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Demand and Opportunities for Data Science in India - 2021

  • by Mr. Nihar
  • June 08, 2020
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India is the second-highest country next to the US to have generated the demand to recruit about 50,000 Data Scientists for 2020 and 2021. The average salary for a Data Scientist with less than 1 year of experience is about 7 LPA in the Indian market. Even Startups are not shying away to offer a well-trained Data Scientist up to 5 LPA with zero real-time experience. Mid-Level - 3 to 5 years of experience will easily fetch a job for salary anywhere between 10 LPA – 14 LPA.

Data Science opportunities - Industry-wise

  • HealthCare – Industry alone will generate about 20,000 job openings.
  • Automotive- This Industry looks forward to creating at least 5000 Jobs by the end of 2020.
  • Software Development -The most pivotal which alone will create close to 1 lakh job opportunities.
  • There are about 2,50,000 plus E-Commerce companies Globally hence it is evident that there’s a huge demand for Data Scientists as these companies analyze huge amounts of data every day.

Data Science Opportunities

Most sought out Indian MNCs with job openings in the field of Data Sciences which are ready to offer the average salary per annum is mentioned below:

  • Accenture: Rs 6.3 Lac per annum
  • Myntra: Rs 8 Lac per annum
  • Tata Consultancy Services: Rs 4.8 Lac per annum.
  • Capgemini: Rs 7 Lac per annum
  • IBM: Rs 4.7 Lac per annum

Current Job Openings on Data Sciences in India

As per Naukri.com India’s no 1 Job Site – 25,000 plus openings. LinkedIn India – 14,000 Openings.

Few of the Top-Notch Data Scientists to get inspired from:

  • Dean Abbott: Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at SmarterHQ
  • Sebastian Thrun: CEO of Udacity
  • Kenneth Cukier: Chief Data Editor at The Economist
  • John Elder: Founder of the Data mining consultancy Elder Research, Inc.
  • Andrew Ng: Founder and Chairman, Coursera

Top 10 Best Companies hiring Data Scientists 365 Days

Career options or Designations open for aspiring Data Scientists in India

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Applications Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Business Intelligence or BI Developer

Recent salaries update from Tech Companies for Data Scientists - June 2020

  • Ericson worldwide - salary range - INR 3.65 LPA - INR 32.75 LPA
  • Innoplexus - salary range – INR 6.60 LPA - INR 17.35 LPA
  • DXC Technology - salary range - INR 10.40 LPA - INR 12.90 LPA
  • Quantiphi - salary range - INR 7.40 LPA - INR 14.60 LPA
  • Tech Mahindra - salary range - INR 3.70 LPA - INR 15.5 LPA
  • CASHe - salary range - INR 9.90 LPA - INR 10.25LPA
  • Capgemini - salary range - INR 5.12 LPA - INR 14.80 LPA
  • Applied Data Science salary range - INR 6.20 LPA - INR 11.90LPA
  • Nielsen - salary range - INR 6 LPA - INR 12.40LPA

Below is the list of some renowned companies recruiting for Data Scientists - 2020

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