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PMP 7th Edition and its Impact on the PMP Exam - 360DigiTMG

  • July 10, 2023
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Meet the Author : Mr. Bharani Kumar

Bharani Kumar Depuru is a well known IT personality from Hyderabad. He is the Founder and Director of Innodatatics Pvt Ltd and 360DigiTMG. Bharani Kumar is an IIT and ISB alumni with more than 18+ years of experience, he held prominent positions in the IT elites like HSBC, ITC Infotech, Infosys, and Deloitte. He is a prevalent IT consultant specializing in Industrial Revolution 4.0 implementation, Data Analytics practice setup, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Industrial IoT, Business Intelligence and Business Management. Bharani Kumar is also the chief trainer at 360DigiTMG with more than Ten years of experience and has been making the IT transition journey easy for his students. 360DigiTMG is at the forefront of delivering quality education, thereby bridging the gap between academia and industry.

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The dynamics of every job are now changing daily, and we are finding it difficult to stay up with them. Every day, the internet is revolutionising our way of life. Every organisation seeks out energetic people who can uphold and sustain the high standards of the organisation.

PMP 7th Edition and its Impact on the PMP Exam Source: Google

Now that everyone has access to the internet, we may obtain professional training materials in addition to the academic courses we already do. Therefore, the internet has given our studies a new dimension. As a result, there are now more people with professional capabilities. As a result, businesses are becoming pickier about who they choose to keep on staff.

In this situation, you need to stand out from the competition so that businesses will be drawn to you. The PMP certification is the most useful training in this situation.

The topic of what a PMP certification is now arises. Project Management Professional is the abbreviation. This certification programme, as its name implies, is designed to teach people the art of project management, which is a skill that is necessary for any sort of large-scale firm or corporation you work for.

Having a PMP certification on your CV will undoubtedly alter the game because employers are constantly looking for qualified candidates.

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What is a PMP course?

The Project Management Professional(PMP) course is designed to train the students in the techniques and methods of managing a large-scale commercial project. Every company strives on projects and if they see that you are already equipped with the knowledge of handling projects on a professional scale, then it will distinguish you from the other candidates because you will need no training for the project management skills.

The PMP certification course involves different concepts and topics that are necessary for learning to become a professional project manager. The professional world is very competitive, and everyone is on a lookout for skilled individuals who are specialists in their fields. A PMP certification course is very beneficial for your professional career.

A PMP course is readily available nowadays and can be accessed by anyone in exchange for minimal fees. However, this course is way more complex than the other online courses you might be familiar with and requires a great deal of education and practice to be successful at it. The final 200-question exam is very difficult and can only be passed if you have given proper dedication and time to the subject matter.

What is the PMP training?

Due to the course's complexity, PMP requires a lot of commitment and effort to succeed. Does taking an online certification course sound like a lot of work?

The certification test isn't the hardest portion of the course, though. The PMP training is the most challenging and important component of the whole certification programme. The course includes a comprehensive curriculum that let you practise tackling the business issues that any sizable organisation would encounter.

The PMP training is crucial to the overall curriculum since it gives you experience solving professional issues that arise in the actual world. It is one thing to receive an academic study of the project management-related professional issues, but it is quite another to really experience these issues.

Therefore, these courses are essential for preparing you for the obstacles you will experience when working in a firm and managing big projects. Depending on the curriculum you select, the training might take many various forms. The programme can be modified in accordance with your career requirements. This means that depending on the kind of curriculum you are pursuing, the training you receive will vary.

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Details about PMP certification

PMP certification has recently gained popularity, so several sources are offering courses for obtaining a certification. This certification is very prestigious in the professional arena and besides adding your value to the commercial market, you will be able to access professional business networking sources and you can create your own extensive network marketing channel with exponential returns.

Getting a PMP certification is very complicated because the subject matter is very difficult, and you need to have the required skill set to ace the examination. The final 200-question examination is very difficult, and you are eligible to receive the PMP certification only if you score 67% in the exam.

