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Business Analytics Course Training in Bangalore

Craft your skills to perfection and bring your career to a new level with certification in Business Analytics Course in Bangalore.
  • 72 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 140+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • 3 Capstone Live Projects
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business analytics course - 360digitmg
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Business Analytics is the process of studying business data and then transforming data into business insights using statistics and iterative procedures.It is a data-driven, decision-making approach for a business problem. With increasing emphasis on digitization in every aspect of life, data continues to expand at an unprecedented pace and that means more potential insights into identifying patterns and delivering predictive results related to consumer action or market trends. In the past, varied businesses have shown tremendous growth by incorporating various approaches and techniques used in business analytics. To gain a competitive edge join the in Business Analytics Certification in Bangalore and increase your chances of success.

Certified Data Science Course in Bangalore

Program Cost

INR 28,000/-

(Excluding Taxes)

Why 360DigITMG for Business Analytics Training?

The Business Analytics course in Bangalore assists learners to develop skills in analytics. Business analytics majorly deals with analyzing data collected by businesses, non-profits, and government agencies to gain insights and make better decisions. The course aims to cover all the relevant techniques of business analytics used in operations, marketing, finance, and strategic planning in an organization. Students will learn to identify, evaluate, and capture data to create value using business analytics. The course will also take upon analytical tools like various types of Regression, Hypothesis testing, Black Box techniques, and Data Mining, etc. to solve real-time business problems.

With an upward trajectory in the volume of searches, Business Analytics will be the most popular, in-demand profession that will affect all aspects of businesses right from data collection to data cleansing to data mining to statistical analysis and data optimization. A Business Analyst plays a crucial role in every area of business as they fix outdated processes and drive new technology and innovation. This training in Business Analytics, Bangalore will ensure you are market-ready with real-world case studies that will help you have endless growth opportunities.

What is Business Analytics?

To gain new insight and improve strategic decision-making, businesses use various statistical methodologies and techniques for analyzing past data. This process is called Business Analytics. It is a data management technique that uses various tools like data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis to transform and analyze data. Business analytics uses data from annual reports, financial ratios, marketing research, etc. and uses analytics to understand the past and present situation of the business. Business analytics has a wide range of usages and can be used for descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, and prescriptive analysis.

Outcomes of Business Analytics Course

This training is formulated keeping in mind the needs of students and helping professionals gain new skills and proficiency in Business Analytics. Students will be able to understand the role of a business analyst and how analytics adds value to the business by collecting, monitoring, forecasting, and planning using data. Business analysts are in-demand across a varied number of industries and help companies thrive and grow. In this program, learn to use analytical techniques to outline a problem and then find solutions for businesses. You will also learn to analyze data using data visualization to build interactive dashboards, business reports, stories, maps, etc. Using business data gain insight into the various applications and approaches to implement Analytical solutions. Master the art of improvising the results of Prediction Models and explore the different Regression techniques. Absorb the various mathematical approaches in data mining to understand Descriptive and Predictive Analysis. Join the Business Analytics course in Bangalore and master the various techniques and skills required to become a Business Analyst. You will also


Master working with various data generation sources
Understand Text Mining to generate Customer Sentiment Analysis
Gain expertise in how to use various analytics tools and techniques
Grasp the fundamentals of descriptive and predictive analytics
Apply data-driven, Machine Learning approaches for business decisions
Plan and execute building prediction models for day-to-day applicability
Perform forecasting to take proactive business decisions
Learn Data Visualization concepts for easy understanding and presentation of data
Develop dashboards, stories, business reports, maps, etc. to withdraw meaningful business insights

Block Your Time

machine learning course  -360digitmg

72 hours

Classroom Sessions.

machine learning course -360digitmg

140 hours


machine learning course -360digitmg

140 hours

Live Projects.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Candidates aspiring to be Data Scientist, Machine Learning Expert, Analytics Manager / Professional, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, etc.
  • Employees of organizations which are planning to devise proactive strategies using Machine Learning approaches
  • Managers with knowledge of basic programming and decision-makers who want to make data-driven decisions

Modules of Business Analytics Certification Course

The Business Analytics in Bangalore is curated to teach you the various essential techniques, tools, and skills used in Analytics. The modules are designed in such a way that they start with basic concepts and then move to advanced level techniques which makes it suitable for freshers as well as for professionals. We begin with an introduction to what is Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence and move on to implement Descriptive and Predictive Analytics as part of the first module. Then we move to learn Hypothesis Tests to solve business problems and then Regression, Data Mining, Time Series, Data Visualization, so on, and so forth. These modules on business analytics provide you with business solutions using the theory, language, and models of Analytics. Enroll for the Business analytics training and kick start your career towards your goals.

Understand what is Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Learn the applications and approaches to implement Analytical solutions to an organization using business data. You will learn how to implement Descriptive and Predictive Analytics as part of this module.

Inferential Statistics is the study to evaluate results for a population using a subset of data. The assumptions made for business problems are analyzed using Inferential Statistics. Learn various Hypothesis Tests to solve business problems. Using a simple mathematical formula, the equation of a line, you can predict an outcome. Understand the art of improvising the results of Prediction Models.

Line Assumptions are the prerequisite and post requisites for developing a Regression Model. As part of this module learn to deal with conditions that may arise while developing a Prediction Model. Understand the different regression techniques, like Logistic Regression and Poisson Regression, etc., used for discrete data.

Descriptive Analytics analyses historical data and can explain scenarios that happened in the past. The information generated from this preliminary analysis is subjected to Data Mining techniques to obtain the desired results. Understand the different mathematical approaches for Descriptive and Predictive Analysis as part of this Data Mining module.

Learn to predict categorical data using Classifier Techniques. In the industry, the classification techniques are predominantly used to solve prediction problems. You will learn these popular techniques and the math behind these algorithms. Learn to analyze the unstructured text data by extracting features from the data. Apply probability-based classification techniques to predict outcomes using text data.

Deep Learning techniques are based on Black Box techniques. As part of this module, you will learn the most commonly used Deep Learning Algorithms. Learn how to deal with unstructured data, the art of developing a Neural Network and the different types of Neural Networks. Support Vector Machine is a kernel-based technique to classify the non-linear data in multidimensional spaces. Understand how time-series data is different from the regular data, learn to interpret the effects of time on the data. You will learn methods used to perform forecasting on time series data.

Reporting is an essential stage of Data Analytics. You will learn the most famous business intelligence tool Tableau and its capabilities. Learn the Data Visualization rules and differentiate a good visualization from a bad visualization.

Learn to tell stories on data using graphs and plots. Learn how Tableau can be used to tell patterns and anomalies in the data. Learn the features like parameters, filters, Quick Table calculations, sets, etc., to segregate the data.

Learn how to use Calculated Fields in Tableau to customize and create new attributes. Tableau Maps feature which is a unique feature will automatically help to define stories using world maps. You will learn to add customized maps and background images for creating customized visual information. Learn to use dashboards and stories using multiple worksheets in sequence and create a story on business data.

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