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Professional Certificate Course in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Training

IR 4.0 certification program is designed with best practices of IR 4.0 implementation. Decision- makers will appreciate the advantages of the latest technologies through industry-specific use cases and projects.
  • Get Trained by Trainers from ISB, IIT & IIM
  • 40 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 80+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • 2 Capstone Live Projects
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Access to IR 4.0 Implementation Templates
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Industrial Revolution course reviews in India - 360digitmg
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"Indian companies can increase their operating profits by 40% if they adopt Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management." - The fourth industrial revolution or ‘Industry 4.0’ is characterized by an integration of new technologies like artificial intelligence, social media, cloud, and the Internet of Things. The industrial revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) has transformed the breadth and depth of model systems of production, management, and governance. The interconnected network of smart machines that can communicate with one another has made our factories efficient and fruitful thereby, resulting in less wastage. With smart manufacturing, there is an urgent need for experts who are not only familiar with business and production lines but are capable of analyzing large amounts of data to derive valuable insights that give production managers the ability to effectively prevent problems.

IR 4.0

Program Cost

INR 84,280 59,000/-

Industry 4.0 Training Programme Overview

Become a specialist in advanced technologies with the Certification Program on Industrial Revolution 4.0. Understand how to transform your organization and make it Industry 4.0 ready. Participants of the Certification on Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 program will learn about the fundamentals behind IR 4.0 and how they can adopt the latest technologies to solve real-world business problems. The five-day certification course will expose decision-makers of corporations to technological advancements such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Cognitive Computing. They will develop a deep appreciation for these technologies through industry-specific use cases and projects.

What is IR 4.0?

The transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practises using the latest smart technology is termed as The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Its prime focus is to develop machines that can analyze and diagnose problems without the need for humans to intervene. This is implemented by using large-scale communication between machines and the Internet of Things (IoT) establishment to provide increased automation and improved communication. Industry 4.0 networks a wide range of new technologies like IoT, smart sensors, mobile devices, 3D printing, Data visualization, etc. to create value in the systems so that they can broadcast decisions and achieve a high degree of self-reliance.

Industry 4.0 Certification Learning Outcomes

Data and Analytics are at the core of IR4.0 capabilities. It integrates processes horizontally and vertically in an organization be it product development, manufacturing, structuring, and internal operations from suppliers to customers respectively. Newer technologies have changed the engineering environment at an expedited pace. The emerging technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, internet of things, wireless sensor network, and mobile internet are beginning to be administered into manufacturing industries. The evolution in science and technology has constantly assisted industrial development all over the world. This course is drafted to offer learners an introduction to Industry 4.0 and its applications in the business sector and provides comprehensive coverage on the role of data, manufacturing systems, various Industry 4.0 technologies, applications, and case studies. Learners will gain deep insights into trends of Industrial Big Data and Predictive Analytics for Smart Business Transformation. They will also learn about the role of data, information, knowledge, System, Technologies for enabling Industry 4.0, and its collaboration in future organizations. They will be able to outline the various systems used in a manufacturing plant and their role in Industry 4.0. Students will be able to acknowledge the power of Cloud Computing in a networked economy and recognize the opportunities, challenges brought about by Industry 4.0, and how organizations and individuals should prepare to make the most out of this revolution.

Be familiar with Cloud Computing and Robotic Process Automation
Understand key technologies related to IIoT and Industrial Applications of Data Analytics
Learn about Cyber Security and Cyber Systems from the Industrial Systems perspective
Know the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Big Data
Appreciate the role of leadership combined with technology

Block Your Time

industrial revolution

40 hours

Classroom Sessions

industrial revolution

80 hours


industrial revolution

80 hours

Live Projects

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Candidates aspiring to be IR 4.0 consultants
  • CEOs and other senior executives
  • Plant heads, Operations heads, Line managers
  • Employees of organisations that are planning to implement smart factories
  • Research and Development heads and Industrial engineering heads
  • Professionals who want to be a part of an organisation’s change management

Industrial Revolution 4.0 Modules

The planet today is very much driven by the smarts in automating decisions and processes. The emergence of new technologies in IT has resulted in massive improvements in computational power across all electronic devices and has magnified capabilities in connecting the dots in an increasingly connected society. The module commences with an introduction to IR4.0 and the factors driving it and its impact. Students will explore the trends in IIoT, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics for smart business transformation along with how to store sensor data on the cloud. Furthermore, students will learn about Automation, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing, and Augmented reality. The concluding module will cover the various applications of IR4.0 and acknowledge the drivers and enablers of Industry 4.0.

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