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Certificate Course in

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

Increase organic traffic to your website with the aid of our Certification Program in Search Engine Optimization. Analyze SERPs to boost your keyword search.
  • 16 Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
  • 40+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • 100% Free Internship Program
  • Job Placement Assistance
Search Engine Optimisation course reviews - 360digitmg
398 Reviews
Search Engine Optimisation course reviews - 360digitmg
3632 Learners
Academic Partners & International Accreditations
  • Search Engine Optimisation course with Microsoft
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  • Search Engine Optimisation course with SUNY
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"In India, the average salary of an SEO analyst or expert is Rs. 3 to 7 lakhs per annum." - (Source). SEO is one of the promising careers which has tremendous potential. There is a huge demand for SEO professionals because companies need web traffic for their successful growth through digital campaigns. The traffic driven to the website indicates the importance of SEO. According to Conductor in 2014, 64% of all web traffic comes from organic search, 2% from social, 6% from paid search, 12% direct, and 15% from other referral sources. Google accounts for global organic search traffic. SEOs need to understand that links and traditional search results do not carry much weightage for the organic campaign. The need of the hour is to learn about the technical strategies, entities or semantic connectivity to be a potential SEO professional.

Search Engine Optimization

seo course training duration - 360digitmg

Total Duration

3 Months

seo course training pre-requisite - 360digitmg


  • Computer Skills

SEO Course Programme Overview

The preliminary modules of this course deal with the evolution of SEO, SERPs, and their classification. Knowledge of SERP analysis and its application of keyword research is imparted. This course provides in-depth coverage of keyword theory and research, website analysis, and conversion optimization. The benefits of an SEO audit, search engine commands, domain information, and domain canonicalization are dealt with. The course emphasizes on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, and Technical SEO Strategy. The use of Google Analytics for Search Engine Optimization and SEO algorithm updates by Google is also elaborated upon. The usage of online reputation management tools like Google Alerts in SEO is detailed.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the tactic of optimizing the content of the website to be ranked higher in Google or other search engines. To rank high in search engines we need to produce relevant and genuine content so that the people discover what they are looking for. Ranking high escalates potential traffic to a website. Before going further you need to get exposed to terminology like organic search traffic, paid per click, etc. In search engines like Google, the result page will display paid ads at the top and websites below to it, this is referred to as “organic search traffic”. Pay per click is referred to as search engine marketing (SEM). SEO is effectively used to build a feasible online business. Qualitative and quantitative analysis plays a major role in SEO strategy. Essential strategies required for the SEOs to be in the appropriate path are the usage of the right tools for keyword research and tracking user behaviour.

SEO Course Learning Outcomes

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial parts of digital marketing as most of the website owners and business owners with an online presence are using SEO techniques to enhance their ROI. With a certification in search engine optimization, you can start learning about the basics of search engine optimization and implementing the same. The training is imparted by the best marketing professionals who have hands-on experience in search engine optimization and its tools. This course will appeal to professionals interested in a mid-career shift to digital marketing or to owners of online businesses. In this course, you can learn about various keywords techniques, keyword optimization, off and on-page search engine optimization, and link building techniques. You also learn to create an SEO strategy that will enable your business to rank higher on Google and other search engines. This increases business traffic on the website.

How search takes place in the Search engines
The essence of the Keywords in SEO
How to discover Keywords with brainstorming and through planners
Unearth the ground-breaking SEO strategies
How to blend On-page and Off-page techniques
Unleashing the power of the content
Using social signals to drive the crawlers and improve the traffic
Powerful Link building strategies
How to rank in the top of SERPs in Google

Block Your Time

seo course training - 360digitmg

16 hours

Classroom Sessions

seo course training in india - 360digitmg

40 hours


Who Should Sign Up?

