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Python Loops Interview questions and Answers

  • February 17, 2023
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  • What is the purpose of a pass command in python?

    • a) To move the focus to another path
    • b) It does not do anything
    • c) Makes the variable move to another object
    • d) Skip the printing of the output

    Answer - a) It does not do anything

    Sometimes in an if, elif, while loop one of the possible outcomes may require no output and the alternative of the condition alone may require some action to be done, under such circumstances to maintain the syntactical integrity of the function the “pass” command is used. This is akin to having a blank output command

  • What is the keyword preceded by the break command in a loop?

    • a) if
    • b) when
    • c) while
    • d) after

    Answer - a) if

    The “break” command in a loop is to exit the loop when a certain condition is met. Therefore, the condition of checking the said condition is thru the “if” keyword. The only other keyword among the mentioned above used in the Loop constructs is “while”

  • Which of the following is not a part of a loop in Python?

    • a) For
    • b) elif
    • c) Loop
    • d) While

    Answer - c) Loop

    In all the loop commands the word loop in not explicitly used. A set of commands are a loop as they generally have indentations (However, there have been known cases where the entire loop is placed in a single line). All the other key mentioned are used in various loop statements

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