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With Agile Methodology, learn to manage projects that have a high degree of complexity and uncertainty. Join our Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® course and prepare effectively for (PMI-ACP)® certification examination.
  • Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  • 21 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
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PMI-ACP course reviews - 360digitmg
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"In India, the national average salary of an Agile Project Manager is Rs. 8 lakhs per annum. Agile is a tool that has been widely adapted well by software organizations." - (Source). Around 97% of organizations worldwide use Agile in one form or the other. As projects become increasingly complex and uncertain, the hope is almost usually Agile. Agile has created ripples in the project management and software development community. Of late there is a global demand for Agile certified professionals. The IT industry is lobbying for Agile because it's result-oriented and beneficial. So the demand for Agile professionals far exceeds the actual number of available practitioners. Agile certification is proof enough that you are competent and have the experience and education to spearhead direct agile projects. This certification from India is designed on Agile principles, practices, tools and techniques.


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Total Duration

1 Month

agile training pre-requisite - 360digitmg


  • Computer Skills
  • Basic Mathematical Knowledge
  • Basic Data Science Concepts

Agile Certification Training Overview

Scale-up as a project manager and appear for the PMI-ACP certification examination. Join the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® certification exam prep course in Hyderabad and acquire knowledge on Agile methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean, and Kanban. We impart the theoretical concepts of Agile Methodology to our students along with hands-on exercises. On completion of the PMI-ACP certification training program, students can confidently lead large scale project teams in the capacity of an Agile coach. They can also secure the most lucrative project manager jobs with an Agile Certification.

What is Agile?

Agile Methodology is an umbrella term used to describe a group of software project development methods that involve a collaborative effort between self-organizing, cross-functional teams of developers, and the customers/ end users. In the Agile software development method, there is a continuous iteration of development and testing (both occur concurrently) during the software development life cycle of the project.

Characteristics of the Agile Methodology

1. The Agile project is divided into individual modules that designers work on.
2. The project is completed in short (2-4 ) week iterations and the development process is iterative.
3. Each iteration has its testing phase and regression testing is employed every time a new function or logic is released.
4. One unique feature is the high level of customer interaction as a person from the customer side is always present. The customer has frequent opportunities to evaluate the product and make changes.
5. At the end of a sprint, the customer has to accept the product improvements.
6. Testers and developers work concurrently.

What is the PMI ACP® examination?

The Agile Certified Practitioner Examination is a certification examination conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The examination tests theoretical knowledge of the Agile Manifesto, its principles, and Agile techniques. The syllabus spans the length and breadth of many approaches to Agile like Scrum, Lean( Kanban), Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM, Crystal, and TDD. It also gives weightage to the candidate's real-world experience in leading Agile projects.

Features of Examination

a. It is of 3 hours duration.
b. It consists of 120 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). It is a closed book examination.
c. A score above 70% is considered a passing score.


a. 2000 hours of project management experience of working with project teams and leading them.
b.Of this 1500 hours should have been spent working on Agile project teams or Agile Methodologies.
c. 21 contact hours of training in Agile practices.

Course Details

Agile Training Learning Outcomes

This PMI-ACP® Certification course in India begins with an introduction to the Agile Manifesto and the definition of the project charter. Subsequently, the various forms of Agile Communication like Daily Stand-ups and osmotic communication are explained. The significance of project charter, iteration and release planning, Time Boxing, Continuous flow diagram, Kanban boards, WIP limits and burn charts are highlighted. Students will be able to acknowledge multiple levels of planning in Agile and will be able to communicate product vision statements using a template. The concept of Scrum, product roadmap, product backlog, story maps. wireframes, charting and personas are also elaborated. Value-based prioritization measures like ROI, IRR, NPV, customer value prioritization, relative prioritization, and value stream mapping are also highlighted. Due importance is given to building the Agile Team, the concept of Scrum, and the importance of the Scrum Master. This course centers around the various Agile Methodologies, PMI Code of Ethics and Knowledge and skill levels of an Agile Coach which is explained in the 21 classroom sessions which last for one month in the best PMI-ACP® training institute in India-360DigiTMG.

Learn about the 4 Agile Manifesto values and the 12 Agile Manifesto principles which form the foundation of Agile Methodology
Learn about the multiple artefacts of Agile Methodology such as Product Backlog, Release Backlog, Iteration/ Sprint Backlog, Kanban board, etc.
Understand how risks are managed in an Agile project with the aid of various meetings/ceremonies.
Block Your Time
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21 hours

Classroom Sessions

Who Should Sign Up?
  • Project Management Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Project Controllers
  • Project Coordinators, Agile Coaches, Scrum Master
  • Software Developers, Team Leads, Technical Architects
  • Business Analysts, Software Testers, Business Owners
  • Executive Staff, Decision Makers

Agile Project Management Training Modules

This PMI-ACP® training certification course in India opens with a full-fledged introduction to the guiding principles of Agile Methodology, Agile Manifesto, and Project Charter. Planning and monitoring an Agile project is the focus of the next module where students understand Iteration and Release Planning, Progressive Elaboration, Time Boxing, Kanban Boards, Progressive Burn Charts, and Retrospectives. Further students will comprehend the various Agile metrics and estimates like Wideband Delphi technique, Story Points, and Affinity Diagram.

