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Future of Data Science in India

  • by Mr. Sharat Chandra
  • June 21, 2020
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Scoring an A or a 90 percentile would help students to earn a direct ticket to a Science college followed by a career in either engineering or medicine. This has been the trend for many years now. Students and parents alike have been extremely narrow-minded and tried to play safe as far as making a career choice was concerned. The idea is to simply bag a traditional degree, get a 9 to 5 job, entangle oneself in the monotonous routine and earn a fair pay package. All this at the cost of one's ambition and passion.

Well the good news here is that times are changing and students have started taking the less travelled path as far as shaping their respective careers is concerned. “DATA SCIENCE” is one such field of study that has come into sudden limelight all thanks to the unconventional choices that students have started to make.Now the question is whether this field will bear fruit in a developing country like India. Read below to find more.

What is Data Science?

Let us first get to understand the core of Data Science. We shall deal with the intricacies of data science later. In a layman’s language, data science refers to that technique in which data at hand is used in an intelligent manner in order to deal and solve complex organizational hurdles. Data Science aims to bring together various fields of studies such as mathematics, statistics, information technology and of course artificial intelligence, which when used in unison contributes to the smooth and effective functioning of organizations at large.

On a whole, data science makes use of both structured as well as unstructured data. Data science is closely associated with the concept of data mining. Overall, the principal purpose of this field is to extract as much information as possible and gain meaningful insights from both quantitative and qualitative data available with any organization.

Future Data Science in India

Do India based companies require Data Science Professionals?

Any individual, who pursues a course in Data Science, becomes eligible to work as a Data Science Professional. Data Science as a field of study has successfully made its mark in most of the western countries. However, India is not behind. India uses data science and data scientists extensively to attain organizational objectives.

India based Companies; both big and small consider data science professionals an undoable and vital asset. Companies based in India have started to understand that the result-driven attitude put-forth by data analysts and scientists can help them to assimilate data, create unique strategies and of course find answers to operational questions that arise time and again.

However, at present there is a large gap in the demand and supply parameters. The number of qualified data scientists and analysts available to work in India are much lesser. Companies have started creating data science based positions after realizing the massive benefits of data science to manage physical, human and financial resources within the organization. However, most of these positions have remained unfilled due to lack of available expertise in the said field. Click here to know more about the Future of Data Science in Malaysia

Hence, if individuals choose to pursue a career in data science, there will be ample of organizations in India, who will have their doors open to absorb all such talent.

What Role do Data Science Professionals have to play in the future?

The future looks extremely competitive for organizations irrespective of the sector or industry that they form a part of. Moreover, the job profile of data scientists and analysts is going to be very challenging as well.

  • Primarily, data science professionals have to think ahead of time and stay prepared to face any kind of sudden challenges or unforeseen encounters that come in the way of the companies that they work for.
  • Such individuals will be expected to develop an absolutely friendly relationship with data of all kinds and keep the same at the tip of their fingers so that it can be utilized as and when such a demand arises.
  • Being well read is equally important and thus data science professionals will have to familiarize themselves with different kinds of surveys, forums and information baskets that can make or break their organization in the market.
  • Yet another dimension to the role of data scientists and analysts is to work on algorithms. If need be, such individuals would be required to develop full-proof data science tools, which can come handy in times of turmoil.
  • At times, such professionals would be required to step into the shoes of a visualizer and predict future trends so as to stay prepared for the years to come.
  • “Change is the only constant”. Most firms have started making sense with this saying. Data Science experts understand this phenomenon very well. Thus, they strive constantly to bring about necessary tweaks, modifications and additions to the existing policies, strategies and the overall framework as such.

Would future promise satisfactory pay packages to India based Data Scientists?

We decide to work day in and out solely with the objective of making a decent earning out of whatever profession we choose. Data Scientists think on the same lines as well.

Data Scientists are often puzzled about their ability to grab a handsome pay package by getting a job in an India based company.However, statistics and related studies clearly bring to light that the chances of a data scientist drawing a fat pay package out of this profession in the future is very bright.

Just like any other job, experience and talent are other crucial factors in determining the exact salary that you would be earning. An add-on here is that progressive companies do not hesitate to offer bonuses and profit shares to capable data science professionals.

Becoming a Data Science Professional in India

To work as a data science professional in India, one needs to possess a specialized degree in the field of data science. Furthermore, an entry to the field of data science is possible by completing a Bachelor’s degree in the said field. By deciding to get a Master’s degree, climbing up the corporate ladder becomes further manageable.Overall, a good data science institute is this your first step to professional success.

You can enrol yourself to a college that offers data science courses by completing your initial education in branches of studies such as the likes of Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science and Economics. This end will help you to gain theoretical knowledge about the many concepts that complete the field of data science.

Even though theory is important, having practical knowledge and cognitive skills becomes equally important to succeed as a data science professional. One needs to have expertise in the areas of logical reasoning, coding and problem solving. Likewise, the individual in question should be open to experimentation.

Role of Data Science in Various Industries

Data Science has become a concept of predominant importance in various industries including healthcare, education, electricity, recruitment, IT, and so on and so forth. Even the field of Banking and Finance, which is extremely important for the economic development of India, takes a lot from the field of Data Science.

In the years to come, usage of Data Science will be to forecast sales figures, work towards better bottom lines and of course keep a track on the market demand, which will in turn help the respective organization’s management to decide and strategize wisely.

By inculcating the various techniques and tools associated with data science in the day-to-day functions of the organization in question, it will become easier to make the most out of all the human resources working at different levels in the firm. At the same time, productivity will see a boost and duplication of work eliminated to an unbelievable extent.

Data Science if used accurately will also help to increase the transparency and frequency of clear communication both through vertical as well as horizontal channels.

This field of study is here to stay as all the sunrise sectors reap benefits from data science. Likewise, there are bright chances of this field widening its arena in the years to come. It will be no surprise if Data Science ends up ruling every other industry and sector that has ever existed in India. Click here to learn Data Science Course in Hyderabad

Concluding Words

All said and done, if you have been in two minds as far as taking a call on pursuing a career in data science is concerned, then you can put an end to all your worries and take admission to the said course. You can surf the internet to get information about the various available courses. Information about institutes offering this course can also be surfed. Once through, you need not worry either about getting a job or about making a handsome earning. With the kind of demand that this field sees, ample lucrative opportunities are always going to be available not just abroad, but also in India. Thus, without any doubt we can conclude that India is going to become a hub for data science professionals in the years to come. Click here to learn Data Science Course in Bangalore

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