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AI Applications Assisting Specialists to Increase Their Efficiency

  • by Mr. Bharani Kumar
  • April 23, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hot topics of this decade. AI has completely revolutionized how we live and work. It learns from its own mistakes and makes appropriate improvements. That means it becomes more useful with more use. We will be discussing how AI applications assist specialists to increase their efficiency.

AI has made data more efficient because of its use in identifying patterns. In this era, businesses treat data like an asset. Better management of data has become crucial to be successful in any field.

AI can be used to track climate change, it can be used to automate agricultural practices, it can completely transform the agriculture sector, and it can be used in waste-management and what not.

applicatoon of AI

But before we understand the application of AI, let’s first discuss types of AI.

Types of AI

Understanding the types of AI can help you gain better insight into the application of AI.

  • Weak AI

    Weak AI or narrow AI is specifically designed to perform some particular task. A good example of this would be Google Assistant and Siri. They are designed and trained to work as a digital assistant only. They cannot do anything more than that.

  • Strong AI

    Strong AI refers to Artificial General Intelligence. It is more like the human brain. It can perform unfamiliar tasks and carry out specific commands. It can work beyond a pre-programmed algorithm.

    Speech recognition, visual perception, translation between different languages and decision making are some good examples of strong AI.

    Moreover, based on functionality, artificial intelligence can be classified into four types. These are as follows:

    • Reactive Machines

      Reactive machines learn from experience and use that learning in the future course of action. They perceive the world and react to it. They do not have memory.

    • Limited Memory

      Limited Memory can retain data for some time. They cannot add data to their experience or library. They are used in autonomous vehicles.
      It is widely used in self-driving cars to store data such as the speed of nearby cars, the speed limit, the distance between cars nearby and similar other information that can be used for the smooth driving of cars.

    • Theory of Mind

      Theory of Mind is all about imitating the human brain into the machine. It has cognitive features like emotions, thoughts, and memory.

    • Self-Awareness

      Self-awareness is all about understanding the current state and using this information to find out what others are feeling. This is again a theoretical concept and does not exist as of now.

    Artificial intelligence is widely used in performing the following tasks:

    • Planning
    • Computer Vision
    • Natural Language Processing or NLP
    • Robotics
    • Machine Learning
    • Artificial General Intelligence

Applications of AI

Let us now discuss the applications of AI.

  • Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare

    Health is wealth, we all know this right. Artificial intelligence has completely transformed the AI industry. This industry has boomed exponentially in the past decade, thanks to AI.

    AI can be trained to work as a healthcare assistant. It can be trained to suggest medications for minor health care problems, like fever, headache, vomiting, etc. This will free up time for professional doctors who can focus on more critical tasks. This can also reduce costs and increase efficiency for the customer.

    It can also be used by pathologists to analyze tissue samples. This will make the diagnosis more accurate. It is used widely in research like DNA modeling where lots of data needs to be analyzed. It has helped us to unfold many mysteries surrounding DNA.

    • It helps in decision making and research
    • It is helping in cognitive science and medical software
    • It is trying to provide a content-rich discipline for the next generation of the scientific community
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business

    If we talk about which industry has made the most of artificial intelligence, then no doubt it is business.

    Business relies on artificial intelligence for reporting, processing huge volumes of data and accuracy. AI helps businesses to make crucial business decisions. It can be used in chatbots, adaptive intelligence and automation to make the industrial process smooth and easy.

    You might have visited websites where suddenly a chat window pops up. You can ask your query in the box and immediately get an answer. This is made possible with the help of chatbots.

    Chatbots uses robotic process automation. This removes the need for humans. This is fast and easy. It is cost-effective for the business because a single chatbot can handle multiple customers at the same time.

    It can be used to automate processes in industries. For example, Tesla uses artificial intelligence to build cars. Huge robots are used in place of humans. This increases the speed of production and at the same time removes any error that humans are prone to commit.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Education

    It is a hectic task for a teacher to task hundreds of copies. Manual grading is prone to errors and biases. A significant amount of time is consumed in checking all the copies. All these problems will soon be addressed with the help of AI.

    Although indeed, AI cannot be as good as humans, it is pretty close to it. With automated grading system education institutes can check multiple-choice questions and fill in the blanks in no time. The checking process is soon going to become fast and easy.

    AI can also be used for better learning. It can find out from the answer sheets about what the student is lacking. It can be trained to provide a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

    This report will be used by teachers to specifically train a student. This way AI and humans together can achieve greater goals.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles

    Artificial intelligence has quite revolutionized the autonomous vehicle industry. Advancements like LIDAR, long-range radar and cameras have brought us quite ahead in the future.
    Each of these devices is used for a specific purpose. They all collect a different piece of information. This information is further cleaned and processed to form insights.

    Some of the uses of AI in autonomous vehicles are as follows:

    • Automatically directing the car towards a gas station when fuel is low
    • Automatically adjusting the trip as per traffic conditions
    • Use of virtual assistance technology
    • Incorporating natural language interface
  • Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

    Social media has brought the whole world within our reach. It facilitates communication in any part of the world. These breakthroughs have completely revolutionized the world, and artificial intelligence is revolutionizing these technologies.

    From notifications to upgradation, everything is controlled by AI. It tracks your entire past web searches, interactions, behaviour and much more. So the longer you visit these sites, the more time AI gets to analyze your data. This data is used to provide you with a more personalized feed.

  • Artificial Intelligence for a Better World

    The main critique of AI is that it is snatching away jobs. People think that automation can lead to unemployment and an economic crash. This is far from the truth. AI is making this world a better place to live in.

    It is this AI that understands its mistakes and takes the future course of action to prevent it from happening again in the future. It learns from its own mistakes and improves itself – a quality very rare in humans. It is AI that can help you in fraud detection and security surveillance. It is an AI that is used to control traffic.

    Companies like Microsoft are using AI to map the world. This will help us better understand the land and property distribution. It can be used to make better schemes to eradicate poverty. It can even be used to make timely planning for farming.
    AI is used in weather forecasting that saves millions of lives every year from tsunamis and cyclones.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Tourism

    Artificial Intelligence has its influence in the travel and tourism industry as well. It has helped both the consumer and businesses.

    You must have noticed that prices keep fluctuating on their websites. You must have booked a ticket in advance or have waited some time to get cheaper tickets. Yes?
    Everyone does that. This is achieved with the help of AI.

    AI uses predictive analysis to predict prices. The application can track price patterns and send you alerts when it is the right time to buy. Book your ticket at the right time and the right price. All thanks to artificial intelligence.

The Bottom Line

Applications of AI are huge! There is no doubt that AI has come a long way and it is yet to reach much farther. It has helped us ease our life a lot. If you compare the life of this generation with the life of the 90s you will understand how far we have come within a matter of 20 years.

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