  • Beginners with SEO knowledge
  • Intermediate Digital Marketers looking to enhance their skill set
  • Individuals who are willing to make Online money

Search Engine Optimization Modules

In this training course, you will learn and understand the SEO techniques and will be able to apply for the optimization of sites. Students will know about the modules like Keyword research, it is the fundamental of SEO, where the new content can be created by applying keywords. Then Content marketing comes into play. Premium content always attracts visitors and links. Link building is another module as it is one of the factors for ranking. This will attract links from other websites. Apart from this, students will be exposed to other modules like On-page optimization, Site Architecture Optimization, and Semantic markup. By learning these current and important modules students will be able to use them for optimization of websites and attract organic traffic. These kinds of modules can be used in any kind of business. By honing the skills students can start their own business and be entrepreneurs.

How we prepare you
  • Search Engine Optimisation course with placements
    Additional Assignments of over 40+ hours
  • Search Engine Optimisation course with placements training
    Live Free Webinars
  • Search Engine Optimisation training institute with placements
    Resume and LinkedIn Review Sessions
  • Search Engine Optimisation course with certification
    Lifetime LMS Access
  • Search Engine Optimisation course with USP
    24/7 Support
  • Search Engine Optimisation certification with USP
    Job Placements in Search Engine Optimisation fields
  • best Search Engine Optimisation course with USP
    Complimentary Courses
  • best Search Engine Optimisation course with USP
    Unlimited Mock Interview and Quiz Session
  • best Search Engine Optimisation training with placements
    Hands-on Experience in Live Projects
  • Search Engine Optimisation course
    Offline Hiring Events

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SEO Course Panel of Coaches

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Course Training -360digitmg

Bharani Kumar Depuru

  • Areas of expertise: Data analytics, Digital Transformation, Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Over 18+ years of professional experience
  • Trained over 2,500 professionals from eight countries
  • Corporate clients include Deloitte, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Tech Mahindra, Cummins, Accenture, IBM
  • Professional certifications - PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP from Project Management Institute, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Tableau Certified Associate, Certified Scrum Practitioner, (DSDM Atern)
  • Alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad and Indian School of Business
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Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Course Training -360digitmg

Sharat Chandra Kumar

  • Areas of expertise: Data sciences, Machine learning, Business intelligence and Data
  • Trained over 1,500 professional across 12 countries
  • Worked as a Data scientist for 18+ years across several industry domains
  • Professional certifications: Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt, Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Experienced in Big Data Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, NewSQL, MongoDB, Python, Tableau, Cognos
  • Corporate clients include DuPont, All-Scripts, Girnarsoft (College-, Car-) and many more
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Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Course Training - 360digitmg

Bhargavi Kandukuri

  • Areas of expertise: Business analytics, Quality management, Data visualisation with Tableau, COBOL, CICS, DB2 and JCL
  • Electronics and communications engineer with over 19+ years of industry experience
  • Senior Tableau developer, with experience in analytics solutions development in domains such as retail, clinical and manufacturing
  • Trained over 750+ professionals across the globe in three years
  • Worked with Infosys Technologies, iGate, Patni Global Solutions as technology analyst
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seo course certification - 360digitmg


Earn a certificate in Search Engine Optimization and demonstrate your commitment to the profession. Use it to distinguish yourself in the job market and get recognized in your workplace.

Alumni Speak

Pavan Satya

"The training was organised properly, and our instructor was extremely conceptually sound. I enjoyed the interview preparation, and 360DigiTMG is to credit for my successful placement.”

Pavan Satya

Senior Software Engineer

Chetan Reddy

"Although data sciences is a complex field, the course made it seem quite straightforward to me. This course's readings and tests were fantastic. This teacher was really beneficial. This university offers a wealth of information."

Chetan Reddy

Data Scientist

Santosh Kumar

"The course's material and infrastructure are reliable. The majority of the time, they keep an eye on us. They actually assisted me in getting a job. I appreciated their help with placement. Excellent institution.”

Santosh Kumar

Business Intelligence Analyst

Kadar Nagole

"Numerous advantages of the course. Thank you especially to my mentors. It feels wonderful to finally get to work.”

Kadar Nagole

Data Scientist

Gowtham R

"Excellent team and a good atmosphere. They truly did lead the way for me right away. My mentors are wonderful. The training materials are top-notch.”

