutions that can prevent data breaches. Ethical hackers look into injection attacks, security settings, networks, exposure to sensitive data, or violation in authentication protocols to see if there is any stealing of valuable information or financial gain.

Learning Outcomes of Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi

360DigiTMG Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi as a career has a positive outlook in the near future. A certification in Ethical Hacking Training in Kochi will guarantee an eventual chance of getting a job in reputed companies. Ethical hackers find loopholes and fix problems in systems, networks, or applications. They are the noble people of the hacking world and are also known as the White Hats. This course on Ethical hacking aims to expose you to the various methodologies involved in ethical hacking and takes you through cybersecurity concepts that will help you to know how to discover and report vulnerabilities in a network. They will learn about the entire penetration testing procedure that will include, reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation, post-exploitation, and result reporting. Students will also develop a practical understanding of legal and ethical issues associated with ethical hacking. Practical tasks will be used to strengthen the theory that will encourage an analytical and problem-based approach to ethical hacking. Another important focus of the course is understanding social engineering to gain personal information or infiltrate computer systems. By the end of the course, you will be able to design and plan an assessment and carry out penetration testing for a network using standard hacking tools and techniques ethically including Reconnaissance, Social Engineering, SQL Injection, Hacking Web servers, Hacking Wireless Networks, etc. If you do this course on Ethical hacking you will also learn to be detail-oriented and develop skills in collaboration and communication.

Understand ethical hacking and the different types of hackers and their approaches
Set up a hacking lab to practice safe and legal hacking
Learn how hackers access password-protected networks and spy on connected clients
Learn how hackers use server and client-side attacks to hack and control remote computers
Understand how the hackers take control a hacked system remotely and use it to hack into other systems
Discover, exploit, and prevent a number of web application vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injections
Learn and write Python program to change MAC addresses
Develop Python programs that hack into a network and discover all clients connected in that network

Block Your Time

Ethical Hacking course in Kochi- 360digitmg

40 hours

Classroom Sessions

Ethical Hacking training in Kochi - 360digitmg

60 hours


Ethical Hacking course in Kochi - 360digitmg

60 hours

Live Projects

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Internal Auditors
  • CFO/Director/Head of Accounting
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Banking and Accounting Analysts
  • Certified Financial Analysts
  • Credit Analysts
  • Financial Advisors
  • Math, Science and Commerce Graduates
  • IT Security officials, IT Admin (Network, Firewall, System Admin), IT professionals
  • Mid-level Executives
  • Information Security
  • Information Law

Training Modules of Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi

This training on Ethical Hacking Course in Kochi with hands-on modules on Malware Threats, Dark web, Network Pentesting, External Network Attacks, types of Hacking including social engineering SQL Injections, Hacking web services, mobile IoT, and more. The module begins with an introduction to Hacking Lab Setup which will cover installing virtual box and Kali Linux. The other modules will concentrate on Dark web, Wireless Network Attacks, System Pentesting, and various other methodologies of Ethical hacking. The module also teaches the students about Python data types and structures. The module concludes with introducing students to Packaging and Malicious Files which will include creating and running executables on startup. This course on Ethical Hacking Training in Kochi will equip you with the most advanced tools and techniques used in the digital world of hacking so that you can become the ultimate problem solver.

