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Numbers Interview questions and Answers

  • February 16, 2023
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  • The product of three consecutive numbers which are odd in nature when divided by 3 is 810. The product of their squareroots is ?

    • a) 52.2
    • b) 48.9
    • c) 49.21
    • d) 50

    Answer - c) 49.21

    Let the two consecutive natural numbers which are multiples of 3 be 3x and 3(x+1)
    Now, 3x(3x+3)=810;⇒x2+x=90;⇒x2+x−90=0;⇒(x+10)(x−9)=0;⇒x=9 or x=−10 We have x=9
    Hence, the required numbers are 27 and 30 so product of sqrt= 49.21.

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