The PMP courses offered by different sources are very dynamic and you can choose the correct certification according to your corporate needs. You can customize the course regarding the projects you are going to handle and the training will be provided accordingly. The training provided for PMP certification will bring you face-to-face with the real-world professional scale problems that you are likely to face in the future. At the end of the training, the student will be given a professional scale project that they need to complete to receive the PMP certification and be eligible for the final exam.

The final test is the most important and important part of the whole PMP certification process. The pupils' comprehensive conceptual understanding is put to the test on the extremely challenging final exam. To pass the certification course, the student's final test grade must be at least 67%. But you shouldn't be concerned about the PMP test; if you studied diligently for the course and fully understood everything, the exam will be simple enough for you to pass. However, if you are still a bit worried, the information on the PMP test is provided below.

The 200 questions that make up the entire exam gauge students' aptitude. The remaining 25 questions, which are dispersed throughout the exam, are offered to evaluate the students' intellect and problem-solving abilities. However, only 175 questions are marked.

The PMP test is computer-based, thus the results are available right away when the four hours are up. But there are no markings visible in the findings. It only states if you passed or failed the test. Additionally, it indicates the student's skill level in each of the areas covered by the exam.

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How to get PMP certification in India

The next question you should be asking is how to apply for PMP certification in India now that you are familiar with the PMP certification programme. The majority of the sources are online, and the PMI, or Project Management Institute, is the only organisation now providing PMP certification courses in India. Therefore, the same institution that issues certificates globally also issues them in India. The main difference is that there are several institutions, both online and offline, that provide PMP course instruction.

The application procedure is quite straightforward and completed online, so there is little inconvenience. The qualifying requirements are satisfied based on the student's degree of expertise in the several PMP domains, rather than on the overall scores they got in their most recent significant test.

The application form must be completed online with all the required data, including student information, educational background, and expertise in the several disciplines covered by PMP.

Your application form will be evaluated within 5 to 10 days. After you successfully complete the review procedure, you will go on to the audit stage, where a team of professionals will assess your domain experience to ensure that the credentials are legitimate.

You will be given the payment information once you have been granted entrance, and you will then be required to pay the admission costs. The last stage is to take the final exam and pass it in order to be admitted to the programme for receiving the PMP certification.

How much does PMP certification cost?

The PMP certification is the most esteemed certification among working professionals and as mentioned earlier, the course has started gaining much popularity in recent years, thanks to the internet. So this has led to a certain increase in the cost of PMP certification. Also, the cost of materials and resources provided in the course is very advanced, and therefore, the increased prices are pretty standard.

The eligibility criteria and esteem of the course are very high, so the costs are also high. You have learned the different aspects involved in the PMP certification course and are also familiar with the application process. So, the next question to be answered is how much does the PMP certification cost?

The cost for PMP certification is mainly divided into 2 sub-sections which are the exam cost and the other expenses required for preparation and study materials. The main starting cost that you need to pay is the membership fees of PMI. If you are already registered as a member of PMI, then you need to pay just $405. But if you are going to be a new member, then you will have to pay $550. After you have become a registered member of the PMI, the next thing that you purchase is the exam materials and the study resources required for the preparation of the exam. This cost varies from person to person, depending on the curriculum they have chosen, and this rate is an average of Rs.15000 to Rs.18000.

How much are PMP certification fees?

We have already discussed the areas of the PMP certification, its requirements for eligibility, and the fees associated with applying for and taking the test. But the expenses we've covered thus far are the ones we incur by continuing on this path. But there are additional expenses for the PMP certification that the PMI levies for taking this course.

In addition to the expense of taking the PMP certification course, the PMI also levies fees for studying the material and, most significantly, for the test. The cost of the exam is determined on the students' PMI membership level. While non-member students must pay $555 for the exam, students who are currently members of the PMI must pay only $405 for the PMP exam.