  • What is Virtual Machine
  • Installing Virtualbox (Windows)
  • Installing Virtualbox (MAC)
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Installing Windows 10
  • Snapshots
  • Quick Reminder Before We Move On
  • Kali Linux Hands-on
  • Anonymity Online Introduction
  • How Networks Work
  • DNS Usage
  • Changing DNS Servers
  • Using VPN Books
  • Introduction to Dark Web
  • Installing Tor on Kali
  • Browsing Dark Web
  • Introduction to Network Pentesting
  • Chipsets
  • Connecting WiFi USB
  • MAC Address
  • Monitor vs Managed
  • Network Sniffing
  • Airodump Specific Target
  • Deauthentication Attacks
  • Realtime Deauth Attack
  • Introduction to Wireless Attacks
  • Encryption Models
  • Cracking WEP
  • Fake Authentication
  • Packet Injection
  • How WPA Works?
  • Capturing Handshakes
  • Creating Wordlists
  • WPA Live Cracking
  • Safe Routers
  • Introduction to Post Connection Attacks
  • Post Connection Settings
  • Netdiscover
  • nMap
  • Man In The Middle
  • Manual ARP Poison
  • Man In The Middle Framework
  • How Hackers Steal Passwords
  • Breaking HTTPS
  • Creating Web Server
  • DNS Attacks
  • Bettercap Installation
  • ARP Attack
  • Capturing Information
  • Caplet Usage
  • HSTS Settings
  • Breaking HTTPS
  • HSTS Downgrade Attempt
  • Javascript Injection
  • Wireshark Intro
  • Wireshark Analysis
  • How to Protect Yourself
  • Introduction to System Pentesting
  • Gaining Access
  • Installing Metasploitable
  • Finding Vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting First Vulnerability
  • Exploiting Username Map Script
  • Exploiting Username Map Script
  • Introduction to Attacks on Users
  • Attacking to Users
  • Installing Veil
  • Veil Overview
  • Creating First Backdoor
  • Bypassing Antivirus Solutions
  • Using Multi Handler
  • Testing Backdoor
  • Introduction
  • What is Maltego?
  • Maltego Overview
  • Strategy
  • Downloading Combiner
  • Combining Files
  • More Convincing File
  • Messing with Characters
  • Faking Mails
  • Introduction to Social Media Security
  • Instagram Brute Force Attacks
  • Instagram Social Engineering
  • How to Protect Ourselves
  • What is Beef?
  • Browser Exploitation
  • Hooking Target
  • Injection
  • Taking Screenshots
  • How Hackers Steal Facebook Passwords?
  • Backdoor Delivery
  • How to Protect Yourself?
  • Introduction to External Network Attacks
  • External Backdoor
  • Port Forwarding
  • Disable CDP
  • External Beef Attack
  • Ubuntu Server Creation
  • Creating Game Website
  • Installing Beef
  • Beef in Ubuntu
  • Embedding JavaScript
  • What is No IP?
  • Hooking iPhone
  • How to Stay Safe
  • Post Hacking Sessions
  • Meterpreter Sessions
  • Migration
  • Downloading Files
  • Capturing Keylogs
  • Sustaining the Session
  • Introduction
  • Ethical Hacker's Steps
  • Detailed Explanation of Methodology
  • Introduction to Website Reconnaissance
  • Website Pentesting Setup
  • Maltego One More Time
  • Netcraft
  • Reverse DNS Lookup
  • Whois Lookup
  • Robots
  • Subdomains
  • Website Pentesting Introduction
  • Code Execution Vulnerability
  • Reverse TCP Commands
  • File Upload Vulnerability
  • File Inclusion
  • Website Pentesting Tools
  • Sqlmap
  • Zap
  • Zap Analysis
  • What is XSS?
  • Reflected XSS
  • Stored XSS
  • Real Hacking with XSS
  • How to Protect Yourself?
  • Database and SQL
  • Database Structure
  • Adding a New Value
  • Updating and Deleting Values
  • Filtering
  • SQL Injection
  • Metasploitable Databases
  • Working with Mutillidae
  • Vulnerability Test
  • Post Method SQLi
  • Get Method SQLi
  • Every Password on Database
  • Learning Database Name
  • Finding Out More
  • Retrieving Everything
  • Python Data Types & Structures Introduction
  • Control Statements & Loops
  • Essentials
  • Functions
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Modules
  • MAC and IP Address
  • Changing MAC Manually
  • Using Subprocess
  • Variables
  • Processing Tuples
  • Beautifying the Code
  • Saving Subprocess
  • Regex 101
  • New MAC Control
  • Python3 Compatibility
  • Network Scanner Introduction
  • ARP Refreshed
  • How Network Scanners Work
  • ARP Request
  • Broadcast Request
  • Processing Response
  • Adding Features
  • Python3 Compatibility
  • MITM Refreshed
  • ARP Response Creation
  • ARP Poison
  • Getting MAC Address
  • Looping Continuously
  • Displaying Better Logs
  • Handling Specific Error
  • Getting User Input
  • Wireshark Refreshed
  • Wireshark Analysis
  • Gathering Packets
  • Working with Layers
  • Downgrading HTTPS
  • Protecting Ourselves
  • Setting Up Windows
  • Working with Files
  • Logging Keyboard
  • Saving Logs
  • Handling Errors
  • Sending Email
  • Reason Behind Threading
  • Threading Library
  • Testing on Windows
  • How to Write a Backdoor?
  • Opening a Connection
  • Running Commands
  • Writing Listener
  • Sending Commands with Listener
  • Class Structure
  • Finishing Classes
  • What is JSON?
  • Processing JSON
  • Sending Commands with List
  • Cd Command Implementation
  • Getting Contents
  • Saving Files
  • Encoding Downloads
  • Upload Functionality
  • Handling Errors
  • Packaging & Malicious Files Introduction
  • Malicious Files
  • Creating Executables
  • What is Regedit?
  • Copying Files
  • Running Executables on Start-up
  • Adding PDF to File
  • Changing Icons
  • Changing Extensions

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