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PMI Risk Management (PMI-RMP)® Training

Gain expertise in the Project Risk Management lifecycle right from risk planning to risk monitoring and control. Perform quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, and predictive modeling of risks using Oracle Crystal Ball.
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PMI-RMP course reviews - 360digitmg
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PMI-RMP course reviews - 360digitmg
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"globally across seven project-intensive industries by 2020." - (Source). A risk manager executes tasks that are in sync with the needs of the projects that are increasingly international, virtual, and multiplex in nature. The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) ® certification teaches you the skills required to improve the efficiency of your company and brings to light your ability to identify and judge project risks, reduce threats and maximize opportunities. It also validates your expertise in protecting and handling people and processes and bringing credit to your organization and helps you stand out to employers and colleagues. A PMI-RMP® certification brings attention to your knowledge and increases your market merit and credibility as a professional in project management. This course from India is designed for project managers, risk program managers, Operational Risk Analysts, and program managers.

Professional PMI RMP

Program Cost

INR 16,400/-

PMI-RMP Training Programme Overview

Gain expertise in risk management lifecycle and perform quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, and predictive modeling of risks using Oracle Crystal Ball. Attend this course and prepare for the PMI-Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) ® Examination. In the initial phase of this course, the student will apprehend risk management concepts and risk definition techniques. Knowledge of the fundamentals of risk communication, tolerance, and impact and preparation of risk management reports is imparted. Students will comprehend how to create a risk management plan using strategies like risk tolerance, probability, and impact. Identifying project risks and creating a risk register is another important module in this course. Performing qualitative risk analysis with risk probability, impact, quality, and urgency assessment is elaborated. The use of decision tree analysis and simulation in quantitative risk analysis is highlighted. The final modules are devoted to risk response strategies, contingent response strategies, and risk monitoring and control.

What is PMI-RMP?

Projects experience or encounter some risks during the project lifecycle. Project risk management takes care of these risks by identifying, planning, analyzing, and controlling them. Now, because of the high level of uncertainties, risk management becomes crucial for the success of every phase and process involved in project management. For the success of project risk management, it is critical that there is proper integration with project management in terms of the risk effort as per the scale to the project, recognition of the value of risk management, project estimation time, cost, and scope plus there is an It is of utmost importance that there is open and honest communication. Project risk managers are critical to any business discipline that manages and executes projects and therefore, a certification in PMI-RMP validates your capabilities to handle hybrid projects and the experience to lead it to closure. To sustain your PMP certification you need 30 professional development units (PDUs) every three years in risk management topics.

Eligibility criteria for this certification exam

1) The candidate must have a secondary degree along with 5 years of work experience, out of which 3years should be in project risk management and invest 40 hours in project risk management education. 2) The Aspirant must have a four- year Bachelor's degree along with 2 years /24 months of experience in Project Management and 30 hours of project risk management education.


The PMI-RMP exam will test you on 170 multiple choice questions and you will have 150 minutes to complete the exam.

PMI-RMP Course Learning Outcomes

This training on Risk Management will help you learn the various processes, structures, and approaches involved in risk management that are required to address uncertainty in projects. You will explore the types of risks involved in projects and how planning, analysis, and identification can control both known and unknown risks. This course will help you understand the purposes of practice standards for risk management. This course has been designed for people who have experience in project management and wish to receive formal project management training to enhance and develop professionally and bring out their project management skills. The course will introduce the students to the principles and concepts of risk management and they will talk about the drivers, opportunities, and threats, involved in risk management. By the end of the course, students will be able to use their learnings and practices of project management realized by Project Management Institute (PMI) to complete a live project. This will involve initiating, planning, budgeting, communicating and controlling the quality, costs, risks, scope, and leading the project to its closure. The course also covers aspects like Identification of Risks, then performing Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis and finally planning risk response.

Get ready to be certified as a Risk Management Professional by PMI
Know how to monitor risks and plan contingencies by offering practical solutions
Identify risks with better accuracy and work with the latest software for forecasting
Manage risks in projects by identifying, analysing, monitoring and closing risks in the most appropriate manner

Block Your Time

risk management training - 360digitmg

30 hours

Classroom Sessions.

risk management training - 360digitmg

30 hours

Mock Tests.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Project managers who want to develop Risk Management skills
  • Professionals with an analytical mindset
  • Mid-level executives interested in running business operations
  • Professionals with working knowledge of Project Risk Management

Risk Management Course Modules

With a lot of uncertainty in the economy, one should be prepared with risk responses to conduct oneself during the turmoil which is the key to any business success. The modules of this course introduce the candidates to the fundamentals and ideal risk management practices. It provides the aspirants an understanding of project management terminologies like Project Lifecycle, Project Phases, Organizational Structure, and Process Assets. Students will explore the five risk management domains along with 29 risk management tasks. The later modules teach you about risk communication, risk management, identifying project risks, and then performing qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. The module on PMI-RMP covers risk monitoring, risk planning, and risk control which are the essential components of the risk management lifecycle. With this certification from India, you can practically work in any sector across any industry.

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