The concepts of Product Roadmap, Product Backlog, Story Maps, Charting, and Personas are featured in the modules on Agile Analysis and Design. Product Quality and value-based prioritization techniques like ROI/NPV/IRR and Value Stream Mapping feature in the next module. Agile Project Team Management, Risk Management, and the use of Risk-Adjusted Backlog, Risk Burn Down Charts, and Risk-based spike is the theme of the next few modules.

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Agile Course Panel of Coaches

agile certification trainers - 360digitmg

Bharani Kumar Depuru

  • Areas of expertise: Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  • Over 14+ years of professional experience.
  • Trained over 2,500 professionals from eight countries.
  • Corporate clients include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Computer Science Corporation, Akamai, IBS Software, Litmus7, Personiv, Ebreeze, Alshaya, Synchrony Financials, Deloitte.
  • Professional certifications - PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP from Project Management Institute, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Tableau Certified Associate, Certified Scrum Practitioner, AgilePM (DSDM Atern).
  • Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and Indian School of Business.
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agile certification trainers - 360digitmg

Sharat Chandra Kumar

  • Areas of expertise: Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation.
  • Trained over 1,500 professional across 12 countries.
  • Worked as a Data Scientist for 14+ years across several industry domains.
  • Professional certifications: Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Information Technology, Infrastructure Library.
  • Experienced in Big Data Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, NewSQL, MongoDB, R, RStudio, Python, Tableau, Cognos.
  • Corporate clients include DuPont, All-Scripts, Girnarsoft (College-dekho, Car-dekho) and many more.
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agile certification trainers - 360digitmg

Nitin Mishra

  • Areas of expertise: Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation.
  • Over 20+ years of industry experience in Data Science and Business Intelligence.
  • Trained professionals from Fortune 500 companies and students from prestigious colleges.
  • Experienced in Cognos, Tableau, Big Data, NoSQL, NewSQL.
  • Corporate clients include Time Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell, Metric Fox (Champions Group), TCS and many more.
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FAQs for Agile Project Management Course

Agile is a type of Project Management Methodology. Scrum is one of the flavours of Project Management Methodology like Lean, XP, Kanban, Crystal, AUP, EssUP, etc.

Yes. You will receive a Course Completion Certificate automatically after completing the course.

The recorded videos are made available on AISPRY, our Learning Management System for a duration of 3 months, post course completion.

Our faculty in 360DigiTMG have studied in premier institutes like IIT's, ISB and have worked as Agile Coaches in organizations. Our curriculum includes a battery of real-time case studies. This makes our Agile Certification Program one of the best in the industry.

Yes. This course gives you education credits from PMI.

Yes. The course duration of 21 contact hours is sufficient to meet the mandatory training requirements of PMI-ACP certification.

Once you are ready to take the exam, after meeting all the required pre-requisites ,login to the PMI website (PMI.org) and complete the application. Note : The application must be completed withing 90 days.

Navigate to "https://certification.pmi.org/"

Choose: "Apply for PMI-ACP Certification"

Jobs in the field of PMI-ACP in India

Jobs in the field of PMI-ACP in India

One can apply for various profiles after securing a PMI-ACP® certification like PMP Scrum Master, Agile Trainer, Technical Business Analyst, Project Manager, Deputy Project Manager, Business Analyst, Agile Project Manager, and Digital Channel planner.

Salaries in India for Data Scientist

Salaries in India for Data Scientist

The national average salary for the Agile Project Manager ranges between Rs.8.5 lakhs to Rs 26 lakhs based on the company and the number of years of experience. The salary of a certified PMI-ACP project manager is $123,000 p.a. and that of a non-certified Project Manager is $96,000 p.a. in the USA.

PMI-ACP Course Projects in India

PMI-ACP Projects in India

IT companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and Cognizant have all migrated to Agile Management. TCS has 400 Agile development zones and has trained two lakh employees in Agile Delivery Model. IT companies believe the Agile model will win them more business in the future.

Role of Open Source Tools in Data Analytics Course

Role of Open Source Tools in PMI-ACP

MyCollab, OpenProject, Phabricator, Gitlab, Odoo, Taiga, Tuleap are popular open-source tools that offer support for Scrum, Kanban, sprints, tasks, reports, continuous integration, backlogs. Projects managed with these tools are 28% more successful than traditional projects.

Modes of Training for PMI-ACP course with Python

Modes of Training for PMI-ACP in India

The course in India is designed to suit the needs of students as well as working professionals. We at 360DigiTMG give our students the option of both classroom and online learning. We also support e-learning as part of our curriculum.

Industry Application of PMI-ACP Course

Industry Application of PMI-ACP

The Agile philosophy has been adopted by industries such as Engineering, Construction Management, Aerospace, Automotive Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Legal Services, Government Agencies, Accounting, and Sports.

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