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Data Science Introduction, Future, Pros, Cons in Malaysia

  • by Mr. Nihar
  • June 27, 2020
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The 21st century is all about extreme market competition in every industry and sector that we were to name. To stay in the game it has become important to outperform one’s rivals. Success and survival of every organization depends largely on how well the firm in question is able to deal with cutthroat unanticipated competition.

In order to avoid being pushed out from the marketplace, firms need to constantly strive towards improving their sales figures, bottom lines, goodwill, and of course customer loyalty. All this and more is possible only if the firm in question is able to perform exceptionally well on the subject of estimation and predictions. This area is fully taken care of by introducing an independent department for this upcoming field of study, which is none other than “Data Science” .

Countries across the globe including progressive nations such as Malaysia have realized the importance of data science and have thus started creating multiple work positions around this field. Let us now get into the details of data science, simultaneously focussing our attention on the relevance of this field for a country like Malaysia.

Introduction to Data Science / Data Scientist:

Being an upcoming field of study, not many people have clarity regarding Data Science as a function/stream. From the name alone, it is understandable that Data Science is one such field of study that revolves around data, more precisely on data collection, analysis, and derivations. In a more technology-based world, Data Science is the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Why Malaysian Organizations are Turning to Data Science?

  • The performance of any organization sees an upward trend only when the firm in question has been successful in adopting practical and viable strategies. Any firm can make or break itself based on the strategies they follow. Putting together organizational strategies is a very complex procedure in itself. This is one pivotal area where data science makes massive contributions. Data Science professionals refer to large amounts of data, carry an in-depth study and eventually suggest mechanisms for better strategy formulation.

  • Malaysian Organizations have been able to take assistance from data science professionals in order to carry out a SWOT analysis on their firms. Data Science professionals refer to historical data, analyze the same and eventually jot down futuristic predictions, which when put to practice helps firms to utilize their strengths to the fullest, grab every opportunity that knocks the door, work on minimizing weaknesses and last but not the least tackle and control threats.

  • It is in the interest of every organization when departments and individuals at all levels work in coordination and co-operation to attain organizational goals. Many times it becomes difficult to encourage clear communication due to lack of clarity and miscommunication. Data Science helps to point out all such loopholes, which when corrected helps firms to make a mark in the end.

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Pros & Cons of working as a Data Scientist Professional in Malaysia:

The massive benefits provided by Data Science to a number of firms both big and small across the world has led to Malaysian companies making way for multiple data science-based positions. Just as firms are creating job roles, there is a large amount of young talent that is looking forward to filling such vacancies. However, just like any other job or profession, there are a couple of advantages and disadvantages associated with this particular field as well. Let us now look at the many pros and cons associated with data science and eventually decide whether it is a good idea to get a job in this field.


  • If anyone had asked as to which is the main aspect that we are looking for in a job, one of the pointers that we would be quick enough to state is undoubtedly the pay package. This is one of the leading advantages of getting a job in the field of data science. Firstly, the number of open vacancies is much more as compared to the number of job aspirants. Hence, many times, organizations are willing to pay whatever the aspirant ends up quoting. Thus, it is not very difficult to demand a fat pay package. Another added advantage here is that as and when a data science professional goes on gaining additional years of experience, his or her salary tends to increase proportionately as well. This is why; a data science professional is always on the winning side as far as salary negotiations are concerned.

  • The 21st century talks about the world coming close to each other. Hence, individuals working across different states, countries, and continents find it easy to travel among places for the sake of business. This is particularly dominant in fields such as marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales. Not many people enjoy frequent travel though. If you are one such person, then data science is the field of you. Since data is all you will be dealing with, most of it is generally available at your disposal over online and offline platforms, which in case of need can be imported from outside sources without involving any actual human dislocation. If travel is not your cup of tea, then data science surely is.

  • Areas that involve technological support and interference tend to function more efficiently as compared to their counterparts. Moreover, individuals who enjoy tech-based backing are able to finish tasks within shorter periods without having to compromise on the quality of work. The same holds fully true in the case of data science as well. Information technology-based systems coupled with sophisticated software and tools help data science professionals to perform intelligently without having to waste any amount of their precious time.


  • As a data science professional, one will have to work on extensive data and information at any point of time. The work is of such a nature that someone, who is alien to this field of study, cannot really share it. Thus, there can be times when the data analyst or data scientist in question would be required to work for additional hours. The allocated project determines the working hours that the professional has to put in. The more the research involved in a project, the more time would it take to give a logical conclusion to the same.

  • When a data science professional is assigned with a project, a certain deadline is given before which the same needs to be completed. As the deadline nears, the amount of stress and pressure tends to increase. In very rare situations, can a data science professional request for an extension. Otherwise, one needs to be very driven and capable of outperforming oneself. Thus, we can claim that this profession is extensively for strong-hearted individuals.

  • Last, but not the least, just like any other desk job; this profession involves extensive computer work. It is rather impossible for a data science professional to operate in the absence of a computer. Excess computer usage may strain one’s eyes or cause physical aches of different kinds. Hence, to a certain extent, this job is physically very demanding.

If we were to carry out a quick study between the pros and cons associated with the field of data science, we can confidently state that the pros are much stronger as compared to the cons. Similarly, the cons are of such a nature that in today’s date, they become relevant to every other organizational function. Hence, we can state that one can go ahead and get a job in this field without thinking much.

Concluding Words

Considering the large scope of the field of data science in Malaysia, it is advisable that individuals, who have had a little bent towards this field at some point of time, should consider taking up a course in this field and eventually get a job in the same line. Once you get a hang of this field, it will become easier for you to sail through. Similarly, as and when you gain experience, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the many tools and techniques associated with this field, which would then help you to perform your tasks more confidently and wisely.

Irrespective of whether you have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree, you will be able to find a job for yourself in the said field. Only the pay package and work profile allotted to you will differ based on your academic acclaim and practical acumen. The large demand for data science professionals will help you to enjoy a substantial bargaining power in the market, thus creating a comfortable position for yourself. If you have been in two minds all this while, then now is the time for you to take that final call and declare to yourself that Data Science is your true calling.

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