Gowtham R

Data Engineer

Wan Muhamad Taufik

"The instructors improved the sessions' interactivity and communicated well. The course has been fantastic.”

Wan Muhamad Taufik

Associate Data Scientist

Venu Panjarla

"The instructors went above and beyond to allay our fears. They assigned us an enormous amount of work, including one very difficult live project. great location for studying.”

Venu Panjarla

AVP Technology


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Our Alumni

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Search Engine Optimization Course FAQs

Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing is marketing which is done using the internet as a medium. Marketing on digital platforms can be performed in may ways. We train students in the modules such as SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, SMM, Email Marketing, ORM as part of our Digital Marketing courses.

If you are a freelancer then Digital Marketing is the best career oppurtunity you can pursue. The demand in the market today is growing like never before. This course will prepare you to take the challenge and grab new consulting opportunities in the space of Digital Marketing.

To increase the popularity and ROI of a website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is of vital importance.

SEO plays a pivotal role in increasing the traffic to the site, which eventually leads to more enquiries/orders/leads and more profits.

Yes. We provide certificates on successful completion of the SEO course.

Anyone can build their career in SEO and Digital Marketing. Graduates, students, Business persons, and anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers can take admission to this course.

Yes.We provide job assistance to our students. We assist the students all the way in their journey to embark on a fruitful career.

We hand hold our students at each stage of their learning curve. We provide internships to students who complete their course and clear their assessments. The internships help students get first hand exposure to real-world challenges.

We assign mentors to each student in this programme. Additionally, during the mentorship session, if the mentor feels that you require additional assistance, you may be referred to another mentor or trainer.

No. The cost of the certificate is included in the programme package.

Jobs in the field of Search Engine Optimisation in India

Jobs in the field of Search Engine Optimisation in India

There is a great demand for SEO in India as many businesses are aware of the importance of driving traffic to their website. The profiles after completing the SEO program are SEO Analyst, Business Marketing Consultant, SEO Manager, Content Marketer, Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketer. You can work as a freelancer, you can work while you are studying any degree.

Salaries in India for Search Engine Optimisation

Salaries in India for Search Engine Optimisation

For SEO analysts the average salary would be up to Rs.6 lakhs per annum, it might increase with experience and for SEO Manager the salary will be Rs.11 lakhs per annum, at entry-level the average salary is Rs.4.45 lakhs.

Search Engine Optimisation Course Projects in India

Search Engine Optimisation Projects in India

SEO Analyst or SEO Manager will be resourceful for the projects like to boost a page, modify page templates, reduce duplicate content, modify title tags for a business like Real estate, Health care services, Online services provider, etc

Role of Open Source Tools in Customer Analtyics Course

Role of Open Source Tools in Search Engine Optimisation

There are many tools and software that SEOs should be technically familiar with. The top tools are Google Search Console, Backlink Analysis tool, Google Ads keyword planner, SEO platforms like Moz, BrightEdge, Linkdex. Other tools are Ahref, SEMrush, Woorank many more. By the end of the training program, you will be able to use these tools efficiently in your work.

Modes of Training for Search Engine Optimisation course with Python

Modes of training for Search Engine Optimisation course

The SEO training program with Certification is designed for freshers to professionals. Individual attention, 24/7 mentorship, access to a recorded version of sessions, real-time projects will make the students gain significant knowledge on the domain. 360DigiTMG delivers both classroom sessions and online sessions with a dedicated team of trainers and mentors.

Industry Application of Search Engine Optimisation Course

Industry Applications of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an effective tool for every industry to market its products and services. Industries like Real estate, Online service providers, Medical practices, Restaurants, Business located in multiple places, Pet care will rely on better SEO to be beneficial to others.

Companies That Trust Us

360DigiTMG offers customised corporate training programmes that suit the industry-specific needs of each company. Engage with us to design continuous learning programmes and skill development roadmaps for your employees. Together, let’s create a future-ready workforce that will enhance the competitiveness of your business.


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