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T - Table

  • by Mr. Sharat Chandra
  • March 19, 2020
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The Student’s T Distribution is another member of the Continuous Probability Distributions. T distribution looks similar to the Normal Distribution curve (z distribution), with slight variation in the peak and variations in tails.

z-table graph

In most of the cases while estimating o a population parameter we will not have prior knowledge about the population parameter(standard deviation sigma) in question.

In such instances the t distribution is used instead of the Normal Distribution. The property of T distribution is that larger the sample size, the more the T distribution looks like the Normal Distribution.

Refer below for the T Distribution table.


To understand how to read the values from the T distribution table, refer to the three values mentioned below :

  • The degrees of freedom
  • The number of tails of the t-test (one-tailed or two-tailed)
  • The confidence level of the t-test

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