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KNN Interview Questions and Answers

  • September 08, 2022
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  • Identify the distance matrix used in KNN Algorithm___________

    • a) Euclidean Distance.
    • b) Cosine Similarity.
    • c) Manhattan Distance.
    • d) All.

    Answer - d) All

  • ______ algorithm is widely used for different kinds of learnings because of its uncomplicated and easy to apply nature

    • a) KNN.
    • b) Clustering.

    Answer - a) KNN

  • Identify the false statement according to KNN disadavantage_________

    • a) The cost of predicting the k nearest neighbours is very high.
    • b) Doesn’t work as expected when working with big number of features/parameters.
    • c) Hard to work with categorical features.
    • d) Feature engineering is not possible.

    Answer - a) The cost of predicting the k nearest neighbours is very high

  • ______in KNN is a parameter that refers to the number of nearest neighbours to include in the majority of the voting process.

    • a) K.
    • b) First N.
    • c) Second N.
    • d) All of the above.

    Answer - a) K.

  • Choosing _______values for k can be noisy and will have a higher influence on the result.

    • a) Smaller k value.
    • b) Standard k value.
    • c) Larger k value.
    • d) All of the above.

    Answer - a) Smaller k value

  • __________ is also a lazy learner because it doesn’t learn discriminative function from the training data

    • a) KNN.
    • b) Kmeans.

    Answer - a) KNN

  • True/False. Is cross validation another way to choose k?

    • a) True.
    • b) False.

    Answer - a) True

  • Higher dimension problem in KNN Algorithm _________

    • a) Nearest data points.
    • b) Curse of dimensionality.
    • c) Variable curse.

    Answer - a) Nearest data points

  • The KNN algorithm can compete with the most accurate models because it makes________ predictions.

    • a) Low accurate predictions.
    • b) Standard accurate.
    • c) High accurate predictions.

    Answer - a) Low accurate predictions

  • True/False. Can KNN be used for both Classification and Regression?

    • a) True.
    • b) False.

    Answer - a) True

  • _______is to evaluate any technique in classification problem.

    • a) Ease to interpret the output.
    • b) Calculation time of the algorithm.
    • c) Predictive Power.
    • d) All.

    Answer - a) Ease to interpret the output

  • In KNN, increase in dimension also leads to the problem of ________.

    • a) Underfitting.
    • b) Overfitting.

    Answer - a) Underfitting

  • __________is the KNN function used for KNN algorithm in R programming

    • a) KNN.
    • b) Kneighborsclassifier.

    Answer - a) KNN

  • __________is the KNN function used for KNN algorithm in python programming

    • a) KNN.
    • b) K neighborsclassifier.

    Answer - b) K neighbors classifier

  • How many metrics are available in KNN algorithm?

    • a) 3.
    • b) 2.
    • c) 4.
    • d) 1.

    Answer - a) 3

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