Depending on how much time is spent on the certification, various persons will pay varying amounts for the PMP course. You get a total of three chances to pass the whole certification test after paying the PMP certification costs. You will need to pay a certification fee each time you retake the exam, although it will be less than the first sum.

You are qualified to obtain the original money returned after passing the PMP certification test with a $100 deduction, which is held as a credit.

What is the PMP certification?

We have been discussing so much about the PMP certification-its domains, fees, and the certification eligibility and the hard work you need to put in for excelling at the course. But what is the professional value offered for a PMP certification?

The PMP certification, as it must be clear by now, holds extreme importance in the eyes of the industrialists because it's an international qualification that provides you the experience and knowledge about the handling of big projects whether nationally or internationally.

But the above statement can be a little too vague, so to be more clear, it can be stated that the PMP certification is a standard recognized by the industry as an essential skill for the project managers working at MNCs or any large-scale company.

Project management skills are very crucial for any enterprise and the industrialists are always on the lookout for the individuals who can excel at this particular avenue. So, people with a PMP certification are always favored when it comes to hiring for prime positions at the different large-scale firms and companies.

How to get PMP certification in India?

India, one of the major developing countries, has experienced a significant increase in the number of applicants interested in taking the PMP certification courses. The PMP certification course has achieved great popularity around the world. Therefore, the topic of how to obtain PMP certification in India arises.

As we've already said, the Project Management Institute, or PMP, is the only organisation that now offers PMP certification training. The highly regarded institute fosters the development of excellent project managers for the future by providing high-quality training and experience.

The PMI's online admission portal makes the application procedure incredibly simple. Simply review the eligibility requirements, ensure that the curriculum you select meets your demands, and then pay the admission costs in accordance with the institute's top choice.

But always bear in mind that having experience managing a professional project is one of the most crucial requirements for application at PMI. This is crucial since it clarifies the areas that students must focus on to complete the course. Because the PMP certification in India is so sought after, students must work extremely hard and dedicate themselves to the programme in order to graduate with a skill set that is of the highest calibre.

How to prepare for PMP certification?

Keeping everything aside, one thing can be said for sure that the PMP certification course is not easy at all and the candidates need to be prepared accordingly. The PMP certification course requires much dedication and focus on the various complex domains and subjects that are discussed under it. There are vast resources available for acing the PMP certification exam and anyone can avail them and start making their advancements.

However, the domain information and the resources are so vast that the candidates might be scared at the prospect of covering the resources available. The study material is huge and the students need to plan out their preparation very strategically to cover all the material in the given period without ever compromising on the knowledge quality. If you are still feeling intimidated, the following section will enlighten you on how to prepare for PMP certification.

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Make use of online exam prep workshops - There are a vast amount of online exam prep workshops available that can effectively train you with the techniques of acing the PMP certification and also helps you out in planning the strategy for studying all the material at hand.

Use the PMBOK guidebook - The final PMP exam is largely based on this guidebook and it consists of the overview and applications of each topic that is covered under the domain of PMP certification. If you can get through this book, then you will have gained a tremendous amount of experience in tackling the different kinds of questions that might come your way during the final exam. Also, it helps out in charting the course of study.

What is the eligibility for PMP certification?

Therefore, it should be very obvious by now that the PMP certification is not a simple course and requires a specific calibre to succeed in the area, raising the issue of whether you are qualified to obtain one.

Don't be startled if the prerequisites seem too demanding because the PMP course is quite challenging and complex. One could wonder why the requirements are so stringent for a non-mainstream subject. The profession of project management is a highly serious one, and certain important initiatives of any large-scale firm depend on this sort of project leadership skills, is the response to that query. Additionally, a project manager's attitude has a big impact on the kinds of projects that are accepted by the business, therefore having a PMP certification helps when it comes to making a lot of money.

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The eligibility criteria for PMP certification are as follows

  • 35 hours of project management education
  • 5 years of project management experience
  • 7500 hours of project manipulation

You are more qualified to register in a PMP certification course the longer you have worked on projects, particularly as a project manager.

What are the PMP certification requirements?

The prerequisites vary from person to person and are varied depending on the course the student wishes to take since the PMP certification course is quite dynamic, as previously said, and can be customised according to the needs and requirements of the individuals seeking them.

As compared to other courses on the market, the PMP certification course is quite advanced and professionally useful, hence the prerequisites are fairly high. Obtaining a PMP certification may completely alter a person's situation and make them qualified for the highest-paying positions in a recognised organisation.

The requirements vary depending on the education level and the demands of the course, so the different requirements of the course are given below:

For students with a bachelor's degree:

  • 35 hours worth of project management education
  • 36 months of professional project management experience
  • 4500 hours of leading and directing a project experience

For students with a diploma:

  • 35 hours of formal project management education
  • 60 months of professional project management experience
  • 7500 hours of leading and directing a project experience

As you can see, the criteria vary depending on the programme and the candidate's educational background. However, take in mind that the information provided above about criteria is consensus-based. Before registering for a PMP certification course, check with your school.

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The PMP certification has become very popular, and if you've read this article to this point, it should be pretty obvious that the PMP certification course is very different from other courses and requires more work than other courses you may have taken in the past.

What are the advantages of holding the PMP certification, therefore, is a question that will inevitably come up. The position of a project manager is among the most crucial in the business world, as we have already said. A PMP certification may undoubtedly help you step up your game if you're planning to enter the cutthroat world of project management.

To be more elaborate, the various benefits of getting a PMP certification are listed below:

Makes your resume more valuable

Once you get a PMP certification, the whole playing field of your job level will rise far above your counterparts. So if you are looking for an opportunity to get higher in the corporate world, then getting a PMP certification is the best way to go.

Increases industry recognition

Continuing from the previous point, obtaining a PMP certification enhances the worth of your CV by dramatically raising its level of industry recognition. Once you have earned your PMP certification, employers will increase their offers to you since they will see you as a qualified professional with professional expertise.

Provides an efficient business network

Perhaps the most important benefit of the PMP certification is that it provides efficient business networking connections that can be used for setting up business networking operations.

PMP Certification Exam Cost

The practical implementations of many business ideas are crucial to passing the PMP certification, which is a lengthy and lively course. Therefore, passing the test required for the PMP certification needs a lot of effort and commitment. The exam's format is considerably different from the previous tests we take; it has specific domains, and the final grading is based on our degree of competency in each domain rather than on marks.

The question of how much the exam for PMP certification costs now emerges. Not everyone must pay the same amount for their exam. If you are currently a PMI member in good standing, the test costs will only cost you $405. However, you must pay $550 for the test expenses if you are not a PMI member.

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If you wish to spend less for the test, you can also join the PMI before taking it, but you will then have to pay the PMI's membership costs. It is advised that you join PMI as soon as you begin the certification programme. Being a member of PMI not only gives you the opportunity to pay less for the final test, but it also gives you access to the many training and study materials they provide. You will also have the key connections you need to establish your business network by the conclusion of the course.

Who should sign up for a PMP certification?

The PMP certification course is aimed at people who are interested in working as a project manager in big companies or even for those who are already working as a project manager and want an international level upgrade to their skill set.

If you are interested in stepping into the corporate world as a project manager and already have some experience in the field and are also looking for opportunities to get better career options then getting a PMP certification is the way to go.

The PMP certification is not a typical certification course and needs time and work to finish, so if you are simply following word of mouth and want to get certified because it seems fascinating, you are doing it wrong.

PMP Certification Books

If you are seriously considering taking up PMP certification course, then you need to know which are the best PMP certification books

Given below are some of the best PMP certification books:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep
  • A guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK guide)
  • PMP exam prep: Accelerated earning to pass the Project Management Professional exam


We can sum up by saying that obtaining a PMP certification might be quite advantageous for you if you want to pursue a profession as a project manager.

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